Fatkini: Blogger Sparks Debate About Weight

    May 31, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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No matter how hard some of us try to change the conversation about women’s bodies, it seems there will always be those who are hellbent on injecting their opinions upon it in a negative way. The topic of a person’s physical appearance–particularly females, and particularly females who are in the public eye in some way–will always garner harsh reactions, sadly. And lately, that truth has hit home for certain women who are attempting to change the way they are viewed.

A blogger by the name of Gabbi Gregg recently posted a photo of herself clad in a darling black and white bikini, and much to her surprise, it has blown up on the web, sparking backlash about her size and whether or not she’s promoting a healthy body type. You see, Gabbi is what’s known as “plus size” (although in the real world, her size 18 figure is average).

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The 25-year old says she isn’t promoting anything but a positive image for other girls to see, no matter where they may be on the great difficult path of body acceptance.

“I’m all for health,” she said. “I think people should be really aware of what they’re putting in their bodies and try to get more active. The truth is, we have to live in our bodies and be happy with the bodies we have right now, regardless of where we are in our journey to health.”

Gregg says she loves her body and wants young women to reject the ideas imposed upon us by the fashion world and media about what is acceptable for certain body types.

Actress Ashley Judd recently fired back at the media for their harsh criticism about her appearance, which they dubbed as decidedly “puffy” after she showed up on a press tour on medication for a sinus infection.

“The insanity has to stop, because as focused on me as it appears to have been, it is about all girls and women,” she wrote. “In fact, it’s about boys and men, too, who are equally objectified and ridiculed, according to heteronormative definitions of masculinity that deny the full and dynamic range of their personhood. It affects each and every one of us, in multiple and nefarious ways: our self-image, how we show up in our relationships and at work, our sense of our worth, value, and potential as human beings.”

While it’s obviously true that obesity can have serious consequences on health, it seems sad that the conclusion so many people jump to when faced with a photo of a curvy woman in a bikini is not that she is beautiful, but that she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. The same should be said about waif-thin models, yet the conversation about overly-thin women is very different.

Gregg insists that her health is not determined by her size, and that she just wanted to help others get over the fear of showing their bikini bodies.

  • http://n/a Bobby LeQuia

    The,”New America.” Don’t be accountable or responsible for anything.
    Including your health.

    • dan


    • Mari


    • Dan

      This lady will have diabetes in the very near future if not already. That should be the discussion not how much fat she can fit into a bikini!!!!!!!

      • Carlos

        i couldnt agree with all of you anymore than that, is this what we give a damn now in days, who cares what people may say im big and beautiful, no forget that you might get heart disease or something else one day and you care about acceptance and looks,

        • Matt

          And who are any of you to tell other people how to live?

          If she wants to eat, be fat and get sick, that’s her business. Especially if she has private health care.

          Ya know what’s more dangerous that being fat, smoking.

          Are we planning on outlawing cigarettes anytime soon? Oh wait the argument is always that that is a personal choice….I see, double standard much?

          • Jon

            Will diabetes and heart disease make her happy? We are the ones stating her message is wrong and dangerous. It is not ok to just be “happy” with being overweight. It’s a terrible message and a disservice.

            Smoking is quickly being banned just about everywhere you go. Companies all over are charging folks extra for their healthcare because of the increased risks.

            How long before you think the overweight and obese will need to pay a premium at their work for health care.

            This is not a sexy looks issue anymore, it’s a health epidemic. People spreading the word that it’s ok to be overweight need to be challenged.

          • Annie

            Who are we? We are the people who pay into a healthcare system that has escalated to unfathomable levels due to the increased number of people who are “happy” to eat themselves down a path to diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other proven illnesses brought on by a poor diet. And that is who we are. Who are you to think we should just sit back and keep spending our hard-earned money — and be delighted that this repulsive “lifestyle” makes her happy? If people like her were cut off from the mainstream and made to pay into their own health insurance system then I would have no problem with that.

          • Matt

            I’m sorry but if she has private insurance it has NOTHING to do with you or what you have to pay for with your “hard earned money”.

            Let them charge people like her through the nose to be covered, the bottom line is it doesn’t affect you one bit unless the government is covering her healthcare and she is uncovered.

            Furthermore again it’s her personal choice and if you don’t have to pay for it why do you care? Sounds to be like there are alot of angry folks around here who seem to be angry, just to be angry and don’t actually understand how private healthcare works.

            Is it ok to be addicted to smoking?

            This argument that is “being banned all over the country” is garbage. No where is it illegal to buy cigarettes and that has cost the healthcare system probably 50x what obesity has over the years.

            If you people are so concerned with healthcare, then let’s go ahead and put a nationwide ban on cigarette purchases, greasy food, soda and suger. I will see these same people coming to forums like this complaining about how the government is trying to regulate their lives…but yet here you are trying to regulate someone Else’s.

          • Oh Please

            Okay, Matt. How about we apply the same tax rate to food that gets applied to cigarettes or alcohol.

            It’s not a double standard. People with those vices have been paying their fair share for years.

          • Mike

            Why, because you do not think that everybody pays higher premiums for unhealthy people and thier future healthcare. The insurance company gets the money to pay for the fat persons health problems from you and I.

          • Matt

            That again is BS. Health insurance companies make you get checked out and get a physical more often than not, before even offering a policy in the majority of cases.

            As far as alcohol and cigarettes go talk about taxes all you want, they could tax it at 200% is still doesn’t pay for the damage both do to people and that health insurance companies have to pay for.

            it is a COMPLETE double standard. Again you people want to try and regulate someone else’s life and tell them what they should and shouldn’t be able to do, yet ignore things like cigarettes and since you brought it up, alcohol.

            Again, seems to me you people what a nanny state. So when insurance companies start charging more for fat people, and cigarettes, let’s have them start charging people who have a history of heart disease, or a family history of cancer. Hell, let them do a DNA test and see what genes they have and charge them appropriately.

            See how ridiculous your arguments are? If your so concerned about your “hard earned money” that you all she be FOR what I just said no? if you’re not that your just a angry hypocrite with an axe to grind.

      • Suzan

        you people are all ASSUMING that fat=diabetic. my sister died of kidney disease. she was on dialysis for 2 years before she died. hte last week of her life she was in a coma and on life support. she only developed diabetes 3 days before she died. she weighed 450 pounds when she died. the nurse ASSUMED she had always had diabetes. I was there and heard my sister’s doctor straighten that misconception real quick. FAT does NOT equal diabetes, high blood pressure, or all other issues you people assume it does. health, genetics, lifestyle, these are what cause most issues. my sister’s kidney disease was unfortunately genetic.

        • drrr

          …youre uneducated as fuck, there’s more than one type of diabetes, although genetics do play a role in SOME cases, for the most part it does not.

        • Mandy

          Truth is, some things are caused by dieting and lack of exercise. HOWEVER, MANY things are caused by genetics. I know many overweight people who are in great health, low cholesterol, great blood sugar, etc. Then, I know a ton of “healthy” people who have HORRIBLE cholesterol levels and other problems!

          Regardless of how you feel, ripping someone apart for being overweight doesn’t solve anything. I’m so sick and tired of people getting online and feeling that they can post whatever crosses their mind. It’s irresponsible.

          what we should be teaching young teenage girls is to be mindful of what they eat, live a healthy lifestyle, start exercising early and to be happy with their bodies. There are already so many negative thoughts running through a young girl’s head we do not need to perpetuate this.

          All these negative comments are a form of prejudice and bullying. In this day in age, it needs to stop. Grown adults behaving so immaturely and insensitively is setting an awful example to our young ones.

          Is this what you’d want someone to say to your mother or your daughter or sister? Regardless of what you might say, the answer is no. And if you honestly wouldn’t care that someone was saying these things to her, then you have bigger issues than I know what to do with.

          • Brandie

            Well said Mandy. I agree people should not be so critical of people. How do you know that some of these “overweight” people aren’t on medications that can affect weight? And do you really want to push young impressionable women into thinking that the underweight, photoshop “models” of today are the norm? I mean seriously underweight has an entire set of health issues itself. I am sorry. I see nothing horrible with this picture. She is not morbidly bese, she looks happy and guess what that is more than I bet half of you people are that respond with hate in your comments. It is sad that instead of admiring her confidence, you “haters” have to put her down. For all you know she may exercise everyday and eat a well balanced diet!! And to think “we” pay higher premiums because of people like her?! Really-everyone pays their own and if you have a job that gives discounts let’s see howmany of you qualify for that discounts based on your bloodwork and I bet those of you that are “skinny” still have horrible results. I see it every day! Don’t get me wrong, overwieght people do also, but just because you ar enot overweight does not make you exempt from certain things! YOu all should try to think before you post such hateful things. And you wonder why young kids today are committing suicide-it’s from getting these horrid ideals from their “hater” parents! Way to go, way to help push the young into even more of a downward spiral.

        • Stephanie

          Finally, someone with a modicum of intelligence speaks. I believe that all the other comments just solidified the point that Ashley Judd was trying to make. Assuming that a person who’s overweight got that way because they overeat is a surefire way of making an “A” of yourself as the old saying goes. There are so many factors that determine our genetic makeup and appearance. I could eat 4,000 calories a day, never exercise and will not gain an ounce–and I can lose 10 lbs in 2 days. My husband, on the other hand, is super active,doesn’t overeat, usually eats healthy and is not only overweight-but can gain a pound just by looking at a cheeseburger. So how about you all look past the end of your noses, do some research on metabolism and genetics-then get back to me if you still think obese people get what they deserve. And fatkini girl–That’s what I’m talking about!! Love yourself and let it shine!!

      • B

        I know a lot of thin people who are also diabetic. They have always ate healthy and some are even bodybuilders, but they became diabetic. Just because you are careful with what you eat dosn’t mean you won’t get into a situation where you become unhealthy. But, when people say negative things about you, it can make things worse. When you feel bad about how you look, your mental AND physical health suffers! So grow up and try to help your fellow man. It is so much more easy to juge someone you don’t know than to try and help them. I guess you are to lazy to help others so you make fun instead. Your Mom should be ashmed of you.

      • Mia

        Really? Where’d you get your crystal ball?

    • http://fotoflexer.com/ Matthew

      Does this opinion also reflect the attitude people have about not using appropriate grammar, mechanics, and complete sentences?

      • Kathy Lux

        No, but fat does generally equal hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance which has been found to damage the heart, kidneys, cause cognitive malfunction, and issues with other macrovascular and microvascular systems. It is not good. Diabetes may or may not develop from obesity but for sure, higher levels of circulating insulin caused from too many crappy carbohydrates cause damage, even if diabetes is not present. It’s a fact. Normalizing weight through cutting the crap and getting off the couch is essential. People don’t want to do it. It’s hard. They would rather cling to their HoHo’s and defend their right to pig out at will. So be it.

        • DUH!!

          The point isnt that OBESITY is ok its that women dont have to be oencil thin Paris Hilton or Megan Fox look alikes.. Beyonce is a very beautiful curvy woman. Adele is also chunkier than most women in the lime light. Amy Lee is a gorgeous example of how beautiful weight on a woman can be. Not every single person has the same metabolism or genetic structure to stay MORBIDLY thin. I dont want my daughter to be afraid or uncomfortable in her own skin no matter how big she is. HEALTHY should be accepted instead your not considered healthy unless your ribs can be seen through your size extra small shirt and your required to wear a belt so your size ZERO jeans wont fall off.. Sickening.. Beauty has no weight limit and its sad that its even an issue when there are much more important topics that could be discussed..

        • Cynthia

          Fat does NOT generally equal insulin resistance. As a medical professional who stays updated, studies show regular inactivity increases increases your chances for diabetes. Which also can increase weight, but the two do not go hand in hand. Skinny people can be inactive and overweight people can be active and vice versa.

    • Dan

      But a big woman is so sexy when she slurps gravy off her fingers.

      • Stephanie

        You are a douchebag.

