Facebook’s Account Deletion Process Now Fully Functional

    February 19, 2008

International Delete Your MySpace Account Day seems to have gone off without a hitch.  And now, although we’re not promoting the idea, it’s possible for the same sort of thing to occur at Facebook, as the younger social network has made its account deletion process more complete.

For a long time, Facebook users complained about having to manually erase every step they’d ever taken.  The company provided an account deletion form last week, but even then, some information seemed to get left where anyone could see it.

Facebook's Account Deletion Process Now Fully Functional

"Katie Geminder, Facebook’s director for user experience and design, said internal adjustments to the tool used to delete accounts had created a technical snag that affected ‘a small percent’ of Facebook users," reported Maria Aspan.  The good news: "The bug was fixed within 24 hours, she said."

This situation followed a pattern that’s becoming quite familiar – Facebook users complain, Facebook ignores them, a backlash builds, and the company gives in.  It’s not the most reassuring process, and may in and of itself drive more people to delete their accounts.

At least they should now have some luck in that endeavor, though, and users who are just plain tired of zombies, pirates, and sheep will be able to follow suit.