FCC Creates Blog, Twitter Account

    August 18, 2009

A little more than one month ago, we discussed how Google was asking regular people to give their thoughts about the National Broadband Plan.  Now, the FCC’s doing something similar, with a fresh blog and Twitter account apparently intended to reach out to the public.

The Twitter account will perhaps be a sort of general-purpose thing, as it goes by the handle "fccdotgov" rather than anything broadband-related.  Still, since there have been three tweets in the five or so hours since the account went live, the FCC’s done a good job of keeping it updated so far.

As for the blog, the first post explained, "Blogband is part of the FCC’s commitment to an open and participatory process.  Blogband will keep people up-to-date about the work the FCC is doing and the progress we’re making.  But we want it to be a two-way conversation.  The feedback, ideas, and discussions generated on this blog will be critical in developing the best possible National Broadband Plan."

It should be interesting to see how the FCC’s critics respond to these overtures.  Given that the organization’s often been called out of touch, it seems to be taking a good stab at modernizing its image.

Anyway, there are just 183 days left before the FCC is supposed to forward the National Broadband Plan to Congress, so don’t wait too long before entering the conversation.