Famke Janssen's Apartment Burgled


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Have we seen this feature film before? Famed movie starlet, Famke Janssen, alone in her home, fearful after something bizarre has happened to her? Well, unfortunately, it’s a creepy reality, yet again, for the 47-year-old, Dutch actress.

Most recently, Janssen reportedly told police that just this past weekend, she came home to her New York City penthouse to find a children’s book entitled “The Lonely Doll” near her bed. The thing is there were no children there to read it to. No one had access to the home either.

“Police say there were no signs of forced entry, and that nothing in the home had been disturbed or stolen. Authorities are still investigating the alleged break-in, as the 'X-Men' actress says the children's book doesn't belong there.”

The children’s book Janssen found by her bed features a story about a little doll named “Edith.” She lives alone until “Mr. Bear” and “Little Bear” comes to stay. When Mr. Bear decides to leave for awhile, Edith and Little Bear are bit naughty when they decide go through Mr. Bear’s things, of course, while he is out. What’s really scary about book’s content, at least in Janssen’s perspective most likely is that when Mr. Bear gets home he taunts Edith and punishes her for being bad.

In 2005, Janssen had to contend with this kind of thing before. A disturbed fan reportedly sent her strange items in the mail. She had to file a report with the police.
“Janssen had to file a harassment report with police over a persistent super-fan who sent her menacing letters and photos,” according to a report.

Facebook is seemingly abuzz with commentary about the actress’ plight. Martin Arrowsmith said he is concerned.

“So creepy. Reminds me of the late night break-in's the Manson Farm used to pull off,” he said.