Facebook Says 30 Million Is Enough

    September 10, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

During the optional switchover to Facebook’s redesigned site, 30 million Facebookers chose to do so. That seems to be convincing enough for Facebook to go ahead and migrate the remaining 70 million, starting to today.

Facebook says the rollout will complete within the next few weeks, so not all 70 million will be affected today. The company touts the redesign as one to leverage Facebook’s feed system, which sounds more like a farm mechanism than a social networking one.

The social networking site, which has made a lot of headway against rival MySpace, and seems to have tackled even the monetization angle MySpace had so much trouble with, boasts the new Facebook profile pages are cleaner and simpler with more feed integration.

With the redesign, users can filter feeds by events, status, updates, or photos. They can customize tabs for access to photos and applications. Facebook says navigation is also faster.

The redesign, available as opt-in since July pulled in 40 million users to give it a shot. Sounds like 10 million opted for the old Facebook. Too bad for them, huh?