Father-Son Suicide Murder – Father Throws His Son and Himself Off 52 Story Building

    December 23, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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A 35 year old father and his 3-year-old son died after the man threw the boy from the roof of a luxury Manhattan high-rise and then leaped off the building himself.

The suicide – murder happened on Sunday following what was called “domestic turmoil” with the boy’s mother, New York police said on Monday.

The father was Dmitriy Kanarikov and his son was Kirill.

Kanarikov was supposed to drop the 3-year-old boy off with his estranged wife at 1 p.m. at the precinct after a three-hour visit, as per their custody arrangement, sources said.

“Tragically, he took the son to the roof and all indications are that he threw him off and… jumped himself,” New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters. “The mother, obviously, is very distraught.”

Kanarikov and the boys mother had been fighting over custody, after a split up in August. The mother (not yet identified) had just filed a restraining order and the father was only allowed to see his son when supervised.

This was his first visit unsupervised.

On Sunday, Kanarikov picked his son up at 10 a.m. and together they went to the South Park Tower, on Manhattan’s West Side, where an acquaintance lived. That acquaintance was not believed to have been involved in the incident and is not being investigated as an accomplice, Kelly said.

Building residents were shocked and saddened.

“How heartbreaking, how sad it is that there was no one there to stop them, to say, ‘Wait, tomorrow is another day,'” said Ellia Adiel.

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  • I agree

    Kids are often caught between the stupidity of parents. Men and women are too selfish. They only think about themselves.

    Once you get married, you give up everything you are to the family. Both men and women need to do this. But no — men and women think they can have it all. They get angry when they find out they can’t. They blame the other spouse. They get divorced. They use the kid as a pawn in the relationship.

    It is stupid.

  • http://www.tinavolpe-writer.com/ Tina Volpe

    To kill a child, just beginning life to hurt your wife is unspeakable – a non-human animal would never do such a thing. It’s insane. Kill yourself if you’re so distraught – but leave the child alone.

    • @Tina

      Who are you kidding? In America, people care more about animals than they do humans.

      You ever see those commercials where Sarah McLaughlin sings those sad songs about animals in cages at a humane society? Well, I work in a prison. There are people right now in cages that are exactly like those cages you see on TV. No one gives a damn about those people and frankly, there are many innocent people in our prisons. Prisons are huge money making business now too. I see the trucks pulling out of prisons everyday. The trucks full of products the prisoners make. It is slavery.

      I think you fail to see what America has really become in the last decade. You talk about sanity and insanity — please, America lost its mind and morality long ago — sanity is not even an issue anymore. After 9/11, this country went crazy and we still are suffering the effects.

  • Anyone

    Anyone who says that the devil does not run this world —- can look to this as a clear cut example of it. This stuff does not just happen. I hate to tell people. Bash Christ all you want. Deny he doesn’t exist. Try to remove him from everything. It won’t matter.

    Evil exists and it influences.

    America you better cling to Christ because your country is in a lot of trouble. My God, the evidence is all around you and you still won’t open your eyes to the truth. But go ahead, be politically correct.

    Pray America. Pray. Christ is your only hope.