Family Of 4 Killed In Car Crash Over The Weekend

    May 28, 2013
    Zach Walton
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It’s always sad to see a family of 4 killed, but that’s unfortunately what happened over the weekend in Washington state.

The AP reports that a family of 4 was killed when their SUV crashed into an irrigation canal near George, Washington. The coroner reports that those killed were 33-year-old Dioselina Buenrostro, 35-year-old Gabriel Ochoa, 4-year-old Yesenia “Jessie” Ochoa, and 9-year-old Sandra Ochoa.

Since the accident, the police have released the details of the crash. It appears that the SUV hit a car, then hit a guardrail and finally plunged into the canal. The SUV went underwater and pushed about 100 yards before it came to a stop. Unfortunately, the adults died at the time of the crash, and the two young girls died later at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Washington State is no stranger to cars plunging into waters. The I-5 bridge north of Seattle collapsed last week sending three cars into the water. Thankfully, there were no casaulties in that incident.

This accident is the latest to emerge from what has become a particulary violent Memorial Day weekend. In Chicago, 6 people were shot and killed in separate events. In central Texas, two people, including the shooter, were killed after a chase across two counties.

  • Frank C. Starrett

    All the media are letting us down in the worst way by reporting close to 90% negative news all the time. How would we respond if this were not the case? It isn’t even accurate. It does NOT reflect the true nature of our human hearts.

  • http://yahoo sho’nuff

    Wow, that is real sad, because I had a neighbor family who were also Latinos, that died in a similar manner. They were a young couple in their thirties, the same age as this family couple. They also had two daughters who were 4, and 11, + a 6 year old niece. They were also driving an SUV that lost control and plunged down into an embankment off the Interstate they were traveling on. Their SUV exploded into flames and the whole family of four plus + got charred to death. It was a sad situation for the whole neighborhood who knew and loved them a lot. A very humble and Christian family. We still miss them dearly. It was sad to see 5 bodies buried at one time, especially the small caskets of the two little ones (4y/o Natali and 6y/o Andrea), and the medium one of the 11y/o Nayeli.