        • Nikolette

          completely douchebaggy bro

      • drrr


    • http://yahoo.com e.clarke

      I am not worried about her health, I am worried about someone shooting with a tranquilizer gun, her thinking she is a loose zebra from the zoo. Oh how sad the poor girl looks.
      these are some awful responses everyone is so pious goodness, get a life you guys. BETH

      • Nikolette

        wow so missing the point of this article

        • jennifer

          “I think she looks great , much better than some stick figure girl with no curves..were women we should have curves and the picture is very classy.. what you eat is your own personal choice as well as if you excercise or not..This is America still isn’t it we are all free to make our own choices in this life..We have a much bigger problem in our healthcare system with people Dr. shopping to get prescription narcartics and not paying or filing insurance …Wish everyone would stop judging every overweight people in america if you’ve never had a weight problem then you can’t understand how difficult it is ..We can have abortions and kill innocent babies bc we choose not to use contraception(im not talking bout people who may be raped)and this is ok but you better not eat that pizza you may mess with healthcare also im sure this girl has a job and pays for her insurance she looks like a smart girl not someone taking advantage of the government.I will be glad when the obama’s are out of the white house bc I believe Michelle has made the situation worse I know she was trying to help overweight people but other fellow americans have missed what she was trying to do by helping and not judging….Why don’t we start looking at our own reflection and evaluating ourselves to see what we might need to change inside or out and focus on that instead of worrying about other’s business..Handle your own business……

    • http://WebProNews linda

      Did it ever occur that the woman may just be trying to make the best of her situation. Obesity is definitely a problem but remember people This is America and we can do whatever we want. Not one of you blogging has an addiction problem of any sort? I bet. Every one has their poison, whether it is drink, shopping (for you women) playing golf so often your family suffers. No wonder the world is the way it is. No one has any tolerance. I work and pay for my health insurance but that is what we do when we are fortunate enough to have jobs. So lighten up. Do you really thinks she likes being heavy (Fat is such a common word for common people) so there you intolerable people chew on that She is just trying to make good of a bad situation. Who in their family doesn’t have someone who is overweight? Oh I forgot you are all perfect

    • Jujubecool

      So what if she’s fat what do you people care? Talking about her insurance coverage as if you have to pay the womans bills…get over yourselves. So if she was thin and sleeping with everything in town and had herpes or whatever she would be cool because at least she looks good. Stupid people need to mind their own business and worry about paying their own bills

    • J

      The negative comments are proof that many bully and abuse anyone they don’t find ‘perfect’. I’d like to see pictures of every one of them in a bikini. People hiding behind the ‘not healthy’ comment are justifying our media obsession with objectification. How healthy is a 90 pound model? When that model is 60 she’s surely not going to look sexy enough to demand top money to model anymore, so it wasn’t really about her health or her as a person. Of course not. It’s about sex. All people deserve acceptance and respect, regardless of how much they look like your favorite superstar model. Sex may sell but let’s get real people, we all have to be aware of mean spirited pettiness. The world is a sadder (and sicker) place when we as a society find this in any way acceptable.

    • Pfft

      Being critical of obesity does not make it go away. The high price of medical insurance and care in this country is not about obesity but political in nature and more about greed and corruption.

      So Many bully and abuse anyone they don’t find ‘perfect’. I’d like to see pictures of every one of them in a bikini. People hiding behind the ‘not healthy’ comment are justifying our media obsession with objectification. How healthy is a 90 pound model?

    • melissa

      There are many obese people out there with perfectly good cholesterol and blood pressure and do not have type 2 diabetes.
      I think she is doing good by helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. Look at all the media hype about being thin….this makes girls mentally ill and become anorexic and bulemic. My 9 year old niece told me yesterday that she has a “gut” and cannot wear hear bathing suit until she gets rid of it! I am all for promoting good healthy lifestyles and maintaining a healthy weight but sometimes people are just unable to stay in the normal weight range and it really is genetics.

      • AMJ

        Thank you for understanding what this woman is trying to do. We need to help young people develop a healthy self esteem. A person with a sense of self worth is more likely to lead a healthy lifestyle. Bullying people about their weight helps no one. Some people are heavy because they feel bad about themselves. How is bullying going to help? I was overweight as a child and got teased for it. I became anorexic as a teenager. No, I was not healthier for being skinny. I developed Osteoporosis and other problems. Luckily, I recovered. Not all women do.

    • tracy

      You do not know she is not healthy …. in mind body and spirit .. you are respresenting the new judgmental America where everyone feels they can be the judge, jury , and executioner for everyone else. She may be able to out run you , out box you, and out last you in a variety of physical competions, she certainly has a positive wonderful self image.. Great for her! I’d rather see a curvy healthy woman than more young girls submit to the lie of starvation and self denial

    • leeann

      The people making the comments about her weight an future health problems are idiots! This woman is clearly not morbidly obese or stating that she has any health problems.She is a happy woman who feels comfortable in her own body.Its no different then seeing men in there swimtrunks with ther gut hanging over an you need see anyone making a big deal about that.She looks great in a flatering suitswim.You rock girl!!!!!

    • Lisa

      yes our health and alot of us live longer and happier lives than most. As long as we are happy with ourself and are not huring anyone leave us alone!

  • Hawke

    Other than to get attention, why would a woman post a photo of herself in a bikini? It’s asking for ridicule.

    • nighthawk

      One great reason could be that former fat girls in high school grew up to be knock out 30 or 40-somethings in a bikini after losing weight to show off to the assholes that ridiculed them in high school to say “look at me now asshole.”

  • Leslie

    I have seen a lot bigger in a lot less…I dont think she looks to awefully bad…im a bigger person and would not wear it but to each his/her own

  • Jeremy

    You see, Gabbi is what’s known as “plus size” (although in the real world, her size 18 figure is average).
    Size 18 is average? Are you serious? What world do you live in? Someone who wears a size 18 would have like a 40″ waist! That’s big for guys let alone a woman.

    • Nikola

      It technically is average because there are too many overweight people…if you average it out mathematically it would make sense.

    • Amy

      A size 18 is actually a 34 – 36 inch waist, not 40 inches – Google is your friend, Jeremy. I don’t understand why this country is so obsessed with weight and size, and other people in general. You don’t know if someone that is a size 18 is unhealthier than someone who is a size 2, so stop making judgements!!! Worry about your own life!!!

      • davidbrent

        Not true – size 18 is a 38-inch waist minimum – even google says so!

        • Dusti

          I’m a size 12 and my waist is a 32. Please, inform your own self before jumping down others’ throats.

          As for the entire argument, health should be what’s important. I’m overweight, yes, but I can also run a mile without feeling like my lungs will explode, and regularly lift fifty pounds without issue. There are also size two girls who are just as fit, just like there are size 6-8 girls who have starved away all of their muscle mass to be the “ideal” size, and women who gave up long ago who can’t mow a level 20sqft yard without being winded. Health should be the number one concern here, and size really doesn’t matter until you realize that a lot of the women photographed in this are morbidly obese, and the women who are posing on runways often have their own body disorder that are making them just as unhealthy. Please, please just be aware that it’s impossible to be a size 6 or 8 for everyone, but a size 18 should NOT be the average. That is NOT healthy!!!

        • Zaf

          And Amy a 38 in waist is fat, you say to worry about your own life, but with diabetes, heart disease and healthcare, we are forced to worry about the obese. Have some pride in your appearance, how about shooting for a size 8-10 instead of praying that you don’t have diabetes by age 40.

          • Mike

            How about you mind your own effing business, Zaf, and stop proving to the world what an ignorant jackhole you are.

          • Sandi

            Skinny people die of heart disease and diabetes too.

          • amanda



    • Cass

      Size 18 looks different on every woman. And the average woman is plus size, plus size is 14 and up. Im not sure what world you live in but according to your comment it would one of disapproval of anyone over a size 4.

  • DS

    Ms. Crum,

    The excerpt provided below is one that is beyond my realm of comprehension due to its a negligence of health and fitness:

    While it’s obviously true that obesity can have serious consequences on health, it seems sad that the conclusion so many people jump to when faced with a photo of a curvy woman in a bikini is not that she is beautiful, but that she is promoting an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Is there really a debate over whether a woman of her size is healthy or not? While I agree with you that equal scrutiny should be placed upon extremely thin women, I cannot accept the notion that she is not promoting women to be proud of being overweight. Regardless of appearance, it is a matter of well-being; in neglecting to scrutinize, we allow young adults and teenagers to willingly accept conditions that costs this nations millions of dollars in health insurance.

    While it is great that she has confidence, she should also acknowledge the potential health concerns of being such a size.

  • DS

    Also, your parenthetical notation that size 18 is average might be based upon misinformation or a lack of information. I could, however, be wrong in that assumption. Either way, size 18 is far too large for an “average” size; the same goes for men’s size 42 pants.

  • http://yahoo jennifer


  • http://yahoo jennifer


  • http://yahoo your mother

    boy, id dust her with flour to find the wet spot then id jump her bones… looks like she can give me a good beating…

  • RH

    The only problem is that you didn’t mention where you got the great bikini. Please share the cothing website.

  • Christine

    Good for her! Get out there and live your lives people. I’m proud of her and for her. We can only please ourselves…. and that can be hard- so lay off her.

  • Chelsea

    I’d like to go out on a limb here and say you can’t really tell anything for sure about someone’s health based on their size. Yes, being overweight leads to other risks, but there are plenty of overweight people who have good health– meaning they have normal blood pressure, blood sugar, their heart is in good health. The assumption most people have is that if you are overweight you are minutes from having a heart attack, which just isn’t true.

    Secondly, yes, a size 18 is too large to be average, but because we’re all so overweight, it has become the average! Nobody said that it was where we SHOULD be, but it’s the reality of where we ARE.

    • Dusti

      Aye! I’m a size 12 and I’m ridiculously normal. My blood pressure, breathing, heart rate…all normal. I’m able to run and wrestle with the kids and exercise. At a size six (the “ideal” size) I looked like I was ill, just because of how my body was built.

      But this country does need to take a look at itself and realize the repercussions of obesity. A size 16 for an average woman of 5’4″ is classifiably obese, and that’s where the health risks begin. If the average is at 18 (I’d think some information is skewed and that we’re more in the 14-16 range), then that means there are more obese people than necessary and when health is the overall concern of the peoples’ wellbeing, then we need to change something.

  • john

    how is this any different from a size 2 woman who smokes and costs our nation millions in health care due to cancer

  • Lisa

    Self image is a HUGE part of being healthy. She looks fabulous. Haters gonna hate…

  • Sarah

    since when is it “obvious” that obesity has serious health consequences? There are a bunch of skinny people who are completely unhealthy and there are a lot of fat people who are the healthiest people alive…do not judge people by the way their body looks, you cannot tell health with just your eyes

    • Annie

      I literally laughed out loud at this comment:

      “since when is it “obvious” that obesity has serious health consequences?”

      OMG, Sarah, do you live under a rock?! Priceless.

      • JesMe

        My mother is 89 years old, has been a consistant 200 lbs since I’ve known her – I’m 46. She lived an extremely healthy life. She has never had high blood pressure, heart disease, high cholesterol, etc. Mom has always eaten and served healthy, well balanced meals, drank lots of water, had an early bedtime, refrained from smoking, drinking, drugs and drama and had a positive outlook on life. Her doctor is always amazed that she is so healthy even at her age.

        See, size really doesn’t matter. It’s the quality of life that is imporant.

      • Mia

        Annie, your ignorance continues to amaze me. How extraordinary that you have X-Ray vision and can see into a person’s insides. Tell me then, why am I, an overweight woman who goes to the doctor twice a year, less healthy than my friend who smokes continuously, has teeth rotting out of her mouth, is continuously sick, and weighs about 115? Can you enlighten me on that please, oh wise one?

  • Steve

    It is beyond debate that obesity is costing and is going to cost us billions of dollars in health care. In my mind this makes a fat person inherently selfish. You and I and everyone that pays taxes will be held financially accountable for these individuals, while they eat and eat. So forgive me if I feel like I am being taunted by these ridiculous photographs. It is more than “haters gonna hate.” It is, they eat and we pay for every single health complication that arises because they would rather sit on a couch and eat mcdonalds all day than practice some self control. Screw every one of them.

    • ladyla

      You’re an idiot.

      • Sam


      • Annie

        But what Steve is saying is TRUE. Do you not know the correlation between obesity and the cost of healthcare? Yikes! Are there really this many stupid out there? (And I am thinking probably obese, too, because who the heck would even take the time to defend an obese lifestyle???)

