Fake Craigslist Ads Placed To Cover Burglary

Couple arrested in Oregon case

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Fake ads on Craigslist inviting people to take anything they wanted from an Oregon mans home were not pranks but part of a plan to cover up a burglary.

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Jackson County sheriff’s deputies arrested a couple in Medford, Oregon on Monday for stealing two horse saddles and other items from Robert Salisbury’s home a few days before placing the bogus ads on Craigslist.

The sheriff’s office tracked the origin of the Craigslist ads to a computer owned by Brandon Herbert, 29, and Amber Herbert, 28. They had been to Salisbury’s home because the property was for rent but had not other connection with him. They posted the ads to try to hide their crime and sold the stolen saddles online.

Brandon and Amber Herbert were charged with burglary, theft and computer crimes.

Some of Salisbury’s possessions have been returned since the crime made news, but he is still missing a significant amount of property according to the sheriff’s office.

"Other Craigslist hoaxes we’ve seen were malicious, but this was not the revenge-type thing we were expecting," Sgt. Colin Fagan said according to the Seattle Post Intelligencer. "But it was pretty sinister."

Fake Craigslist Ads Placed To Cover Burglary
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  • http://www.netndx.com sean

    yep. They think it is anonymous and yet it isn’t to the cops. I think the other folks should be tracked down the same way. everyone that viewed the ad within driving distance should be questioned. Because they have to know the stuff was not free for the taking. It is also disappointing that craigslist at least didn’t make an appeal on this guy’s behalf to get his stuff back 

    • Mindy

      Craigslist did make an appeal and sent a mass email out to everyone signed up in the area. I know, that’s how I found out about all of this, and it’s really sad that this happend to him.  The main problem is that you don’t have to have an account or be registered with Craigslist to view it, so I’m sure many people haven’t posted anything on there, but have gone to get this stuff, since it seems like it was set up without having to reply to the author of the message.  I’m glad some stuff was returned, and hopefully with this making the news like it has, it’ll reach those that didn’t get the email from craigslist. 

      • http://www.netndx.com sean

        thanks for the update!

  • Guest

    What is this world coming too?  This is just horrible..  You would think that people who read the Craigslist article and responsded would of know better.

    In this day and age with all the depression WHO would ever think that someone is just so kind as to give their personal items away??

    NO one asked where the owner is???  NO one wanted to meet the SO CALLED saint who was to part with his things??

    Come on now, everyone who went into that house and took things should be arrested for theft.  I hope the ones out there that have some of this mans personal items have so much guilt that it eats away at them..


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