Facebook Using The CPAL License

    June 3, 2008

Facebook released the Facebook Open Platform under CPAL, the Common Public Attribution License that Socialtext created.

Mike Gunderloy notes:

The CPAL was initially developed by social enterprise wiki company Socialtext, and approved by the OSI last year. Since then it has not seen wide adoption, although it is used by several prominent open-source projects, including the xTuple ERP applications and the Mule ESB. It’s based on the familiar Mozilla Public License (used by Firefox, among other high-profile pieces of software) with two key modifications.

And from the Facebook Open Platform page:

How Is This Licensed?

Facebook Open Platform (except for the FBML parser) is licensed under a Common Public Attribution License (CPAL), which follows the Mozilla Public License (MPL) with two additions:

  1. That you include attribution to Facebook on any modifications.
  2. That network deployment, or making modifications available over the network, counts as distribution, which makes the license appropriate for Web services.

You can find the CPAL here.

The FBML parser is licensed under the MPL. You can find the MPL here.

After all the hard work I put into the license, I’m glad to see another prominent use.