Facebook Takes Friend Lists to the Chat Window

    May 11, 2009
    Chris Crum

Earlier this month, Facebook showed off its new friends page and the ability to create friends lists to organize your friends into separate groups. For example, I could have people from my high school in one list, and my co-workers in another.

"Friend Lists are useful in organizing and filtering your experience on Facebook, especially as you have more friends from different parts of your life," says Facebook designer Rob Goodlatte.

Facebook has now integrated these lists into Facebook Chat. You can see who is online and available to talk by simply clicking on the chat window like normal. Now however, it will display them within the categories you have them marked as.

You can create and edit lists right from within the chat window. You can also include and exclude lists from chat by checking and unchecking them in the "friends lists" menu.

Chat Friends List

Chat - Go Offline

Users have the option to "go offline" with the flick of a switch for any group of friends. This essentially means that you will be logging off of chat for that group. If you go offline, people in that list will not be able to see that you are online (you won’t be able to see if they’re online either).