        • prudejudy

          The problem with your argument is there are millions of folks out there who’s bodies do not respond to “normal” amounts of excersise or food quanity. Metabolism vaires with genes and heritage. If you are a thin person who does not have to try to be thin, then it must be difficult to understand the struggle to even get to normal for a whole lot of people. For me personally to be thin I have to go anorexic ( which I have done sucessfully ) or crazy diets and strenuous excercise to be somewhat thin. I cannot eat a normal balenced diet, it makes me fat, expecially if a size 14 is fat.

          If you a wealthy it is easier too. Lean steak with no carbs = $10 a pound which will feed one person 3 meals. For that same $10 you can eat Ramen for a month!

          Let’s be kind to each other. Live and let live. Peace.

        • Sam

          It isn’t so much that people are defending an obese lifestyle. The argument that is trying to be made is that it is unnecessary for someone to be ridiculed because they are obese and to stop the stereotyping that every fat person is sitting at home on the couch all day long eating McDonald’s. If you don’t have anything nice to say, just don’t say it. The comment from the person who called the girl in the photo a “slob” was just downright cruel and ignorant.

          And for the record do you know what else is raising health care premiums? A down economy. The insurance companies are not enjoying the same ROI they used to see. The cost of medical procedures is increasing dramatically was well which is also a factor. There are many factors increasing healthcare premiums other than just obesity. To ignore the whole picture just proves my point that people’s prejudices are what dictate their comments.

    • K.K.

      Steve, I’m just guessing here?????? Your probably sitting on the couch, lap top on your gut, eating a bag of ruffles potatoe chips… I’M HUST SAYIN DUDE??? YOU SOUND LIKE THE HATER ON HERE?

    • Itsme

      That’s a part of the problem…some skinny people think that obese people get that way JUST from sitting around and eating all day. That is not always the case. Just because you are thin doesn’t make you perfect, and doesn’t put you in perfect health. Its selfish of a thin person (like Steve) to think that a fat person is being selfish for being fat. Plus size people pay taxes just like you do. How many times have they paid for thin people to go to the doctor to take care of other ailments that are just as dangerous if not the same as the ones people “associate” with being fat?

      Get over yourselves and stop thinking that being thin will always mean that you are in better health. I have seen many fat people who are eating right and exercising like the dickens and some who do not, but are in way better health than quite a lot of thin people who claim to work out and eat right. We can make this all about health and paying taxes all we want to but the truth is that we all end up paying “taxes” for everyone, including some of the thin people who are engaging in other behaviors, that they CAN quit overnight, that causes them serious health conditions.

      Also, this is not to say that all thin people are dumb-asses and are not working out and eating right. I know some of them are and I’m proud of them for that. Its just the ones who have the thought patterns like Steve there that make them look bad. Thin people are cool too. ^_^

      We all pay taxes for each other’s mistakes, whether it involves health or anything else. This is just another route that some people are using to try to justify their reasoning for discrimination. How would you like it if someone complained that we’re all gonna foot the bill for all of these skinese people, (lol, sorry you guys, I needed to make a word somewhat equivalent to obese. Forgive me, I’m just trying to make a point here.)…screw them all because they all stand around and look dumb all day. When in fact, that’s not always the case.

      People can’t lose weight in one day and sometimes, actually can’t help the things that have happened to them that may have greatly contributed to their weight gain. However, YOU CAN stop being dumb-asses overnight…give that a try why don’t ya (This is aimed at the ones with the “Steve” mentality).

    • Sandy

      Seriously? “they eat”. Wow, you are a moron. Every fat person is not fat just because they eat. You have no idea what is going on in their lives. They don’t eat because they enjoy being fat. They are not fat just because they eat. When healthcare in this country starts addressing the issues behind obesity, and stops treating it as the reason for all other health issues, then something might be done to improve the health of our nation. This woman did not display herself to say it is a healthy lifestyle. She did this to show that she can still look good, even at her weight, and young women at the same weight as her can look just as good.

    • Mia

      What about the people who have never worked in their life and get themselves and their 6 kids on disability benefits for ADD? I will tell you that is FAR more prevalent of a drain on society that fat people are. You need to broaden your narrow minded views!

    • Mia

      Twenty bucks says you don’t even have a job, Steve. Probably sitting at home collecting your disability and thinking that makes you part of the workforce.

  • Rebecca Wood

    I am not accountable to other people for my “health”. I do not have an obligation to others to be healthy. Let’s follow some 20-year-old dudes around and see how many beers they knock back of a saturday evening and then publicly attack THEM for being “unhealthy”!

    • stephanie

      love this comment!

    • Get Real

      Actually, yes you are accountable. “Other” people pay the increased healthcare costs.

      When you are pushing 4 bills, have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc…, the insurance paying for all of your “ailments” raises the premiums on everyone.

      And don’t give me the “skinny people have these too!” arguments. Obesity has been proven to contribute to it. Why do you think the first thing a fat person is told to do to help blood pressure is lose weight.

      Keep on with your inaccurate views. I’ll be sitting here paying more and more each year in health care premiums to cover you while I don’t have any claims.

      • eboe

        You are NOT paying higher rates because of overweight people… you are paying higher rates because of insurance companies who gorge themselves on profits, profits, and more profits. They are making record profits while the little people pay more and more. Same with oil companies making record profits by controlling the price of gas.

        I can honestly say, that as a guy who has struggled with his weight all his life, there are plenty of skinny people out there who can pack away much more food than me in a single sitting. There is an added cost with losing weight in this world these days, companies charge premiums for healthier food, etc. There is a large correlation between obesity and high fructose corn syrup, which was an invention of the government to find a way to utilize corn grown in america. And unfortunately, it has made its way into everything because it is cheaper for companies to use instead of natural sugar, not to mention the power of the corn lobby. Basically, plenty of companies out there are happy to make money off of unhealthy behaviors, like smoking and eating food with HFCS. So profits are made in getting us unhealthy, and then on the other end from health insurance companies by increasing rates. Note, most insurance companies do NOT cover dietary plans to help people lose weight, or preventative medicine, but are happy to clean up after the mess has been made. Because that is where the profits are to be made 😉

      • Mia

        What a martyr.

  • ladyla

    This woman isn’t even “fat” by most standards today. If she were fat she would have rolls hanging over her bikini top and bottom.

  • Jamie

    I also am a size 18, been for many a year. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and I eat organic food. My calorie intake ranges anywhere from 1000 to 1200 calories a day. I date 2-4 times a month. I love my body and it shows through my style and personality. I am 49 years old and loving the life God has given me. Our bodies are just a “wrapper”. Live and let live! You go “big girls”!

    • K.K.

      Yes, I agree with Jamie. Some people are just built that way! Doesn’t make them unfit and un healthy…. Fact, I’m 5’2″ My weight ( so they say) should be about 130 top’s. Well guess what I work out 6 days a week, JOG 5 miles a day on the tread mill do water arobics 4 days out of the week for an hour. I go to several arobic classes in between.
      I work out with weights at least 2 days a week. OH DID I MENTION MY WEIGHT IS 176 POUNDS!!!!! pretty darn good so I’m told by most men ( young and older)
      According to my doctor I’m fit healthy as a horse! and turn every mans head in the gym! So get off the high horse

      • K.K.

        I Thin I forgot to memtion JUST HOW LUCKY 85% OF ALL YOU MEN REALLY ARE!!! As women we over look your bald heads, pot bellies, burping, farting,NOT TO MENTION YOUR OTHER PERSONAL short comings if ya know what i mean!

      • Get Real

        >>and turn every mans head in the gym!

        Any port in a storm! :p

  • alwaysgreen

    wow steve

  • WIlma

    TOtally fat, totally gross, cover up you slob

    • DUH!!

      Your a nasty sorry sad excuse for a person.. YOU are the slob..

    • Mia

      Too bad you can’t cover up your ignorance.

  • snoop dogg

    Smoke a phily blunt

  • Dave

    God help us.

  • nighthawk

    The average size has gone up from size 12 to size 16 and and now size 18? What the hell?

    Just like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, what we really think is “fat” varies. Some people are deadset on “ideal” tall Victoria Secret bodies, no exceptions, not even shorter women.

    Even if we were all normal weight, there would still be something negative to say about a woman’s appearance. Some of us would go on about something like the woman’s height for instance, the very thing that can not be helped unlike weight.

    The point is opinions are like assholes. We all got them and sometimes they stink.

    • sunnyT

      Hey, a person can be perfectly healthy at a size 20. I am a shapely size 16; no health problems at all. Now, the issue of wearing a swim suit when you are visibly overweight is outrageous. I don’t care how pretty you are, or think that you are. This has nothing to do with self esteem; more-so than how you present yourself in public. I have small waistline, large hips, little tad of belly, and a tad of love handles and back fat. I cover down when i am in the street. When i go on vacation, i get away with a swim top, but the bottom as a bikini; hell no…, i cover down with wrap. some of these gals need to really be conscious as to how they go out in the street. I live in NY, these gals or out there looking really nasty; they r wearing shorts, short jackets, they look straight up nasty…. Fat is just everywhere. What angers me is that they stand right in front of the bus with their big bulletin board ass like someone pass by. I told the bus driver to announce that they can not take up the front of the bus. I am so glad that i have lost weight and will continue till i’m 170. those fat gal swim suits are trash. they need to wear a large blanket instead.

      • K.K.

        Sunny T, Come back and tell us your sob story when you gain all your weight back… we will all be very comforting… For now continue your lettuce wrap samwich!!
        BYTW… If your hips are that freakin big, your right! You do not HAS THIS WOMENS BODY TYPE TO WEAR SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BATHING SUIT….
        Your jist being a beeeech!!!

      • missmanners62

        you need therapy.

  • Sam

    People are not critical of overweight individuals because they are concerned for their health. They are critical of them because it makes them feel better about themselves to be able to put someone else down. It is prejudice just like all the federally protected classification such as race, religion, etc. I am fairly certain not every overweight person sits on the couch eating McDonalds all day long.

    Why are these same haters not critical of smokers, drinkers, drug addicts? Most likely at least some of these posters have one or more of these vices.

    Prior to judging someone else’s flaws, maybe it is best to address your own first. And if you are ignorant enough to think you don’t have one, guess what ignorance and arrogance are YOUR flaw. Work on that!

    • raven bookaholic

      i like the way you think…so true

    • Itsme

      I couldn’t have said it better myself! ^_^

  • Alex

    I notice most of the negative comments are from men. I think she looks fine. Shes a larger girl, however shes wearing a bikini that is suitable for her size. I’ve seen women her size and larger in tiny bathing suits that barely cover anything. Im glad that she is happy with her body how it is. It’s amazing that a woman who is heavier is considered fat and ugly but a man who is overweight can walk around in shorts and no shirt and no one criticizes him. Why do women “have to be” thin and look like barbie, but its ok for men to walk around with a beer gut?

    • K.K.

      Alex I rest my case!!!! WOMEN SHOULD START A MOVEMENT AGAINST BEER BELLY, BALD MEN WHO DON’T KEEP THERE NAILS OR FEET IN GOOD CONDITION. yuk! wHILE your all at it, could you keep some color in what little hair you do have? Gray hair??? How unbecoming of you when you in your 50’s or 60’s……
      Now how sad does that sound????? Can I get AN AMEN FROM THE WOMEN OUT THERE! Men you better hope we don’t tighten our standards when it comes to critiquing men in general……

      This gal looks just fine and her comments were well spoken. That suit looks approperiate on her body type! Good for her..

      • JesMe

        K K, I TOTALLY agree with you! Well said. (Where can I find the Women Against Fat, Bald, Gross Men petition?)

      • Elaina

        I fully endorse that kind of movement! I’m a plus size adult entertainment webcam model and guess who’s my biggest fan base? Yep! The aforementioned, beer bellied, bald headed fellows who love to coo like little birds over my curves. They’re also the same men (and even some women) who act like haters out there. They’re hiding what they really want, they are the ones that are paying my bills, just so you know. They yell and carry on here but I KNOW WHAT THEY DO AFTER DARK.

    • raven bookaholic

      Alex you are 100% correct, majority of the negative posts are from men…it is really hurtful to see some of these comments and not take it personal. I’m fairly tall 5’11 size 12 and i think that women should be valued so much more than this. These men have forgotten that there is so much more women and what things really make a women beautiful…

      Thank God for men like you :)

  • aviewer

    I think she looks damn good. I love big women.

