Febreze Is Literally Saying Thanks To All One Million Facebook Fans Right Now

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As of right now, some unfortunate social media people at Febreze are about 8% complete with their "Febreze Thank-a-Thon." That's a little over 80,000 "thank yous," "thanks," and even "dankas" that have been uttered by the team. The first 80,000 took about two hours, so we're predicting a long night for these guys.

Why on Earth is this happening? Well, Febreze recently topped 1 million "likes" on Facebook, and they decided to say thanks by saying thanks...to all of them.

Here's what they said on Friday:


What do you think about a live video feed, a bunch of people in a room and a ton of gratitude?

And then this, just over an hour ago. The link takes us to a livestream where as of now, three seated and one cycling Febreze employees are in the process of saying "thanks" one million times. We can only hope that they are going to take shifts.


And we're off! All 1 million of our global fans get a thank-you, live! Only 999,999 more thank yous to go! SHARE this with your FB friends: ://www.facebook.com/febreze/app_237925459657098

Febreze definitely isn't the first company to put on a show for Facebook fans - just last month Kraft debuted a barbershop quartet called "Likeapella" which sang their thanks to fans for liking a certain post. But 1 million "thank yous," a process that's sure to take at least 24 hours, is a little above and beyond.

UPDATE: They've just switched out "thankers" to five people holding Mexican and Spanish flags chanting "Gracias." They're also doing the wave. it appears this is a truly international event.

[h/t Mashable]
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