Farrah Abraham Busted For Lie On "Couples Therapy"

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Farrah Abraham, former "Teen Mom" and sex-tape star, has made her way onto the VH1 show "Couples Therapy", even though she's solo. She's been accused of lying to get on the show by saying that her "boyfriend", Brian Dawe, dumped her right before they were supposed to appear on the show together. Dawe, however, says they were never in a relationship.

"I was approached by Farrah Abraham to be in a "pretend relationship" with her so that she could be on a television show. Farrah got my number from my agent, who was also booking events and appearances for her. I went along with it originally because the network offered to pay me a substantial amount of money. Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real. I hesitated, but reluctantly went along with it initially," he said.

Dawe claims he backed out of the deal before shooting was to begin, but word quickly spread around Hollywood--and a group of people close to Abraham, including her rival from "Teen Mom", Jenelle Evans, who called her out for lying. Now, she's apparently been busted for another lie while on the show, this time about her sex tape.

Abraham appeared in "Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom" with James Deen, a well-known porn actor who also appeared in "The Canyons" with Lindsay Lohan. While Abraham claims that Deen was her boyfriend at the time, the "sex tape" looks more like a porno than anything else, and the fact that she's insisting that it was a private tape that got leaked is irking people.

When asked on "Couples Therapy" why she would hire a camera crew to film a "sex tape", Abraham said, "No there was not—there was only me and the camera person....I don't know if I ever said 'camera person,' but there was never a camera person."

Abraham has said that the sex tape has changed her life and she regrets doing it, and has spoken about it before in the media, leading her friends--and former friends--to believe she just wants some extra time in the spotlight.

“It made it hard to have friends and a private life and to trust family, who I feel use me for money,” Farrah said in an interview with In Touch. “If I went back in time, I would not have done it. The sex tape ruined my life…Knowing my sex tape was out there for everyone in the world to see … was overwhelming. I wanted to hide my face and not go out or pick up my phone.”

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