  • Albert the Dog Guy

    They look fabulous, Ms. Gregg is to be commended for this and the models applauded for their courage (lack of shyness). I wish there were not so many mean people to criticize and call names but let’s try to disregard them. I’m an active, athletically built guy and honestly deep down I find many of these women incredibly erotically charged and very appealing on various levels.
    And stop worrying about others’ “health” and vices. I’d rather my woman was 275 pounds than taking antidepressants because of body conformity issues.
    Can’t wait to see more of these hotties!

  • mark

    “You see, Gabbi is what’s known as “plus size” (although in the real world, her size 18 figure is average”… Her size is average… but what percentage of the population is obese and throwing off this “average”? Average does not mean healthy.

  • Nicole

    YOU PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL. If this woman feels comfortable in her own skin regardless of her weight then HALLELUJAH TO HER. This is no different than an anorexic girl releasing her bikini pictures. Those of you who condemn overweight people, some go by the motto “you only live once” meaning they couldn’t give a damn about their weight and eat up Mickie D if they want. Even though they’ll get all these health problems, they won’t ever change their diet. Leave them alone, if that’s what makes them happy then good for them. You all just live on with your lives and contribute as a healthy person by maintaining your own image. Don’t worry about others. We all happy now? Yes. Now you all can continue your water and lettuce diet.

    • Annie

      Nicole, yes I am totally happy if you cover our future increase in medical costs due to this wonderful lifestyle you so admire. BTW, one can eat a lot more than water and lettuce and still not come close to being half as big as this girl. This isn’t about promoting anorexia.

      • Mia

        Yes because being overweight is the only reason health care costs are inflating. Have room in that bubble you live in for me?

    • http://WebProNews linda

      I agree with nicole and I am not overweight.

    • Mike

      she is nothing but a fat lazy pig

    • Mike


      Let me guess…you have Medicaid or some other form of government health insurance.

      • Asshole

        All of you people are arguing health and insurance issues you forget that there are some people who find large and in charge women in bikinis very gross!!! I, personally, get offended by this! Don’t try to force people to accept this like others who try force people to accept homosexuality. It’s quite disgusting!!!

  • http://yahoo.,com liz

    Daily I’m able to observe 11-12 year old boys and girls during their
    P.E. class on account of being a special ed teacher. When running
    the 1 mile or 2 miles, the girls who are 70-80 lbs. are walking and
    complaining that it’s too much work. They aren’t even trying. The
    one’s who would be considered “obese” are running and one student
    (male) is the first three to finish less than 10 minutes. He even
    told me, “What’s wrong with them. They call me fat and they don’t even
    try.” Until our society learns to accept and give positive guidance
    to our children, then we will all be happy and healthy and not relying
    on so-called celebrities to guide us on our well-being. Just a note
    that I see everyday from our younger generation.

  • Sara

    LOVE IT! basically she dances to her own song, which is what a confident, smart and determined woman will do. Rock your own body is what I say. As a skinny teenage to a filled out woman, I love my body. My body shows a happy, healthy life with three gorgeous children and a man who still can’t keep his hands off me, even after 15 years of marriage. She rules her own, and if you don’t like it turn away. But really,I don’t see her missing out on any dates. You are beautiful young lady.

  • Skip

    Nothing wrong with her at all!! she is hot!!!

  • Kathy

    Like Ms Gregg says, you need to happy with your body NOW no matter what you are working on for weight and health. It think this lady looks so much better than guys and GIRLS that show their underware, bra straps, butt cracks and hidious tattoos and piercings in public. I lost a wonderful boyfriend to cancer. He was a non-smoker, in great shape and ate healthy. He fought for 8 years. You do not know when a major illness may strike. It can strike you healthy, slim, underware showing, face-pierced, tattooed, butt crack showing individuals also. Just because you are not overweight, does not mean you are beautiful in everyones eyes. Thank you Ms Gregg! You made my day!

  • Pam Ennis

    Ok Now I am going to have my say regarding “The Fat” person whether male or female…Why is it that society can not except people for who they are….I have been a big woman all my life.. Yes I have lose and gained of the years and so on… But if one is happy and content with them selves as is gabbi…why shouldnt she do what she is doing where a bikini…which happens to flater her… as far a steve goes He is the bestest idiot inregards to opinions of big women. He needs an attituded ajustment where women are concern.. I pity his girlfriend or boyfriend who is with him and his views…In africa we are called
    “Tradionally built women” and are very loved that way… Its time society today starts looking at women diffenertly.

    • http://Webpronews Leslie

      Right on Pam! Ignore the negative comments since they’re just ignorant. PEOPLE of all sizes need to be respectful and supportive of each other. Body image does not define a person or their health. A larger person can be just as healthy and fit as a smaller person depending on their fitness level. People do need to be more accepting of people of all sizes! Peace and Love!

  • http://Webpronews Leslie

    I think she is gorgeous! I’m so proud of her to post photos of herself and other beautiful women since obviously she is comfortable with her body, and she looks great! Why can’t people be supportive of women of all shapes and sizes? You can be overweight bust still be fit and fabulous! She is not promoting obesity, but she’s promoting positive self-image. I hate to break it to you but you can be skinny and unhealthy, but you can be fit, beautiful, and sexy at any size!

  • nick ho

    happy about her unhealthiness? good. happy dying!

  • kim

    This all boils down to why do we care that she is wearing a Bikini? Does this really effect anyone’s life but her own?

    • Alfonso Rodriguez

      Women is God greatest creation of Art! A woman body, don’t have to be in any certain way shape or form! Just enjoy it!!

  • brandi

    I’m so tired of a woman’s worth being judged first and foremost by her appearance. That is all that is emphasized anymore – how a female looks. I’d love to see the day when our brains, our personalities, etc, have greater weight. But that won’t be in my lifetime.

    I applaud her for being comfortable in her skin…no matter what public perception is. That is a hard thing to be, in general: okay with your appearance. It is a constant struggle for some (and not just about one’s shape).

    Personally, I dig her bikini and her style. Keep doing what makes you happy.

  • Jamie O’Flinn

    It’s amazing how freaked out everyone gets over the sight of someone who is fat and happy.
    Oh how they yammer on about “health risks” and “costs” and all these other buzzwords the headlines have tought them to parrot, without any actual self-research or critical thinking applied.

    You can’t tell a thing about this woman’s, or anyone’s health, life expectancy, personal interests, lifestyle, or anything from her figure. She’s hot, she’s happy. Why must you try and turn that into some kind of crisis?

  • near_miss527

    I spent half my life skinny as a rail and was miserable because of it. So you hefty girls, I know the world can be cruel with regards to how you look. It takes all kinds of people to make a world, and how horrible it would be if we all looked alike. I am concerned about the health risks that all too often go with extra weight. If you are comfortable in what you choose to wear, by all means wear it. What is important is your health. Get a thorough check up and take seriously any indications that you are developing life threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the list keeps going. Don’t make your looks your number one goal. Instead make your health your priority. Eat healthfully, get treatment for any serious condition you may have. Get some exercise, whatever you can do. Anything is better than nothing. I finally accepted what I looked like. It took so much stress off me. Now I don’t care what others think. This is me, this is who I am, and I shall do my best to stay healthy. So take me or leave me.

  • Grace

    Damn. Shut the hell up. It’s just a picture.

  • Kara

    I am glad there are lot’s of fat chicks wearing bikinis in public, it just makes me look better in mine! You would not believe what some of these whales wear at our community pool!

  • Skinny Bitch with a Fatgirl Opinion

    Well, I think MY opinion might matter. I’m 100 lbs. Let me tell you, I don’t see anything wrong with this young lady’s figure. She’s plump, but she’s not gross in any way and you who are picking on you…remember what a jokester God can be, okay? Because my friend prayed for patience and got NINE kids. Well, you all sit here poking fun of this young lady and other fat people watch out. God might pack on an extra 200 lbs for you someday and it’s just so sad to see how finger-pointing and childish you are. For the young lady…you look lovely. You could take off some weight for YOURSELF (not for the idiots below), or you could leave it on. That is YOUR decision. It’s our decision in this world to be and act and to live how WE want. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, should point a finger at anyone for being who they wish to be. You go girlfriend and rock your curves. I’ve always wanted curves and you got ’em girl.

  • Melissa

    There are so many women, such as myself, who don’t want to be fat, but due to health reasons, we have no choice. I have a thyroid disorder. And there are days that I feel that I am a skinny person trapped in a fat persons body. I eat healthy, don’t overindulge, and because of this health problem, I STILL don’t have a choice. I have worked out religiously, and don’t lose weight. I have tried every type of diet that exists. And still no results. So for there to still be people, especially men, who go out of their way to insult “Fat chicks’ is beyond my understanding. I’m married, I have a beautiful 1 year old daughter, a house, and I am as happy as can be, but why can’t I ever escape the shallow insults of society? Why does the world have to be like this?

  • K

    The woman IS promoting health but is basically saying that even if you decided to have a healthier lifestyle(regardless of size) your body wont change over night so you should bring about confidence and an overall positive self image since things like obesity and anorexia can come from having a lack of these things.

    • Marizzle


  • Rebecca

    I dont believe in promoting a “positive image” for the leading cause of death world wide. Obesity is not about image. It isnt something we should learn to accept, it is something we should learn to fight.

  • stephanie

    I think it is disgusting that a size 18 is the norm and people are saying that’s ok. This girl should not be wearing a bikini. They shouldn’t even make a two piece any larger than a 12. Let’s promote healthy eating, exercise, being active and taking care of ourselves. Let’s stop pretending its ok to be obese. I don’t want my hard earned dollars paying for this girl when she is in the hospital with some disease due to her overeating and lack of self control. Applaud her confidence or whatever all you want, but let’s be real. This isn’t ok. And I’m talking from a health standpoint more than anything else!

  • pat

    I only wish I had as much balls as her and could accept myself as well….I am not heavy but lack self esteem, she is a beautiful woman that is all there is too it and more power to her! It is ridiculous that our society holds anorexic looking models in such high regard, beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes, and AGES! You go girl!

  • Miker

    Seriously….??? Who cares ? If your comfortable walking around like a stuffed burrito – enjoy.

  • k

    The whole point of this has nothing to do what she eats, if she has diabetes how much fat she can “stuff into her bikini”. It is message to people that no matter what you look like, what size you are, hair color, skin, what gym you work out at, what you eat and what you wear that you should be happy with yourself. A positive view of yourself leads to a positive lifestyle and that is what matters the most.

  • Sharonna

    Why is everyone assuming that if a person is overweight or obese they have health issues? My Aunt is 4’8″ and over 200 pounds. She’s a big lady, BUT, she’s been to the doctor expecting them to say she’s got all these health issues because of her weight. To her surprise, she doesn’t! There is no denying that my Aunt is big, but she doesn’t have diabetes, heart problems, high cholestoral, high blood pressure, none of that stuff. The Doc gave her a clean bill of health. She’s just big. Weight and health don’t always go hand in hand. There are thin people with diabetes, heart problems, high cholestoral, high blood pressure, all the issues people assume big people have simply because they’re big. So what’s the excuse for the thin people with those problems? Is it possible that being thin or big has little to do with whether you have those health problems or not? Oh gully gee, I guess so. This blogger lady saying she’s all about health means that she is healthy herself and wants others to be healthy. She’s also big and likes being big and wants other big people to like being big. It’s that simple. Her posting this picture doesn’t mean she’s telling girls and boys to go out and give themselves a heart attack. She’s clearly promoting being healthy, loving your body and NOT thinking the only way to be healthy and love your body, is to be thin. Why? Because the two are NOT indefinitely intertwined. People can be big and still in good health. Promoting the idea that people who get big are automatically going to have all these health problems is just a way to sell the idea that thin is the only way to be regardless of health (as if their health is really cared about, really they’re just being told to be thin because it is a more valued look) by way of fear. People are just being scared into becoming thin or staying thin. Which is ridiculous because again there are plenty of people who thin and not healthy. Some time in the 90s there was a guy who was a runner. Very active guy, even wrote a book about running. He dropped dead of a heart attack because his arties were clogged up the wazoo. He had a fit body, so looking at him people would just assume he was in perfect health, but he wasn’t and he died (RIP). Is it clicking here folks? Even you all who are saying “stop picking on her, so what if she wants to be fat and have these health problems, it’s her life and you can’t make her change,” thanks, but you’re still promoting the stereotype that being big automatically means “you’re killing your body but hey, Godspeed it’s your life,” when really it’s not like that for most people and doesn’t have to be that way for others. People, start using that 10% and get it together. A little more critical thinking would do a lot of good.

