Fan Punches Woman After Jets Game

    October 21, 2013
    Nicole Barnes
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And another woman takes one to the face! But don’t be dirty. She took a manly punch to the face, which might be less exciting and more upsetting depending on what your tastes may be out there. Unsurprisingly, this unruly event went down at a football game between the New York Jets and the New England Patriots.

With football games being those events where some team wins; another team loses, and the drunk, irrelevant spectators are either overjoyed or pissed off, we should expect this kind of behavior to happen way more often. But WTF happened aside from the expected alcohol and ignorance? At the end of the game, two female Patriot fans appear to be clawing after a man who is proudly sporting a Wayne Chrebet jersey and some painfully unfashionable camouflage shorts. Eeew.

From all that is viewable from the video, a brunette (who is also wearing ugly camouflage bottoms) and a blond-haired lady in red seem to be enraged and in fiery pursuit of a man in the Chrebet jersey. No one seems to know exactly how this conflict began, but a strong guess could be a disagreement over which team’s fans wear ugly camouflage best. But over whatever the dispute started, it was serious enough (to them at least) to start throwing punches.

The dude in the Chrebet jersey eventually decks ‘Blondie’ with precise aim square in the face. As blonde girl’s head is propelled backward after being force-fed a knuckle sandwich, a stubby dude in blue attempts to come to her aid and rushes after the man in the Chrebet jersey with an attempt at reciprocating the blow. It appears that the savior in blue gets in a punch or two before the video comes to an end.

In other uninteresting news, the Jets emerged victorious.

Video and image via youtube.com

  • http://Yahoo Dolores

    Didn’t #80 know that the Jets had won? Whatever words were exchanged, a stupid, cowardly act by a man(? – I use the term loosely) to cock sucker a woman? I bet his friends and family who recognize him are really proud of him. Talk about a poor winner.

  • billy

    Looks to me like she had it coming to her.

  • Mark

    Don’t bring a big mouth to a fist fight.

  • greco

    Never say ‘never’…. especially about hitting a ‘woman’… she wanted to act like a man and then didn’t like the consequences of being treated like one…actually, she’s lucky, if she had been a man, she probably would have had her teeth knocked through the back of her fcking head….. at least that’s how I’ve historically handled someone attacking me.

  • Mike

    Look at all the woman beaters comment. Stupid rednecks why dont you go play hide the stick with your sisters?

  • mofo

    You step up like a man be ready to be treated liked one.
    It might not be right but it’s the way it goes and these days, you never know.
    As my mom would say” so next time you’ll know better”!

  • tina

    At first glance I have to ask “Why is she pursuing him”? She kind of got what she asked for. Then I saw the other angle and though she ran in his direction she wasn’t even talking to or facing him. That was a very cowardly act on his part. I understand his emotions were high and there were people all over him(which is another reason she should have stayed away from him)but he had to see she’s a woman. He should be charged because she didn’t touch him.