Federated Media Unveils Ad Planning Tool

    May 4, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Author John Battelle announced the beta version of Federated Media’s advertising platform to enable ad clients to create their campaigns for FM’s network of high-quality blogs.

Battelle’s Federated Media venture disclosed the launch of FM’s ad platform; the public beta gives advertisers the opportunity to reach FM’s blog network readers, who generate some 70 million page views per month.

“What brings advertisers to FM is the incredible conversations between authors and their readers,” Battelle said in a statement. “Our platform makes it simple for advertisers to participate in these conversations – to join the authors and audience in a meaningful way.”

Big-name brands have tested the platform during its private beta. FM listed Apple, General Motors, Microsoft, and Sony among many others. At the beta site for the ad planning tool, FM offers a 35 percent discount for all campaigns booked through the platform during the beta phase.

FM does have an impressive stable of blogs, like Boing Boing, TechCrunch, Dooce, and others. Some sites have already weighed in on the useability of the planning tool; MarketWatch’s response was one of those:

It’s an easy-to-use service for advertisers who want to select a demographic and a particular type of ad to place on one of Battelle’s 50-plus blogs. Battelle’s service then recommends sites based on relevance and makes suggestions to the advertiser.

The AdRants website also noted the launch, and compared FM to another sales representation company, BlogAds, which counts DailyKos.com among its blogs:

Federated Media differs from BlogAds, another company that provides a network of weblogs on which to advertise, in that blogs are sold on a CPM basis. Ads can be run at varying impression levels over varying periods of time. In contrast, BlogAds sells its ad units for a flat fee on a per blog, per time period basis. Both models are viable. BlogAds has grown rapidly since its inception 3-4 years ago and the younger Federated Media appears to be on the right track as well.


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