    P.S. This blogger woman looks good in her bikini. Very 60s. Work girl!

    • ItWasntMe

      there are exceptions, but your aunt is rare & to be honest if your data is accurate she may need a second opinion, unless all her weight is below the waste? You are a fool if you feel the majority of obese people are as your aunt. They are not. It is a really big problem & its not “their appearance” that pisses people off, its the fact their appearance kinda gives away the sad reality familles live paycheck to paycheck & don’t want to be reminded nonstop what their dollars are going towards. All these heavy people ate for years like only they counted, they knew coping skills were lacking, yet they ate & made excuses & NOW many want instant results to be smaller.

    • boobguy

      I’m guessing that you weren’t in the room when your aunt’s doctor allegedly examined her and gave her a clean bill of health.
      Fat people will go to great lengths to deny their problem. I know because I’m one of them.

    • Ja

      You rock, lady :)

  • ItWasntMe

    Im tired of this lifestyle choice aka gluttony at its worst~ trying to cry no fair no fair “The same should be said about waif-thin models, yet the conversation about overly-thin women is very different”.
    We are not all overly thin & those who are, are not the ones with a lifestyle choice that is stressing healthcare systems or causing new furniture to be built & overall many business’ spending extra money to accommodate for their CHOSEN face feeding frenzy, which forces everyone to pick up the tab as the cost trickles down to the consumers & tax payers.
    ENOUGH! Your lifestyle choice kills more than TOBACCO. more thann even alcohol related ailments & deaths.
    NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE SURGERIES you cant pay for yourself. TAX junkfood.
    It is one thing to be chunky, its another to be obese! It doesnt take rocket science to figure out you are eating bad. It is not a poor mans lifestyle as they cant afford to eat fricken 5k+ calories a day then sit on your butt.

  • Alex Bolado

    I have no issue with the woman who took a picture of herself in a fatkini. However, Ashley Judd (who I’m a fan of) does not have much credibility speaking out for women about this issue. Again, I am a fan of her work, but come on. She did not seem to mind when she appeared nude or near nude in her movies and exploited her image. She made a lot of money doing so. She left herself open to such scrutiny and then she cries foul?

  • boobguy

    She looks like a hog stuffed into an ugly bathing suit.

    • Martin

      LOL…….all fat people are HOGS. Big, fat, overweight HOGS.

      • kks

        I am plus size, on the lower end of plus but none the less plus. Bet my HOG of a bank account out weighs yours. I would of said brains but got you and boobidiot beat already!

    • Kate

      Says the man whose “name” is “boobguy”. Yeah your thoughts mean nothing.

  • Martin

    Plus size is not fun size……………fat should not be in season, ever. The positive spin made by the media to make fat people look cool is just wrong. Being fat is WRONG and should not be tolerated. Good day.

    • kks

      Martin…..What is WRONG is that someone let you loose on the computer. You have no right to judge. It’s people like you that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce and impact any child with your nasty opinions. There are plenty of plus size people that will out live you!! Thank God! Oh and good day.

  • Marizzle

    Ok let me just break a couple things down here. First off, Gabbi is simply saying find contentment with where you are at. She never said “I’m big and beautiful so suck it!” but more of “I’m trying here and not going to be ashamed.” Not one of us knows her personal story or struggle – maybe she has already lost some and is trying to get healthy. EVERYONE has things they struggle with, some are just less obvious than weight, so cut the girl some slack. Second, all the comments about skinny people who live equally, if not more so, unhealthy life styles and cost us just as much (if not more!) in healthcare couldn’t ring more true. I work in healthcare and believe me, the majority of my patients are not obese people who sit around eating McDonalds all day. Third, if the real issue is that you are pissed about the cost of healthcare and don’t really care about the health of our society, take it up with the people who DON’T PAY THEIR BILLS!!!!!! The jump in cost comes partially from the higher cost of providing more services, but a bigger portion comes from people who don’t pay for their medical expenses at all. You would be amazed at how much Dr’s don’t make anymore because the facility still costs money to run and staff still collects a paycheck, but Dr’s are essentially doing a lot of pro-bono work. I feel for people who lost their jobs, have families and are swimming in debt. However the deadbeats who dont work and mooch off the government with out having to lift a finger, or the illegal immigrants who cant qulify for assitance but still come and use our Urgent Care and Emergency services get no sympathy here. If you are going to be mad at someone for the cost of healthcare, there is your scapegoat.

    • Ja

      Illegal immigrants tend to work hard. They escape poverty and corruption in their own countries to get used and abused by richer people here, paid a few dollars an hour for jobs that Americans would get double or triple the pay for. Blaming them for idiots here taking advantage of them and pretending to be good Americans doesn’t help anything.

      You’re no higher and mightier than the people guilty of fat prejudice. You’re prejudiced against illegal immigrants.

  • stephanie

    I have had diabetes since I was 13 and mine isn’t because of being overweight actually I’m quite thin. It runs in my family and my father has heart disease. Some people dont realize that being overweight is also hereditary and no matter what they will always be fat. You heartless bastards just enjoy making fun of fat people take a good look in the mirror cause you are not any better maybe your just jealous that she is happy .

    • Kate


  • Kate

    First, if she was wanting attention…she got it FROM ALL OF YOU!!!!! Pictures and videos wouldn’t go viral if there weren’t millions looking/watching and commenting right???? First, if she was a size 2 with her boobs hanging out she would get a million thumbs up. Second, she is not that big and frankly I think she looks pretty good considering some of the things I have seen people wear. Third, and most important WHY DONT YOU PEOPLE JUST LEAVE OTHERS ALONE???? LET PEOPLE LIVE THEIR LIVES THE WAY THEY WANT AND DONT JUDGE OTHERS!!!!! You are all idiots and I hope all of you get diabetes and heart disease.

  • kks

    GET OVER IT!! To each their own. @ Annie, you’re worried about the high cost of health insurance?? Really WHY??? Is that you know for a fact that she is on some sort of government provided insurance?? I am more worried about the illegal people receiving benefits. Not like plus size people are non-functioning drug addicts. It is sickening how some of you sound. Especially the idiots with the fat jokes. I would like to see how ugly you guys look. Better yet I already see how ugly you are.

    • Kate

      HELL YEAH!!!! I want these people to start posting pics of themselves so we can make fun of them.

  • nightpanther

    Now what kind of BULLSH*T is this ???

    Fat women walking around in Bikini’s, AND they are delusional enough to believe us men actually LIKE seeing them wear this…

    Now there is nothing wrong with a man or a woman having high self-esteem, but severely overweight women wearing 2 piece bikinin’s……. these obese SOWS need a serious reality check.


    Utterly disgusting.

    • katie

      just because you have a low opinion of bigger people doesnt mean you need to call them sows.thats just disrespectful.she is beautiful and people like you need to learn that.

  • E

    i think most of the criticizers are projecting their own body image issues on to her. size 18 isn’t necessarily unhealthy either. and she looks beautiful! she gets major props for putting herself out there like that. not everyone is a size 2 or should be.

  • Kyle

    People who are lambasting others for their opinion about this girl being too big are being ignorant. Lifestyle choices aside, everybody has the obligation to take care of their bodies for themselves and their loved ones. Genetics won’t give you thunder thighs and cellulite. Too much fast food and too little exercise will. I don’t care what you eat or how much you exercise, but if you’re unhealthy you are costing me and my generation money that we don’t have. Look however you wish, but for the sake of this country please exercise and get to a healthy place so the rest of us don’t have to pick up your slack.

    • http://WebProNews linda

      of course a man wrote about genetics not giving you heavy thighs. Kyle read up. Most daughters are built like either their mothers or grandmothers. Plus when women have children, their bodies stretch. I bet you couldnt push out a 10 pounder and your body snapped back in place. When you get a C section their cut you muscles in your belly. Muscles do not heal once cut across your stomach and you get 27 stiches or staples. You don’t have a clue what a women’s body goes though.

  • Donna H

    I think this woman looks gorgeous in her clothes. We are not all the same and she may be larger than I am but I will tell you what” She is certainly alot more attractive in a 2 piece than I am, I am 5 ft 3 and 118 lbs. No boobs and a flat 53 year old butt. I would trade her anyday!Leave your stupid comments foe you. She is lovely

  • Rin

    25 and with high blood pressure and diabetes. what’s 45 gonna be like for her if she doesn’t stop now? how much medical will she need over the next 20 years that healthy people will pay the majority of? it’s not that being fat you can’t be look sexy. this flaunts a lifestyle that isn’t any different than someone binge drinking, anorexic, or chain smoking all over the place and sharing pics that are sexy looking. she should make videos of eating EVERYTHING she puts in her body every day and try to justify fatkini lifestyle as being a new cool thing. she needs an intervention just like someone drinking or doing drugs too much would need one. but the fat community will “you, go, girl!” her all the way to a hospital visit.

    • cinda

      You really should pay attention to all the details before spewing s**t. She is healthy, as in no medical problems. She was asked a question on her opinion about diabetes and high blood pressure typical to being overweight.

  • Oh Please

    America is not overweight, it’s fat.

    Stop feeling sorry for yourselves, stop overeating, and get some exercise.

    Saying it’s okay to be fat is irresponsible and lazy.

  • http://WebProNews linda

    Does anyone really care that this woman is heavy (Common people use Fat as the term) honesty you don’t know her. Why in the heck would you care. No one you know your family, friends, co-workers are heavy. Do they disgust you too? Intolerant people are the ones that start the troubles in the world. Health care is going up whether people smoke, are heavy etc. Are you all that naive to believe its goinng up because people are heavy? Please

  • Maria

    Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean that you are going to get diabetes. You can be big, beautiful, AND HEALTHY. stop bagging on this beautiful woman.

  • courtney

    She is cute and she has big ole boobies. Quit your bitching.

  • hellodoggie

    #1 – what we have here is adults picking on the “fat kid” – it’s no different than in grade school, but now those bullies are hiding behind “health concerns” as an excuse to be mean and judgmental. This is not to say there are not health concerns related to being overweight, but guess what? There are health concerns for beautiful people too – over tanning, smoking, drinking, drugs, STD’s, etc. You just don’t see those.
    #2 – America is not getting lazier – America is getting more stressed out. Guess what? I went to my class reunion and EVERY SINGLE working mom had put on 40+ pounds. EVERY SINGLE stay at home mom was thin. People, particularly working moms, are totally stressed out and lacking in time to do anything. They dont’ have time to work out or even eat right – they live as slaves, existing only to keep their bosses, children and spouses happy. There is no time left to take care of themselves or their health. Let’s look at those very real issues facing our country and cut out the hoho jokes, shall we?

  • Lia

    Not everyone who is fat has diabetes, and not everyone who has diabetes is fat. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes when I was 16-years-old. I was 5-8 and weighed 168 lbs. Over the next 5 years, I lost about 30 lbs. You think being that thin made me healthier? Well, when I was 24-years-old, I lost all the toes on my left foot. When I was 28-years-old, I developed a stomach condition (related to the Diabetes) that had me in and out of the hospital for a year and a half. I am now 31-years-old, and I have been on dialysis for a lttle over a year now. I’ve spent most of my adolescent and adult life trying not to be “fat,” and now my only goal in life is to outlive my grandmother (who, btw, has been big since before I was born).

    Y’all really need to get it together. You’re pre-determining this girl’s fate without really knowing anything about her except for how she looks in a bikini. It’s a good damn thing SHE is in line with her star player.

  • coldnmn

    Being fat does NOT mean you have diabetes or high blood pressure. A skinny person can have diabetes and high blood pressure. Nor does it have anything to do with the state of health care problems today. You can look right at Washington D.C. and the drug companies.They along with the oil companies are controlling our world. The government does nothing about the drug and oil company comglomerates because they get most there money from those two sources.

  • John W.

    I object to this assumption that only women are affected by their weight gain, and they are the only ones routinely badgered for it. I’m sure I see entertainment magazines picking out and picking on the “worst beer bellies” every week.

