Facebook Turns Down Beer Pong Challenge

    May 16, 2008

Ahhh. The time killing game of beer pong. For those of you who have never played beer pong (or have so severely lost that you no longer remember playing), this is truly a game of wit and fortitude.

All you need to play is a ping pong ball, plenty of beer, and a few cups. Team up, take turns throwing the ping pong ball at your opponents cups (filled with beer of course), and every time you land in the cup the opposing team drinks the beer.

CollegeHumor challenges Facebook to beer pong

As a favorite game among techies, it was no surprise to hear that the staff from CollegeHumor would be challenging the staff from Facebook to a little beer pong.

What was a surprise is that according to a recent Valleywag article, Facebook was quick to put the breaks on because according to a tipster “Facebook’s PR and Legal dept said they can’t participate. I guess that’s what its like working in corporate America as opposed to a fun Internet company.”

It seems the idea of wasted staff stumbling to cars to drive home from a company sponsored event after a beer pong lashing by the CollegeHumor folks, was too much to take for Facebook’s legal & PR reps.

While I can empathize with their concerns, I can’t help wondering if this is just a cover-up for an embarrassingly poor field of Facebook beer pong athletes. I mean, what else could explain the PR department thinking chickening out of a beer pong challenge would look better in the eyes of their users?

I suppose we should just take them at their word, but I can’t help but wonder.

In the mean time, I might just kill a little time with a beer pong Facebook app, or just bide my time until I run into Mark Zuckerberg, in a bar, next to a ping pong table.