Fast Company’s BlogJam: The Sequel

    August 3, 2005

Fast Company’s blog, FC Now, is celebrating its second anniversary by hosting BlogJam 2005.

I’m pleased to note I’m one of the 65 volunteers selected to post and comment throughout the two-day Web event on Monday, August 8 and Tuesday, August 9.

Fc_nowMy posts will NOT focus on blogs. Heath Row, Fast Company’s Editorial and Community Director, asks “please try not to blog about blogging, per se. Enough people do that already.” Posts will tie back to Fast Company’s core themes-business, leadership, innovation, and change.

BlogJam 2004 was a blast. My posts from the 2004 event included a metric-focused piece entitled, Marketing with Both Sides of the Brain and a lightly theoretical post on Martha Stewart & KFC that, a year later, turned out to be dead wrong.

Be sure to stop by FC Now during next week’s festivities and join the conversation. The number of contributors has nearly tripled for this year’s event so there should be plenty of interesting content.

Reader Comments

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