Facebook TOS Vote To End Today

    April 23, 2009

People who have been procrastinating should know that they’re almost out of time.  Later today, the Facebook governance vote will end, and either the new or the old terms of service will become pretty well permanent.

Would-be voters need to sign into Facebook and make a choice before 11:59 AM California time.  An independent auditor will take over at that point to tally things up.

Facebook’s own statistics suggest that around 589,000 people have voiced their opinions so far.  Those individuals support the proposed, user-sourced documents by an almost overwhelming margin, 74.48 percent to 25.52 percent.

Facebook Vote

However, since Facebook has around 200 million active users (people who have logged in sometime during the last month), and the rules of the vote state that 30 percent of them need to participate in order for the results to count, it remains to be seen whether this’ll amount to anything.  There’s a big gap between 600,000 and 60 million.

On a side note, Facebook seems to be certain seeking users’ opinions concerning one other matter, as well.  Nick O’Neill writes, "[S]ome users are being asked if they are willing to pay for vanity URLs."