Facebook Trademark Dispute Resolved

    May 26, 2009

Another argument regarding Facebook’s origins seems to have been cleared up.  Think Computer Corporation and Facebook reached a private settlement late last week, ending a dispute that concerned nothing less than the name of the well-known social network. 

Facebook Logo

Aaron Greenspan, founder and CEO of Think Computer Corporation, attended Harvard with Facebook cofounder Mark Zuckerberg.  Greenspan also happened to come up with a portal called houseSYSTEM, and a section within said portal was called "The Universal Face Book."

See the potential problem?  So did Greenspan.  Think wound up asking the United States Patent and Trademark Office to cancel trademarks issued to Facebook.

Now, however, "Think Computer Corporation and Facebook announced . . . that they have settled all outstanding claims, including all of Think’s claims related to Facebook’s registered trademarks," according to an official statement.

Zuckerberg and Greenspan both made gracious comments, too, with the first man saying, "Aaron and I studied together at Harvard and I’ve always admired his entrepreneurial spirit and love of building things.  I appreciate his hard work and innovation that led to building houseSYSTEM, including the Universal Face Book feature. . . .  We are pleased that we’ve been able to amicably resolve our differences."

The last "origin" dispute/lawsuit Facebook settled cost the company around $65 million in cash and stock options.