Fast Money Using Mini Sites

    June 26, 2003

Most people want to make money faster than the speed of light. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, however, the path followed to make instant cyber-buck$ is usually *flawed* in most of the cases. That’s why most people find it difficult to make a living online, and hence give up their dreams.

But what exactly is that flaw?

It surely is “mis-information”. Information that leads to no proper direction. Or, simply re-hashed, old trash stuff that conveys no meaning to its reader other than showing him/her the heavenly pictures of leading a luxurious lifestyle.

But what if someone wants to make fast money? Isn’t there an easy way to do it, and within a shorter period of time without getting lost in cyberspace?

Well, there certainly is a way!

Apart from zero-factor websites that I mentioned in issue #15 of The LASER there’s a clever way of making some fast money using the concept of “mini-sites”.

Mini-sites are one of the most effective marketing tools online. They are inexpensive, easy to create and a highly effective method of increasing your Internet sales and profits, if done correctly. These sites are usually spread over 2-3 pages, focused on selling a single product, with a compelling sales letter on the first page, and usually an order page on second.

Mini-sites are created mostly, either as a direct response site, like that of Marlon Sander’s Amazing Formula, or simply a pre-selling affiliate site promoting merchant’s product to earn a commission.

Note: For details on mini-sites, see Adam Lok’s very simple and useful theme site at:

I’m not going to dwell into the details of mini-sites here, as most of the information can be found on Adam’s site. Also, Phil Whiley of did a wonderful job in explaining the concept in the past issues of his famous newsletter ‘All the Secrets’. Phil has even recently wrote an ebook on profiting from mini-sites. I can’t say how good it is, since I haven’t bought it yet, but I expect it to be quite informative keeping in view Phil’s mastery on the subject.

If you like, you can purchase the book using this link:

And here’s what Allan Gardyne has to say about mini-sites:

What I’d like to discuss here first is to give you a slight background of the two mini-site models that I mentioned above, i.e., direct response mini-site, and the affiliate pre-selling mini-site. Then I’ll show you a way to create a niche out of these mini-sites as profitable cash generating machines, which by the way, is being run by almost nobody.

And which has the potential of taking your business by storm on the Net.

Is your light bulb on? Good!

First, lets talk about affiliate mini-sites whose sole purpose is to pre-sell, and direct the visitor to the merchant’s site to earn a commission if a sale is made.

Do you think these affiliate mini-sites does well? I mean, do you think these mini-sites actually make money?

Well, the fact is, very few of these mini-sites report sizeable income. Why? What’s wrong with this model?

The problem lies in the proliferation, and sameness of such sites with a weak customer focus. Instead of focusing customer needs, these mini-sites focus on the merchant’s product they try to promote. Secondly, since these mini-sites are very small in size, and does not have a richer keyword base, the possibility of getting listed on top positions in the SEs are minimal, with very few exceptions.

Don’t get me wrong! Affiliate mini-sites can be profitable. Here’s how…

Since you’re promoting a merchant’s product, you should make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the product. To sell effectively more from your affiliate mini-site, you must focus your visitor by providing more product information, giving honest product reviews and tell them why you are recommending the product. Be honest and professional.

Now let’s take direct response mini-sites in consideration. Unlike affiliate mini-sites, direct response mini-sites have better visibility in the SEs, since usually it’s a merchant site, and also has higher link popularity because of its affiliate sales force links. But it requires your own product, either digital or physical.

Next, with the mushroom growth of direct response mini-sites on the Web, it’s now getting difficult if not impossible to make even a couple of sales. Why? Because everybody seems to sell the same stuff over and over again.

For example, how many times you’ve browsed through ezine publishing mini-sites promising to make you thousands of dollars in just 21 days? I personally came across such sites atleast more than 200 times.

…And how many times I bought the product? Just once. It’s true that the market out there for ezines is huge, but since competition is very tough, it’s not viable to build just another ezine publishing direct response mini-site.

Focus on some aspect of ezine publishing you think nobody has ever come up with. For example, how about creating a mini-site on ezine publishing focusing people who are simply scared about editing or publishing an ezine. Appeal to this group of scared people with a promise to make it so easier for them that they’ll start loving it.

Another example could be affiliate programs. It makes no sense building another mini-site around them, telling people how much they can earn from affiliate programs if they follow the advice given in this ebook, or report. A lot has been said about them already. It would make more sense, and will definitely yield better results if you build your mini-site around something new or unique in that area.

How about selling an ebook on “Affiliate Crimes and How To Save Yourself From Getting Ripped Off”. Or, “How to be an Early Bird Affiliate to make most of the money before someone else make it”. You see, the possibilities are endless, just use your brains.

There’s now exist a wonderful new resource on creating, hosting and managing mini sites with so much of increased flexibility, ease and security that nobody has ever provided in online history before. And with a price you can’t even imagine. This great resource is the creation of a well known personality, Sydney Johnston (Author of Make Your Net Auction Sell, Published by Dr. Ken Evoy).

If you’re serious about kicking off some serious money from mini-sites, you simply can’t afford to go without it. For more information on how you can be among the early bird of this great resource, and how much money can you save by getting yourself registered as the first few registrants to discover this site, check out the site yourself. I think you deserve a real delight.

In closing, I would say making money is all about having a mindset. Mini-site is simply a tool to execute that mindset at a faster pace. Just make sure you follow the advice I’ve given here while building your mini-sites. And, all I can say is you’ll be far better off using this technique.

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