Facebook’s Growth Unaffected By Beacon

    December 6, 2007

Skeptical investors have decided that Facebook does not abide by the “another day, another dollar” rule.  It does, however, follow an “another month, more traffic” guideline, and the latest Compete stats prove the social network’s adherence to this trend.

While certain bloggers and press people worked themselves up over Beacon, Facebook’s members tended to go on with life.  “The day after Facebook announced the news feed, 587,715 members joined a protest group called ‘Students against Facebook News Feed.’  Keep in mind, Facebook only had 9 million members at that point,” pointed out Nicholas Carlson.

 Facebook's Growth Unaffected By Beacon

He then wrote, “Compare that to the protest group MoveOn.org launched on November 20.  Two weeks later, only 70,000 members have joined.  That’s only 0.1 percent of Facebook’s 57 million active users protesting the product.”

Revealing, no?  Now Jay Meattle has jumped in with more statistics; he found that Facebook experienced a 20.2 percent month-over-month jump in unique visitors, a 4.9 percent increase in sessions, and a 2.6 percent rise in page views during November.

With Beacon now tameable, and Facebook messages going straight to email, even greater growth rates seem likely in the future.  This should make MySpace, Bebo, and everything else in Facebook’s way very concerned.