Farrah Abraham Details Film Adaptation Of Her Novel

    July 19, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Farrah Abraham released her erotic novel Celebrity Sex Tape In the Making earlier this month and is already thinking about creating a film adaptation of the novel.

The novel, the first in the Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy, centers around the main character Fallon Opal. Although Farrah posed for the cover of the book, she says that she would not want to play the part herself in a film.

“I’m not going to do a movie with this, so many people are obsessed with that idea, I think I’ve done, myself, enough TV, and me, obviously I would never be in a video or a movie of my book because that would be crazy,” Abraham told Us Weekly. “I mean, I guess I could—didn’t the Wolf On Wall Street guy kind of do it? Even though, it was such a different story and it was kind of absurd when like the plane goes down in the ocean, and I was like what?”

It seems as though Farrah will be very picky when it comes to picking the actresses for her film. She doesn’t want just anyone, and has suggested some big name actresses including Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock. “I want to have like other awesome actresses and actors [in the film]” she explained. “Jessica Alba…Or like, who knows? Sandra Bullock is like really good, too. When you’re an actress you can play any age.”

Below is the description of the first installment of Farrah’s trilogy:

The journey…

Hot sex. A few thrills. A lot of tips and tricks. There has to be more to life than this, and I’m going to find it.

The woman…

I’m like every other person out there: I want to be loved and I want to be happy. But in the words of my best friend, I have to kiss a few frogs along the way. That’s okay, I know what I want and I’m not afraid to go after it, to hell with what other people think. My name is Fallon Opal, and I’m not who everyone thinks I am.

The star…

To the world I’m another starlet gone crazy: always traveling, clubbing non-stop, and juggling drug problems and alcohol issues. The truth couldn’t be further from that. I’m on a journey to find myself and I’m going to do it without shame—my way. Sometimes it feels like the world is against me but that won’t stop me from getting mine.

We first came to know Farrah when she appeared on MTV’s reality show Teen Mom. However, Farrah wasn’t known in the adult industry until she released a sex tape titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom with porn star James Deen last April. She received tons of backlash for her decision to take part in the tape, and insists that she will not be making any more.

“I think the healthiest way for me to continue being Farrah and who I am is to continue writing erotic novels,” Farrah said. “Being so sexy, I think that’s for when I get married. And if I ever do another sex tape, I’m probably going to do it with my husband, and you can just celebrate marriage with me.”

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  • James Harding

    She actually thinks Sandra Bullock or Jessica Alba would be caught doing this crap.

    • Dan Sarasota

      the ho that took it up the arse.. did i say HO..!!!

    • anna

      Ha,ha, I was thinking the same thing James. I mean seriously, Jessica Alba or Sandra Bullock? Like they really would. You can tell by the way she thinks, she’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

    • walkthetalk2

      That’s exactly what I thought! More like porn star or B movie back up queen will “star” in her novels-turned-movies.

  • djg209

    First novel written with no words over 4 letters long.

  • Katie

    This chic doesn’t make a damn bit of sense when she opens her mouth!
    I’d like to believe even perv’s have some sense of what’s trash.

  • Lisa Horak

    Why would she name two actors old enough to be her mother?

    • anna

      Yeah, but there I.Q. is much higher & frankly I’d rather be smart & older, than young & stupid!

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  • Michael Wright

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