    While proportionally fewer males are likely to admit it, men are conscious of their weight and just as injured by negative comments as their female counterparts.

  • JJ

    There is a huge difference between curvy and round. This girl is the latter.

  • paula

    The point is she feels good about her body. And i couldn’t be happier for her. A negative body image can be just as unhealthy. At 5’4″ 115
    and hating my body for the last 20 years has been miserable. Anyone who has a healthy body image is a blessing.

  • Supermom

    I am a size 18. Not because I’m fat, because I have large hips from having two beautiful children and also large breasts which are largely in part heredity and also were made bigger through pregnancy. I would rather have my daughter look at a picture of this woman and be confident than look at some anorexic size 0 and never feel good about herself.

    • ‘Sup

      There are a great many healthy steps between 0 and 18.


    If she had any business wearing this PROPERTY she wouldn’t have to almost choke on a body part to squeeze herself into it. There should be a way , there should be a way that the clothes can fight back, when women or even some men are abusing them like that. And she only posted these pics so that she can validate herself because she clearly feels terrible self esteem issues and has let herself GO in a MAJOR WAY

  • Allie

    See, this wouldn’t be an issue if people didn’t have to pay for others’ healthcare! Just make healthcare private only. Yes, this woman might have diabetes that is costing me money. A skinny person might be a smoker. Someone else might do drugs. Someone else might enjoy high-risk sports. There are a lot of unhealthy people out there that I DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR. And the there’s a blurry line between unhealthiness caused by choice and unhealthiness caused by chance. We never really know. I believe everyone needs to pay off their medical bills themselves. No, not everyone deserves expensive heart surgery. Healthcare is a commodity just like everything else, and it ranges from good to bad. We as human beings are not by nature entitled to the most sophisticated and expensive healthcare available.

    So my point is, I absolutely agree that if eating like a pig makes you happy, so be it. If food makes you happier than looking good (and I can see how that could be true for some people), fine. Just get rid of obamacare and let everyone have the freedom to eat what they want, as well as the freedom to choose not to be charitable and pay for others’ mistakes and bad fortune.

    • http://thenatural54.wordpress.com Phil

      If you really think you’re paying for a fat person’s health issues, you’re absolutely delusional.

      Walk into any hospital, and tell me how many fat people vs. non fat people are in there. That would be the obvious answer to you, and hopefully one you’ll consider next time you visit an ill (and thin) friend.

      More important, there are countless studies that support what I just said. By the way, weight is not a barometer of wellness. More Americans die every year from weighing too little than from weighing too much. An estimated 25,000 people die from obesity. How many die in car accidents?

      I’d like to recommend that you look at the real villain when it comes to healthcare costs. That is the fact that we are the most litigious nation in the world, which has caused the entire healthcare system to overcharge patients to cover not only their liability insurance, but costs of litigation.

      THAT is a larger problem than one of the fat girls wearing a bikini to the beach.

  • Erin S.

    Swimming is exercise. Exercise is what all the fat haters SAY we need to do so we can be socially acceptable and make no mistake, it is not now and never has been about health, since there are healthy fat people and unhealthy thin people — but the latter don’t get hateful, cruel comments like MANY on this thread.

    Yet, if we wear (or even can FIND) clothing suitable to the exercise we want to do… we get things like this, with people debating our right to exist in our bodies.

    Would you rather we walk around naked due to not being able to find any clothing to wear? Although I suspect what you would really rather is for us to never step outside where you might accidentally see us. The sun is only for the beautiful people I guess.

  • Traci

    WOW – what a bunch of judgmental a**holes commenting here. Tell us about YOUR life so we can all judge each one of you so harshly and cruelly and tell each one of you what a terrible bane on society you are.

  • ‘Sup

    Size 18 is average??

  • http://thenatural54.wordpress.com Phil

    I’m not fat.

    What I AM is a person who takes the time to learn. I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist or scientist, but I’ve spent the good part of my 57 years on this earth looking at things in every possible way before I draw conclusions.

    All of you who like to spew what you think you know about obesity, think again.


    Most of you won’t take the time to read the link above, but I can assure you that what is written there is supported by both contemporary medicine and nutrition.

    What isn’t covered there is fat hatred, the judgment that is going on here in the comments section. Does it really make you feel better to shame someone based on how they look? Do you feel the need to police what people eat and drink because you think EVERY friggin’ fat person is fat because they lay around all day eating bon bons and watching Jerry Springer?

    Obesity isn’t the epidemic in this country that we should worry about.

    Hatred based on ignorance is.

  • Pink

    We are about 10-20 years away from massive epidemics of diabetes, hypertension, strokes, heart attacks, etc. Folks, life spans have stopped going up and started to trend down. You all better sober up and start taking care of yourself, and sitting on the couch eating potatoe chips does not qualify. The mentality now is “I have the right to neglect my body, criticism be dammed”. Then when disaster strikes everyone expects the medical profession to save them, and complain when the medics are unsuccessful. No one wants to take responsibility, even for their own health. Folks, you are going to pay the piper.

  • Dray

    I’ve been 105 – 120 pounds my whole life. Most overweight people can most likely out run me.

  • got2bkiddin

    Being “overweight” doesn’t always equate to unhealthy. Just like being thin, doesn’t always equate to being healthy. If you are foolish enough to think you can judge by what someone looks like; you are sadly mistaken. I think anyone in any body should be comfortable with their look. Skinny or Fat or Average….it is who you are. Some folks lose weight, don’t gain weight…others do. Being healthy is about what you eat and exercise, more than a scale. She is saying: people need to realize this. And for that, I’d say she is accurate. You cannot generalize and say that overweight folks are more prone to healthcare issues than non-overweight folks. There are many factors to health and weight is only one of them. You can’t judge one without judging the others. Everyone is different on how they gain or lose weight…a person who is heavier can exercise and eat better than the thinnest person you know. Just the way it is…and you can’t alter it…so why not love whatever you are. Fat, skinny, medium, whatever… It is the least important thing about you. That is what she is saying..and not one of you got it. Now that is pathetic. lol Good for her to love who she is. And I for one won’t judge her on her health..as I wouldn’t know what her health is. But I’d say she has a gem of a persona.

  • http://drinkswellwithothers,wordpress.com cayman

    This Gabbi is a great looking woman. Good for her, and for all the women who took part in this. It’s a refreshing story.

  • lisa

    If people hadn’t picked on me at that size maybe I wouldn’t be at the size I am today, go for it girl!

  • Yvette

    I don’t support obesity, but I think it’s sad that it’s rare to see an average sized woman being called beautiful. I’m in full support of health. All fat people are not unhealthy and all of them are not sitting in front of the tv shoving garbage down their throats. There are many issues that can cause a person to be overweight.

    Although in my case I do sit in front of the tv and shove garbage down my throat, but that is MY choice!

  • Mia

    I’m sorry, but the majority of you are just showing your ignorance. I am an overweight woman; I have been my entire life. In fact, I am bigger than Ms. Gregg. I work 40+ hours a week; pay for my own health, dental, and vision insurance; have no major health issues; go to the doctor on a average of twice a year- once for my physical and once maybe when I have a sinus infection; and am the single mother of a daughter who recently graduated with honors. You cannot lump all fat people into one category. That is being judgmental. When will society realize that fat prejudice is no different than racism? You can spout off all of the different “studies” and “information” that you want, but the fact remains that you don’t know me, you don’t know my situation, and you don’t know the situation of every fat person in America. I don’t sit around and stuff my face all day- I just don’t exercise as much as I should and I like Italian food a little too much. And you know what? That is my business and no one else’s. If you don’t want to look at me then don’t. But don’t go around saying that fat people are the ruination of America because that is completely ridiculous. As ridiculous as saying that every thin person on earth is the picture of health.

  • GeekRyuu

    You know what? Screw every single one of you who are decrying how this woman is fat and going to wind up with heart disease and diabetes.

    She’s absolutely beautiful, confident, and incredibly sexy. And she looks healthy and curvy. I understand that the idea that someone can be both fat and healthy is shocking to some, but it is entirely possible to eat healthily, exercise, and still be fat. You know, in the exact same way that people can be sedentary, eat horrible diets, and still be “acceptably” thin until they keel over one day from a heart attack.

    You know NOTHING about her diet and exercise habits and you have no right to pass judgement on her health unless you are her doctor. People who act like this towards fat people are the reason that it is a living hell to be a fat person. And it’s particuarly horrible for those who are stuggling to lose weight and CAN’T DO IT because the vast majority of one’s body weight is genetically predetermined.

    Do not assume that all fat people stuff our faces and sit home watching tv all day. I eat my veggies, weight-train, do aerobics, and lift heavy things at work all day long. I am stronger than most of my coworkers and I’m still fat. I refuse to starve myself, yo-yo diet, take drugs, or do dangerous surgery in order to fit YOUR idea of what people should look like.

    If shaming and humilating fat people actually caused us to lose weight, there wouldn’t be any more fat people in this world, trust me. Reevaluate your own bias, and then back off and let people live thier lives. My weight and my health are absolutely NONE of your business, and I refuse to let YOUR negativity effect how I feel about myself.

  • Meh

    Why do you all care or complain in the first place? In the end the world is just made up of different people with different shapes, mass and body sizes. Yes you have the ability to control what you eat but there are some of those who are born genetically different. So to conclude, none of you will ever be content with how the world’s women & men are. Suck it up and live your own lives, don’t live the lives of others.

  • Ja

    Different people have different body types. Sometimes, people with thicker frames eat healthier and exercise more than people who are bone-thin or average. At any rate, unless you lead a super-healthy existence at whatever size you are (perfect diet, exercise all the time, don’t smoke drink or basically do anything to enjoy life), you have no room to be judging others.

    Taking unnecessary risks like getting in a car (you might get in a car accident and cause the insurance companies to have to pay for your injuries’ treatment, which then causes everybody else’s insurance costs to rise) is included in that list of “unhealthy” behaviors, BTW.

    What I really want to complain about is the lack of options for women with larger cup sizes. This woman’s swim top is painfully small on her. It’s racism against larger breasts.

  • KissOfDanger

    I see the concern trolls have already gotten here.

  • Lauren

    So its okay for models with size 0 pants and their bones sticking out left and right is okay, but a woman who is bigger, its not okay? Hmm double standard. I guess everyone needs to look like an anorexic barbie in order to get attention and be happy with themselves.

  • gabrielle

    I find it funny how everyone on here is ASSUMING she is unhealthy and will have heart disease and diabetes because she is not a size 4 or 8…. lets be real. She is not 400/500 pounds and she could be perfectly healthy for all you know. I wear a size 14 and I don’t have nor have I ever had high blood pressure, high cholesterol or any other health problem… so maybe you should all do your research before posting your opinions

  • Bella

    It doesn’t matter if if your a little overweight. I mean if your a size 6 -12 it’s okay. If your a size 19-29 you need to lose a little. She was trying to make women feel un-insuacure. It’s okay.

    • BetterOffNed

      Just to let you know, it is spelled “insecure” and being “not insecure” (double negative) is called being secure.

  • Kelly

    She looks lovely.

  • liz fedynich

    I am glad she did this. I am overweight because of a disease called Cushings. People judge you on your appearance all the time and it’s wrong. There are so many reasons people are overweight and many of them are legitimate. Before I knew about Cushings disease I had tried every diet under the sun. I am 5’6″ tall and I weigh 235 pounds. I have a stomach disorder called gastroparesis where my stomach is partially paralyzed. I can’t eat more than around 1000 calories per day give or take a few. I TRY to eat at least 1200 per day just to keep up my nutrition intake. But I still weigh over 200 pounds. Should I be ashamed of my body? No. I should celebrate who I am and feel as good about myself as the next person. She’s not saying “fat” is ok. But rather not be ashamed of what you look like wherever you are in your health journey. My daughter’s best friend is 5’7″ tall and weighs less than 100 pounds. She’s probably 90 lbs. I mentioned to her mother that I think she has an eating disorder. But because of my weight…my comment wasn’t taken seriously. After all “I’m FAT” so what would I know about healthy eating. Yet women are paid $15,000 per day to look like my daughter’s friend…and I’m looked at with disgust cause I have a disease where a tumor in my body produces cortisol and won’t quit. It’s crazy how people worship thin and hate overweight people. I used to judge fat people myself…till I became one and without losing an adrenal gland or having brain surgery on my pituitary I will remain a fat person forever. Let’s give each other room to be ourselves. Promote health AND acceptance of people wherever they are at.

