Facebook’s London Audience Increases

    September 17, 2007

New York’s network on Facebook is impressive, but not the biggest out there – both Vancouver and Toronto have it beat.  London’s the dominant location, however, and a Facebook employee made note of this fact over the weekend.

Facebook's London Audience Increases
Facebook’s London Audience Increases

Natalie Minor’s post on The Facebook Blog contains a graph with a blue line stretching far above its yellow, orange, and green brethren.  Blue, in case you couldn’t guess, is the color assigned to represent London users.

“The UK is also growing on a national scale; in terms of unique users, it’s currently the third biggest country on Facebook, coming in just behind Canada but is the fastest growing internal market we have,” wrote Minor.  “The UK also contributed over 5.5 billion page views in the month of August, which means everyone out there saw an average of 1,100 Facebook pages.”

Those are some impressive numbers, and they’re only likely to grow as Facebook opens an office in Soho and intensifies its overseas efforts.

The downside: this success has highlighted the stupidity of some Americans.  “We’re so pleased to note that the British are now enjoying Miss Teen South Carolina’s philosophical meanderings as much as we did – she’s currently one of the most popular Posted Items in the London network,” stated Minor.  Oh, well.