Facebook Unseats Google As Most-Visited Site

Social network beat search engine in the U.S., according to Hitwise

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Although the "thud" wasn’t verified until this afternoon, it seems that an online giant fell a couple of days ago.  According to new data from Hitwise, Facebook managed to beat Google in terms of visits between March 7th and March 13th, becoming the most visited website in the U.S. for the week.

The graph visible below makes the changeup pretty clear (blame the sloppy enlarged bit on us, not Hitwise).  What’s more, it doesn’t look like Facebook’s going to relinquish its lead anytime soon.

Heather Dougherty explained, "The market share of visits to Facebook.com increased 185% last week as compared to the same week in 2009, while visits to Google.com increased 9% during the same time frame."

Then here’s one more interesting fact, courtesy of Dougherty: "Together Facebook.com and Google.com accounted for 14% of all US Internet visits last week."

Anyway, this development represents a major win for Facebook.  The ability to represent the social network as the number one site should count for a lot as corporate representatives talk to advertisers and investors, and could result in a direct boost in revenue.  A further snowball effect in terms of user interest might occur, too, since most people like to be part of something that’s popular.

Facebook Unseats Google As Most-Visited Site
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  • http://isUseful.com Matt

    I wonder whether those figures account for all of the effective hits to Google’s sites from every aspect of their services – especially AdSense. Google works in the opposite way to Facebook. The GOOG aims to be present on every site you ever visit, whereas Facebook wants to be the ONE place that you go that has lots of other services embedded in it. Arguably that means Facebook is monolithic and more prone to business failure once the next social network, or whatever paradigm shift it is, arises and its users leave like rats from a sinking ship.

  • http://wwwgreateye.com wesley

    On the internet you can,t be number one forever, the next website is only a mouse click away. I think Google will be ok and Facebook will soon face more competition from the next hot social net work.

  • Des

    One reason could be the use of the Google Toolbar in browsers which bypasses the Google homepage. Also most of Facebook’s visits are probably to delete all the annoying suggestions, fan requests and tag links which generate e-mails on a scale similar to spam.

  • http://www.BuildIdaho.com Trey Langford

    take google out of the picture and facebook loses energy. Take Facebook out of the picture and Google loses nothing and probably gains something.

    I constantly read reports and it drives me crazy when people try to make connections that do not necessarily exist. Should they compare Google to Craigslist. Probably not but as facebook offers more services and people start displaying their listings on Facebook that would be a relevant comparison.


  • http://www.e3media.us/ Jay Williams

    There are way to many different thing that are going on with Facebook. It is like Apples and Oranges

  • Guest

    Well,, thats the thing which can be expected bcoz I think GOOGLE is the most used search engine by the people whether they belong to technical fields or non-technical fields… :)

  • http://coolslko.blogspot.com Neeraj

    Well, its no doubt that facebook has become most popular social networking site in a very few time but if you say it unseats google from the mos visited site, I don’t agree on this. This may possible user spent more time on FB but about Google, however people spent less time but visit at least once also that is the first step of most users to go for google first. But yes we can say its a great competition between google n FB…but still FB is far behind………

  • Aaron

    Google still provides emails and a great OS for phones. Are the hits from mobile apps being counted in this as people do not have to get to a computer any further to check there Gmail. It gets sent to there phone. When you send a Facebook update via your phone is that being counted as a hit? I am always a skeptic of these

      “studies and Stats”

    until I know what is actually being counted. Is clicking around Facebook to other profiles each being counted as a different hit or once on Facebook all your movement is enclosed in the one hit. I don’t believe Google and Facebook should be compared. It is like comparing Verizon Wireless to Time Warner Cable. Yes you can watch limited TV but you would not replace your cable box with your phone.

  • http://www.writtenbysumer.com/blog Britt

    In response Jill’s claim that this article is comparing apples to oranges I disagree, respectfully.

    I believe the purpose of the study and graph was to illustrate that search is changing from traditional to a more social based platform. Or in other words, search is turning toward social media as opposed to Google search. The results are more current and fresh than a Google search.

    Many people prefer this real-time search aspect more than a traditional search tool.

    I interpret the above study / graph as an illustration of changes in search.

    • http://serpeo-seo.com Philadelphia Website Design

      Kudos Britt! I am in total agreement. What we are seeing is change and growth in all areas of real time. Facebook has just about everything people want except chat rooms (or at least I have not seen one yet). Remember the internet with training wheels (AOL)? AOL dominated for a while because it offered a community. There was a lot of junk, but real people could interact with one another. I often wondered when something of the sort would come online and now we are seeing people chatting and sharing information about their passions and linking up with like minded folks. Even an occasional heated banter is witnessed and a user can block unwanted attention. Facebook will continue to succeed if it is managed properly. Surpassing Google is monumental and demonstrates that the favorite doorway to the internet has changed. Google will continue to chase Facebook because the success of this new medium inevitably means a loss of some of the 12 billion in advertiser dollars. I have always seen social media as a threat to Google and now it is being proven. I am sure this will not go unanswered by the big kahuna. There will be another offering since “Buzz” seems to have flopped. Very interesting times there are in which we live.

  • http://www.macewan.org Robert MacEwan

    @Jill, That line of reasoning may have carried weight a couple of years ago, but today it seems that everyone is out for blood. Just look at Google’s Buzz offering. Who would have thought that Apple would open a book store a few years ago. Remember back in the days Steve told everyone that nobody really wants to read an electronic book.

    The gloves flew off in 2009. Next thing you know Microsoft will be competing with Snapple.

  • P.C. Wingfield

    Go Face Book. My entire family and friends are on face book!

  • http://www.marketingbangkok.com Tom Aikins

    Facebook passed Google in the U.S. but what about the rest of the world? It’s typical that Americans think that this is something really important but there’s a lot happening outside the U.S. too.

    • Guest

      There’s a world happening outside our borders? Color me ignorant!

    • Guest

      BTW, this is significant regardless of statistics outside the US. Both are American corporations giving free services not just to Americans, but to the whole world. And aside from China, we have the largest amount of Internet users.

  • Guest

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