  • Joe

    Let me preface by saying that I do believe that MOST people riding the “I am proud of my body the way it is” just think that’s an easier thing to do than to lose weight and have the body they REALLY want. I can’t imagine many women, if they could snap their fingers, would choose to be 180 lbs over 130 lbs. Having said that, to all of the “know it alls” who always comment about health on these type of articles, you should know that a person’s size isn’t always linked to their health. There are people out there carrying around an extra 20, 30, or 40 lbs who are very healthy, in many cases more healthy than you are. Yes, I understand the health risks over time by carrying that extra weight. I’m just saying it’s not a foregone conclusion than somebody overweight will have heart disease, diabetes, joint problems, etc…… Knowing several people with extensive healthcare backgrounds, those diseases are actually much more about genetics than size anyway.

  • Denice

    The people who are criticizing her under the guise of medical care costs/state taxes that the “healthy” citizens of the US have to put up with because of the “selfish” fat people are people who are merely indulging in an adult form of bullying. The same goes for those who are using the excuse that she is promoting an “unhealthy body image”. She’s already made it clear that she is in favor of a healthy lifestyle.
    The people who are most uncomfortable with this picture are the people who are uncomfortable with themselves and therefore uncomfortable with what they view as “ugly”. Unfortunately, because of these people, this has sparked a debate that really shouldn’t have been an issue.

  • D

    She looks fabulous in that bikini.
    I want one.

  • anon_a_mouse

    One thing nobody is addressing here is the pluthera of problems with our food system nowadays. It’s simply unhealthy overall: there’s freaking high fructose corn syrup in everything, food labelling is so misleading you have to be a detective to figure out what’s actually healthy and what’s not, good, heathy food costs a fortune and crap food is affordable and there are tons and tons of chemicals and other crap we shouldn’t be eating in much of our food, even the “healthy” stuff, most of which nobody has a true idea of what long-term side effects are, etc…It shouldn’t be that much of a challenge to eat healthy. I really don’t think that the astronomical rise in autism, obesity, diabtes, etc coinciding with the advent of these factors in our food system is a coincidence.

    I have a weight problem that originated from having a low-grade thyroid cancer and it has been hell trying to get the weight off: I try to eat healthy, I walk an average of 5 miles a day, I NEVER eat fast food or drink soda and it still isn’t going anywhere fast. But, while I’m not incredibly happy with my body, I still have to live in it and I refuse to hate myself or feel horrible because somebody else might not like the way I look- to me, that shallowness is their problem, not mine and they are not somebody whose opinion I’d value anyway if they have no empathy, buy into generalizations and stereotypes without further thought and value looks over content of character. If they disappeared tomorrow, it would affect my world not at all so why spend time worrying about what they think?

    • hey!

      shut up! fat people are horrible and their whats wrong with this country.

      • JoeBob

        Why do you say that?

      • BetterOffNed

        No, ignorant people that can’t spell or put together a proper sentence are ruining the country.

  • Jennifer

    As someone who has battled anorexia in college and was forced into a “healthier lifestyle” and now as a mom of two and is twice the size I should be … I can tell every single one of you that health begins on the inside of a person. This woman is beginning the journey to her new self and she will most like succeed because she doesn’t give a damn about what anyone thinks of her. If she merely lost weight because she was trying to be accepted into society’s norm, then she’d surely fail. By being happy with who she is, no matter her weight, then she is much healthier than most of the population. I can assure you that I stand correct because it has taken me twelve years to finally realize that no matter how gorgeous or athletic or thin or homely or overweight I am, that I am the same person on the inside. And it was only until I became the person that I am happy being, that now I feel that I can become healthier on the outside… because now I WANT to live my life to the fullest, whereas before, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to survive. Kudos for this woman for standing up for herself, she’s going to go much, much further in life than those who have to put others down just to make themselves feel good.

    • MorganLayne


  • CommonSense

    Ever hear of The Fridge from the Chicago bears and “the skinny” on his true health?

    • CommonSense

      Some article quotes:

      “William “Refrigerator” Perry used to be such a deceiving athlete that Dr. George Lesmes of Northeastern Illinois University reported Perry’s body fat several years ago was “no different than any other lineman in the NFL.” That meant he really wasn’t overweight at all in terms of conditioning for his profession. If he were a Sumo wrestler, Perry would have been advised to beef up.”

      “Whether Perry conquers his own blob syndrome will become apparent in the weeks ahead; the National Football League season opens this Sunday. Most Bear coaches prefer to be optimistic. “What you’re looking at is a genetically big-boned man,” says strength coordinator Emrich, who is beginning to suspect that The Fridge’s current 320 pounds, with a little muscle substituted for flab, just might be his best weight after all. “There’s a little fat, but really, it’s in the percentage range with a lot of other ball players today.””

  • B

    She does look like a cow. She is likely unhealthy because of her weight problem. She does likely lack self discipline and has no intention of changing. However, I’ve seen more dangerous health issues with people taking weight loss pills, or losing weight on extreme diets that do a lot worse to their system than being a chubby will. Also, studies have shown that doing tanning beds for even 2 times a week increases your chance of skin cancer by 75%. Let’s keep it all in perspective, people.

    • BetterOffNed

      Easy for someone that is too much of a coward to post a picture of themselves to just assume that she doesn’t have self discipline.

  • MorganLayne


  • Beth

    Let me see if I’ve got this straight: several individuals have expressed their disgust at having to even see obese people in public; that the obese really should cover themselves up so as not to spoil the view for these perfect physical specimens that they are so disturbing. How selfish the obese are for expecting that they are allowed to live their lives just like the more deserving and considerate thin people of the world! How very obvious it is that the only food a fat person ever eats comes from Hostess! They obviously must so enjoy hearing about how they are a drain on society because otherwise they would just simply make themselves thin. Maybe their diaries would read something like this:
    “I decided to be a size 3 today so I wished for the Skinny Fairy to come and sprinkle Skinny Dust all over me! And Poof! Now I’m thin, and the fact that I’m just not genetically wired to be an ectomorph has completely disappeared. I would have just gone for a walk, but the thin people down the street gagged every time I tried to exercise in shorts or stretch pants, and the ankle-length overcoat was just too hot! Maybe now I am deserving enough to go to a public beach in appropriate swimming attire and engage in a healthy activity without being ridiculed for the effort. Of coarse, I still have to submit my list of the foods I plan to eat for the day to the Food Police, since fat people (or formally fat people) are only allowed to eat if they promise to feel really guilty about about every single thing that goes in their mouths. Oh, I do so hope that the Grinch Who Steals Skinny People doesn’t find out where I live before the end of the summer!”
    So I’m being a bit sarcastic, but I think I’ve earned that right. I walk four miles on three days of the week, and do light strength training two days a week. I eat a high protein, moderate fat, and very low carbohydrate diet, with the occasional treat. I eat fast food perhaps once every three months, and I haven’t eaten bread (glorious bread!) in over a year. My blood pressure is below normal, as are all of the numbers in my lipid panel (except for HDLs, which are appropriately high). My fasting glucose is very good even though I receive intramuscular steroids every six weeks (look it up if you can’t figure out why that’s good). Oh, and by the way, according to the opinions of many people who posted here, I am a fat, disgusting, worthless pig who is a burden to society because I am just too selfish and lazy to be thin.
    As an intensive care nurse, I strongly believe that people should be accountable for their own health. If a 400 lb, sedentary diabetic is asked to find ways to be more active, and they are given the knowledge and tools to do so and yet don’t even try, then when their kidneys turn into shriveled little pebbles they shouldn’t be eligible for a transplant. When that same person consistently skips dialysis because they just didn’t feel like it and then shows up in my ICU to be emergently dialyzed at ten times or more the cost to taxpayers, I believe that person should be referred to a hospice program. That same level of accountability should be expected of everyone, not just the obese. What about the person on disability for past 20 years for depression, who when asked who her mental health care provider is, says she doesn’t have one? Do we allow this person to keep abusing our money because she’s thin? Or do we require her to seek and comply with treatment as a condition of our continued bankrolling of her life?
    Beyond blatant abuse (read: Theft) of taxpayer dollars in healthcare, there are policies that waste our money because they are just plain stupid. Why will Medicaid willingly pay for a heart bypass, kidney dialysis, and limb amputations all caused by diabetes secondary to obesity, when instead it could have simply paid for a gastric bypass before the patient ever developed diabetes in the first place (and saved many tens of thousands of dollars in the process)?
    I know that I personally have done everything right; I have done every single thing that my PCP has asked me to do, and yet I am still technically classified as obese. I love my lush, curvaceous body that is fit enough to do the things I ask it to do. I would like it to be thin, but despite my best efforts it is not. Does that make me a bad person? I never thought that it did. It is morally wrong to make a blanket statement that all obese people are selfish, lazy leeches on the coffers of taxpayers. It is also morally wrong to ask for or demand public assistance in covering the cost of one’s healthcare if one does not have the integrity to steward that resource by showing personal responsibility for one’s health.
    As a healthcare worker I see frequent, sickening waste of healthcare dollars and abuse of the Medicare/Medicaid systems. I also see that we as Americans expect the best, most expensive, never-say-die and keep-em-alive-at-all-cost kind healthcare for every single person. Until we as a society put on our big girl panties and admit that what we really should be doing is the greatest good for greatest number of people that we can, our healthcare woes will not go away. And isn’t that the real issue?

    • Dont be stupid

      I am only responding to parts of your post because I can’t sit here and read it all. You raise valid points and I understand that genetics can influence your ability to govern your body weight. You make the point of obese people not being able to go outside in running shorts or spandex. I personally say, “Good for them! Trying to change.” But you cannot ignore the fact that obesity can be severely damaging to the human body. Just because someone is fatter doesnt mean their bones, joints and muscles are respectively bigger and the wear and tear on them is violently damaging. Also, your point about medicare waiting too long (thats how i understand it) to pay for procedures and such is a good one but kind of moot. In the same way, why dont people who recognize that they are overweight and at risk for future problems change their weight problem, whether its caused by eating or lack of physical activity. (this does not apply to everyone, i.e. genetics.) P.S. dont mix morals with Kahn. 😉

    • rmb

      Excellently written. You touched a lot of points I also have thought myself.

  • Sarah

    I think the fact that we feel the need to have this discussion at all is really sad. She is happy with how she is and wants to celebrate the body she has. It has been shown that women who are happy with their bodies end up being far healthier than women that are unhappy. Healthy habits don’t always lead to weight loss – you can be pursuing healthy habits and be fat. So if she is carrying out healthy habits then she is most likely a good deal healthier than a lot of the people complaining about her. Metabolic health caused by regular moderate exercise does a huge amount more for people than constantly trying to hate themselves into a smaller size. Instead of setting weight loss goals that will control our lives we should just embrace a healthy lifestyle and the size that accompanies it. I think she is a real inspiration.

  • JoeBob

    Good for her!

  • ex “bbw”

    I’ll admit, this woman pulls it off, and looks good for her size, but that’s rare. I’m sorry, but I’m having some trouble getting on board with the whole fat acceptance thing. Being fat is a reversable condition, (at least in the majority of cases). I should know alot about this, considering I used to be pretty overweight myself, but I didn’t delude myself into thinking I was just as healthy, or attractive as a thin, or in shape person. Now I’ve lost almost all of it, and have been strength training all through out, and believe me, this beats being “big and beautiful” ANY DAY. Also, I’d like to point out the fact that women are just as shallow as the guys. When’s the last time you’ve seen some barbie girl accept a date from an overweight, or bald, yet overall sweet guy, who’d probably treat ’em a whole lot better than the “hot guys” they always go for? You hardly ever see that. I’m not saying this applies to all women, and I’m not saying that all hot guys are bad/jerks, I’m just trying to shed some realistic light on the whole situation 😉

  • ex “bbw”

    @Morgan: Isn’t that a bit hypocritical to say that? You rally for people to accept, and think a big girl is beautiful, yet you HATE women for being small?

