Facebook Translates Itself Into Six Indian Languages

So much for Google's Orkut?

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Here’s an interesting fact for you: India is the world’s second-largest country in terms of population.  And here’s one more detail: by unveiling Bengali, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, and Telugu interfaces, Facebook has put itself in a good position to pursue India’s citizens. 

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Don’t count on seeing Facebook’s user count quadruple (or even double) in the next week or two, though.  It’s true that Hindi is India’s official language, and a whole lot of people speak it.  But English is India’s "subsidiary official language," according to Wikipedia and the National Informatics Centre, and many folks already use it to conduct their online affairs.

The real opportunity for Facebook to achieve something with these translations lies in its chance to defeat Google’s social network Orkut.  Marshall Kirkpatrick noted, "Orkut is by far the dominant social network (and website in general) in India – but that could change in a big way if localization is pulled off effectively."

Then, Orkut would more or less only be left with a stronghold in Brazil, and Facebook would have badly hurt one of its deepest-pocketed competitors.

Facebook’s still very much on the move, too; a page of official statistics promises that over 50 translations are in development.

Facebook Translates Itself Into Six Indian Languages
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  • http://www.webhosting-10.com Host

    Translation Is a big Business and Its even Bigger when Facebook Utilizes It.

    May be Mr.Buyokotten orkut should have learned a few languages :)

  • http://www.india-designers.net/ India Designers

    Good News for India Users. Now they can scrapping in Hindi & regional language.

  • http://www.woikr.com Chirag Gupta

    Not only is it a half hearted effort, it’s not worth it at all.

  • http://aks2008blog.co.cc/ Aswani

    Being an Indian myself, I know the importance of Orkut as a social network here. People are just so addicted to it. Infact, its the same case with me too. I am not a regular facebook user. But still I like it. Now, being translated into 6 Indian languages, I think it will become more and more popular here in india, in the times to come.

  • http://www.lymediseaseindogs.net/ lyme in dogs

    A very effective move for Facebook. This translator can help lessen the gap between Facebook and Orkut when it comes to Indian users.

  • Guest

    According to Indian constitution, Hindi is NOT the official national language of India. It is one of the major languages. Attempts by the Hindi-speaking states to push Hindi as “National” language failed way back in the 1960s. English is the “Link” language according to the constitution. Each state has its own language and all the state languages are the official national languages of India. We cannot say English is the National language for the European Union. Can we?? Similarly India is a Union, not a country, as per Her constitution. Thank you for understanding!

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