Fake Craigslist Ads Placed To Cover Burglary

    April 2, 2008

Fake ads on Craigslist inviting people to take anything they wanted from an Oregon mans home were not pranks but part of a plan to cover up a burglary.

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(Photo Credit: Craigslist)

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies arrested a couple in Medford, Oregon on Monday for stealing two horse saddles and other items from Robert Salisbury’s home a few days before placing the bogus ads on Craigslist.

The sheriff’s office tracked the origin of the Craigslist ads to a computer owned by Brandon Herbert, 29, and Amber Herbert, 28. They had been to Salisbury’s home because the property was for rent but had not other connection with him. They posted the ads to try to hide their crime and sold the stolen saddles online.

Brandon and Amber Herbert were charged with burglary, theft and computer crimes.

Some of Salisbury’s possessions have been returned since the crime made news, but he is still missing a significant amount of property according to the sheriff’s office.

"Other Craigslist hoaxes we’ve seen were malicious, but this was not the revenge-type thing we were expecting," Sgt. Colin Fagan said according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. "But it was pretty sinister."