  • Nikki

    Ok so how about I’m 28 AND a size 18 AND I SMOKE. No I don’t have diabetes or an eating disorder, I’ve been fat since I was a kid, and I don’t have a problem with it. I’m beautiful. I know I should stop smoking, but that’s my choice, no one elses. Why does everybody feel the need to comment on the chick’s weight? I mean seriously, do ya’ll really think calling people fat are gonna make them want to be skinny? I, for one, have NEVER wanted to be skinny, and I’m a NURSE. Yes, there are health problems associated with obesity, but also with thinness. Why not just back off the girl and let her do what the hell she wants? If it was a gay guy you wouldn’t be like Oh look at the faggot, or a black girl you wouldn’t be like oh look at the nigger would you?

  • TKE

    Believe it or not, guys, there’s middle ground between being hugely overweight and being “a 90 pound anorexic model,” as someone put it. I don’t resent overweight people in the slightest, but it saddens me that being a size eighteen is said to be a woman’s average size. That’s not healthy; that’s not right. We have serious problems in this culture with how we treat our bodies, and while yes, a lot of people are jerks about women’s appearances, it seems that anyone who dares point out that being fat isn’t healthy is jumped on for being cruel. It’s ridiculous. It’s awesome that she’s not ashamed of her body and that she didn’t ignore the health aspect of the issue, but really…if being that size is the norm for our country, we need to overhaul our lifestyles, pronto.

  • WhoYouKiddin

    Her body is average? Yes, when you jack up the numbers to make people feel better about themselves, then yes, she’s actually below average in this hambeast nation. Take some personal responsibility, people, and stop waiting for your egos to get stroked by feel-good idiots like Amanda Crum. She isn’t n a “darling bikini,” she’s in an oversized garment for fat people. Being fat, for the most part, is not natural just as our sedentary lifestyle is not natural, nor is the crap we think of as food, nor the amount of we shovel in our mouths is natural. All the research about “bad carbs” this and “high fructose corn syrup” that is really a crock. We are not biologically designed to eat that stuff and the food industry knows it. We’re a nation of chubsters because we eat garbage that tastes good over healthy food that’s good for us and far too much of it, and we can’t put down the fork and get off the couch.We’re a nation of lazy people looking to blame someone else rather than take personal responsibility, then we simply lower the bar to make ourselves feel better rather than take responsibility for our actions and work hard to reverse them.

    • BetterOffNed

      Do you know what the word average means? Let alone the population of the country? Turn off the reality shows, take a walk in the real world, take your judgments and your ugly attitude, and just get lost…

  • Vance

    WOW our world has come to this.

    A woman who can’t post a picture of herself without being judged on issues other than the way she looks in said picture. It’s not about her health. It’s a photo of her new swimsuit. A bunch of hypocritical faceless people who pile on a posting to attack. We all forget about the glass houses we live in when we throw stones.

    How many of you smoke, drink, ride a motorcycle, not wear your seat belts, sky jump, rock climb, bungee jump, drive over the speed limit, have a car whose brakes are overdue to change or do any activity that could adversely affect your life or the possible need to go to the hospital. How about if the government told you that you couldn’t do any of those things anymore because it may raise health care cost.

    You talk about how her healthcare cost effects you but you don’t have the right to tell her how to live her life. Maybe you should worry about all the people living on the government now that don’t pay anything into the system. They make your premiums skyrocket higher than she does. What the government doesn’t pay for them the hospital makes up for by charging those of you who earn your living more.

    How you look at her weight is how I look at some of you people who are posting negatively because you are excepting money from the government. I would much rather see a picture of an attractive, if overweight, woman in a bikini then another person paying for the groceries with food stamps. Or riding in a pimped out car and are accepting welfare. Or having a bunch of babies when they couldn’t afford to pay for the first.

    Gabbi. I think the suit looks good on you.

  • http://thugreport.com Ed K.

    I unfortunately have a hairy back, out of common courtesy I leave my shirt on at the beach/pool. I know my malady is unsightly and that others do not want to look at it. I don’t want to see it my self. If you are a fat slob, please have the same common courtesy and do not wear a “fatkini.” My eyes that you in advance.

    • Sam

      You more likely leave your shirt on not so people don’t have to look at your hairy back, but rather so that the people who do see it aren’t making fun of you. Which is really the whole point. People have been critical of your “flaw” but instead of standing up for yourself, you jump on the band wagon and make fun of someone else for their flaws. It is a shame really.

    • Megan

      My ex had a hairy back and it didn’t bother me in the least. He was extremely embarrassed by it. In fact, he’d been teased so much about his body hair that he felt compelled to have it waxed. Sadly, all of the abuse he suffered made him very critical of others, including me. He was a real jerk and made fun of me all the time about different things, even though no one else ever had. We broke up, but not because I thought he was gross. It was because he was a jerk. There’s a lesson in that.

    • BetterOffNed

      Way to word it to where you try not to sound like a scared little coward. Have a great life being a disgusting pig of a closed minded punk (by the way, I was referring to your personality, not your back hair).

  • Megan

    Number one, being large sized does NOT mean you will automatically get diabetes. Number two, some people who eat and exercise normally are still big. Number three, it’s none of anyone else’s business.

    I weight 120 pounds at 5′ 4″ and I’m considered skinny by everyone who knows me. I do not have diabetes. My mother, who has always been about the same size as me, DOES have adult diabetes. She was never overweight.

    I have friends who work out and diet and are still what you people would consider “fat.” I don’t work out and I eat rather badly and I still don’t look overweight.

    So quit acting like you’ve got it all figured out. It’s none of your business what other people eat or how much they exercise, and ya know what? They don’t care about your opinion. You can torture yourself all you want in pursuit of what you think is perfect, but surprise, your opinion means nothing to anyone else. All I can say is I hope you enjoy being mean spirited and hateful because otherwise you’re wasting your time.

    Have a great day!

  • DorNor

    To everyone saying she epitomizes lack of personal responsibility:

    Did you read the article at all? She said that she encourages people to try to improve their health and lose weight. She’s not saying that people aren’t responsible for their health. She’s saying that people don’t deserved to be demonized while on that journey, or that people can’t have more diverse aesthetic tastes than are typically deemed acceptable by the mainstream.

    Some people can work their ass off and lose weight. Other people try and fail, for whatever reason. The latter taking responsibility for themselves and being free ot ridicule and cruelty are not mutually exclusive. Or are you suggesting that people who say, “Yes, I know I’m fat. Yes, I know it’s my own fault” deserve to be treated less than human?

    If you are, you’re uglier than you think they are.

  • Colleen

    my response to Gabby is: “You go, girl!” You and all the other girls look great in your swim suits. Women and men should be applauded and encouraged to go out in public in their swim wear.
    I wear size 7/8; and I would like to be more comfortable in swim
    wear. These women promote a healthy life style by “swimming”.

  • TheLakeJumper

    People always assume that being overweight = health issues, which it doesn’t, its MOSTLY how you eat which causes the problems, and eating bad food can [but not always] makes you overweight. This is why a lot of skinny people can have heart disease and be diabetic and such. This will always be somewhat about appearance. People will always take stab at fat people and not the skinny people who scarf three or four bigmacs and don’t exercise and are still thin. They can be diabetic just as easily, so why isn’t this a food pandemic? When I’m eating with my friends in college, one of my friends will often come over with a coke, two cookies and/or an ice cream sandwhich, fries and a burger, she does this all the time, but she’s not fat so this is okay, right? I’m overweight myself, but I don’t eat any more or less than the average person, and I don’t eat junky food, no soda chips burger fries cookies, ect and I work out at least 3 times a week, more if I got time, but most people will STILL label me more unhealthy than this girl who I spoke of.

    I don’t know about THIS girl here, maybe she does take her fair share of trips to the golden arcs, but people should open there eyes and take a look at how people in general live before they start claiming fat people are the only ones eating up tax dollars.

  • Kyle

    I think shes absolutely hot…
    Bones are for dogs, Meat are for Men

  • Brian

    Not hot.

  • jdomingo

    I’m a male that just happened to come across this article and I have to say that wanting to look good in the body that you are in is a great thing BUT, its just a lie to yourself. I went through that phase where I was just trying to find reasons to look good in my overweight body. I tried to justify my obesity with the rest of America but the truth is it is not healthy. Want to really show something off take a picture in some sweats during a workout sweating something fierce!

    Show initiative to working towards health not just settling for the body you let get away from you. Own up to the mistake of not watching what you eat and don’t settle for obesity! Any one can be “plump” but it takes will and determination and to slim down and not settle.

    • BetterOffNed

      Nobody is trying to justify their obesity, they’re trying to stop judgmental morons like yourself from picking them apart. Who the hell are you to judge whether a person looks good or not? Beautiful people come in all sizes, just like superficial people, racist people, and bigots of all kinds. How about you show some initiative and go screw yourself?

  • Marilyn

    I’m totally disgusted by the comments on this site. You can’t know the girl’s health. Even if it was bad, it has nothing to do with wearing a bikini. When I was her age, I wouldn’t wear a bikini. I weighed 135 pounds and I’m 5’2″. I wouldn’t put on a size 12 bikini because that was too fat.

    I didn’t wear a bikini until I was over 30. I had to learn that I needed to have fun and not let the haters keep me from having fun. She looks great in her bikini. Currently, at fifty, I’m about 150 pounds and I wear a bikini to the pool to swim. It doesn’t matter if the bikini is a size 6 or 14. What matters is having a good time!

  • Amanda

    I am a curvy girl myself, aka i need to lose about twenty pounds. Not only to look better but to be healthier. I am all for excepting everyone how they are and embracing different body types. BUT i don’t think i like where the media is headed. Every store i walk into now has a new PLUS SIZE line, and quite frankly, it’s scary. It’s just numbing us to the fact that our “curves” may be getting out of control. She looks great, and A+ on her confidence. BUT health should still be our number one objective, and the larger clothing lines get the larger women feel it’s ok to be.

    • Sam

      So which is it? Fat people should cover up or should they run around naked because they can not find clothes to fit them? Kudos to stores that are expanding their clothing sizes to cater to all people and not just to those who are narrow minded minded enough to think everyone should fit into a size 6.

  • Rolph Dolpherson

    Hahahaha opinions are like assholes…. and so are all of you

  • BetterOffNed

    To every single judgmental prick making comments on this site, I am a healthy, 190 lb 5’10” man and I have absolutely no problem with this woman. Assuming that somebody that is overweight is just unhealthy period is tantamount to assuming that you aren’t a d-bag. Leaving disgusting, judgmental, and quite frankly, bigoted comments is cowardly and childish. I’d love for you to have the guts to post a picture of yourselves and let the world tear you apart. Hell, half of you being bigots in your comments are probably mentally deficient fat people yourselves…

    Go to hell and take your judgments with you, intolerant maggots…

  • Meri

    OMG people, seriously? You think a size 18 has anything to do with health? Nevermind the fact that skinny people develop diabetes and heart disease as much as bigger people do? Think it is not possible for a size 18 to be healthy? NEWSFLASH! I am a size 18, I go to the gym 4-5 days a week, I eat fruits and vegetables (which are grown in my garden, not canned), my meat (beef and chicken) are locally grown and fed animals (without hormone injections) and my meat consumption is within requirements for a healthy lifestyle and I am seen by the physician regularly. I have been a size 18 for over 20 years and maintained this size. I have gone down to a size 14 when I was younger through a starvation diet in order to reach a more “acceptable” size and I looked like I was knocking on death’s door. Obviously, that is not healthy to starve yourself, especially to gain acceptance.

    I still struggle with my body image daily. Yes, to you, I will always be fat, obese, and you will always have the preconceived notion that I am at risk for diabetes and heart disease. However, for myself, I am doing the best I can with what I have. I will never be a supermodel or thin or beautiful to you. However, I have more love and support in maintaining my healthy lifestyle than most people do. And if that means I am a size 18, I am healthy, active and I have to accept this is my life, not yours.

  • Anne

    She looks beautiful! If she is happy with her body, she will respect it, with fun movement, nutritious food,etc.
    I think some of you commentators need to be reminded that thin does not equal healthy and fat does not equal unhealthy! As far as health care premiums go; have you considered that most people have had at least a part in causing their own illness? Consider the harm we do our bodies with STD’s, drunk driving, smoking, mountain climbing, even running and biking. I believe age, genetics, and lifestyle have a lot more to do with our health than the size our bodies.