Facebook Rolling Out Photo Comments for Pages

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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A few weeks ago, Facebook made comment threads a lot more interesting - or a lot more annoying depending on who you ask.

The social network gave users the ability to post images in comments - via an "attach a photo" button inside the comment box. Before this feature, Facebook users had to post bulky links inside comment in order to generate a photo. This new option allows users to post photos directly from their computers. Neat.

Well, it looks like Facebook is finally expanding that feature to pages. Now, both page admins and page followers can respond to posts with photos.

Here's what a Facebook spokesperson had to say about it in a statement:

For businesses, enabling photos in comments, both on Pages and elsewhere on the site, allows for conversations with customers to be more expressive and engaging than ever.

Photo comments for pages should be rolling out now. If you don't see the ability on your page yet, just wait a bit.

Josh Wolford
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