Family Feuds On The Internet

    March 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The eternal struggle between parents and offspring over keeping a bedroom clean moved online, where Dad embarrassed Daughter and Daughter took revenge on Dad.

Family Feuds On The Internet
Fighting It Out Over The Internet

The Guardian UK reported on Steve Williams, the programmer behind ShameIt. Williams created the site as he followed through on a threat to expose his 20-year-old daughter Claire’s unkempt room with photographs.

Said Williams of the whole kerfuffle:

“It started off as a flippant remark, with me saying to Claire if you don’t sort your room out I am going to put that pic on the internet,” he said. “It had the desired effect. Her bedroom is not immaculate, but it’s a hundred times better. My son has started keeping his tidy too. He’s living in fear of being outed!

“Claire is absolutely mortified. She has only just started speaking to me again.”

Claire also got back at her dad for her newfound fame, presumably after she had finished cleaning up her room. She contacted her father’s friends, who provided Claire with certain photographs of Dear Old Dad that she could post online:

“All my friends feel sorry for Claire so they’re ganging up on me,” said Mr Williams, of Whitehaven, Cumbria. “They’ve managed to dig out photos of me drunk and dancing round with a handbag at a party, and also put pictures of my garage on to show it’s not just Claire who’s untidy.

“The boot’s on the other foot now, but I suppose I deserve it.”

Fortunately, this family feud doesn’t look like it will take on the status of a true all-out battle, with objects being thrown and children being disowned by their parents. The only shootout taking place uses cameras instead of weapons.

Meanwhile, ShameIt has gained some notice beyond the United Kingdom. Williams noted that he has had visits from Japan and New Zealand, and even did a radio interview with a Brisbane, Australia station.

However, the success has its price, and the site could be shutdown according to a report in the News & Star due to hosting costs, unless a sponsor can be found.


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