Fake Chrome OS Screenshots Punk Tech Media

Mystery Blogger Comes Clean

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Google announced that it would be releasing a new operating system called Google Chrome OS this week. One mysterious blog entry popped up soon after, claiming to have snagged some screenshots of the OS as Google demoed the product to Acer.

Here’s an excerpt from that post:

Hi there. I work for a company (Sorry to be secretive, but what I am about to post could get me in big trouble) that supplies parts for Acer laptops. Today, a Google Rep visited the Acer team to install and quickly show off some of the features of the Google OS in development.

I was invited by Acer to come and view the demo.

I can say and give only what I know and have.

Fake Chrome Screenshots

After roughly 12 hours, the person who posted this posted the following video, pretty much laughing at the tech media industry for jumping on board and linking to the screenshots.

The video lists all of the sites that linked to it, and shows all of the diggs and tweets that got these fake screenshots a nice bit of attention. To be fair though, at least some of the publications/blogs that mentioned the screenshots were quick to acknowledge that they could indeed be fakes.

It is interesting to see how quickly false information can spread though, and that is clearly the point this person was trying to make. What do you think of his/her little prank? Share your thoughts.

Meanwhile, Google has released some more details about Chrome OS.

Fake Chrome OS Screenshots Punk Tech Media
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  • http://chromeosleak.wordpress.com/ MC Gamer

    Yeah! I am a guy and I pranked thousands. I am happy with myself.

    Anyway, the point of that was not only a “media sensation” test, but also, aren’t you more interested in the REAL Google Chrome OS?

    I am.

    Free advertising. Yay!

  • Guest

    hahahahaha no it was meeeeeeeeeeeee :-D

  • Guest

    Really? Wow, that’s never happened before. Not hard to do people.

  • http://www.cleartravel.in Lalit Pore

    This is Lalita Pore from Delhi India
    blog post is very beautiful

    Thank you

  • http://www.oil-painting-online.com Fenny

    my google blog have broken up for several times, and i did not know the reason…

  • http://www.1daytutoring.com Holyhttp

    Prank your buddies, friends, family members not the web community. Some people would stop at nothing to get fame even for a split second. The only problem in this case if once you loose credibility, it’s gone for a long long time and hard to win back if ever.

    No matter what, I cannot wait to get my hands-on at Chrome OS. I am now frozen at Windows XP until a better OS comes around but not from the usual people.

  • The Neighborhood Geek

    It is the final countdown in this corner we have Microsoft and in the other corner we have the new contender Google. But what applications will be available to use with GOOGLE? What ones would be needed and what ones won’t? You decide. Google is the new kid on the block for operating systems. Can Google survive with Windows/Linux/MAC in the offering we will see. The browser is nice, the rest of the Google branded software is nice, we will see.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    I laughed out loud at the people’s attitude on how they spread the fake info. The easy way was to check Google’s blog to see any announcment but they took the shotest way and didn’t bother themselves to check before buzz!

  • Libby

    Really, you can’t serious here…

    …Prank your buddies, friends, family members not the web community. …

    It is very entertaining when the webbies get pranked. And even more when so called Journalists do.

    Congrats to the originator – fun to see this one get some spin. Just shows what happens when people don’t do their research and verify sources.

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