Facebook Simplifies Their Inbox

    June 19, 2009

Over the next few weeks Facebook will begin rolling out the new Inbox interface, which promises to simplify the users experience.

Cries for help from millions of unused Inboxes have finally been heard!

The new Inbox isn’t live for everyone yet (yes, I checked my account), but Facebook was kind enough to provide a preview image…

New Facebook Inbox Layout

Facebook had the following to say about the new Inbox interface…

"The new Inbox design gives you more control over organizing messages and choosing which messages you receive. You’ll notice that there are now filters at the top of your Inbox to help you identify unread messages as well as to report any spam, or unwanted messages, you may receive. This complements our ongoing efforts to keep your experience on the site uncluttered and secure."

Personally, I’ve hardly used the Facebook Inbox. 9 out of 10 times I just hit "mark all as read" and move on. I hate dealing with invites from random groups I’ve joined through the years. Maybe now with the new design/layout I’ll finally find a use for the Facebook Inbox.