Facebook Redesign Days Away

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Facebook’s discussed its plans, altered them according to developers’ feedback, and given users an opportunity to step forward or hang back as they please.  Now, whether folks are ready or not, Facebook will roll out its new profile design over the next week or so.

"We’ll actively migrate all our users to the new profile," announced Josh Elman on the Facebook Developers Blog.  "This will happen by default rather than on an opt-in basis.  Shortly thereafter, the old Facebook profile will no longer be available to anyone."

Facebook Logo

It’s possible that this move will result in some whining, but Facebook looks set to avoid any News Feed-style uproar.  Even Beacon-level complaining seems out of the question, since two days ago, Chris Crum noted that more and more users have been trying out (and sticking with) the new profile design.

Also, Facebook has what’s supposed to be a pleasant treat in store for everyone.  "[W]e’re working on one more interesting feature to help make your applications more easily accessible to your users," Elman wrote.  "We’ll provide more details as we finalize the design, but it won’t require any changes on your end."

It’ll be interesting to see how this one surprise works out for Facebook, anyway.

Facebook Redesign Days Away
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  • http://directories.ientry.com Chad

    I have to agree. I’ve actually gotten used to the new facebook skin, and am actually using it as my preference now.

    Although, we as humans do not take change lightly, so I understand the outrage from the majority of the facebook population.

  • http://www.ayrmer.co.uk Charlie Collins

    People don’t like change, but sites become stale if they don’t move forward. Everyone one always throw their arms up everytime Windows / Mac / Linux release new verions of their operating systems, but people do adapt.

    Where would we be if Microsoft had stuck with the Window 3.1 interface or Fedora (Linux) was still on earlier versions or even worse, we were all still using Sony Walkmans instead of MP3 players.

    Facebook needs to constantly push forward to maintain its position in the social networking sector, simillat to business networks like LinkedIn.

    The new design is intuitive and focuses users on the here and now. I love it, along with the Blackberry version which I use everyday.

    Great design, functional, clean and unfussy! Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.celticways.com John of Celtic Ways

    I never viewed Facebook seriously until the new design. For me, the new design has matured Facebook and made it more functional and useful. As another comment says its still clean, unfussy and works well with mobiles, which i cannot say about other social sites. 

    As well as providing me with surprise linking to lost family and friends Facebook  has done wonders with expanding my business leads and contacts like no other social site and is now better Goggle search links and email campaigns. On Facebook I can find and exchange business without intrusion or spamming. Wonderful set up.

  • http://www.iyazam.com/ Hillel

    I think its like anything else – change is fustrating but on the other hand I trust what Facebook is doing.

    If they have taken us this far – I trust they will take us into an amazing future.

  • http://www.thekraftylady.com Viki

    Hmmm… I changed over to the new Facebook and found it very confusing and the pages too cluttered. I think people have only been sticking with the Beta version because they know that the inevitable will happen, and they’ll have no choice about new Facebook in the end. There are actually lots of groups against the new Facebook, but, of course, these have been over-looked by FB themselves. No doubt there will be moaners – I will join them – and then we shall find something else to moan about once we have got used to the change! :-)

  • http://www.michiganbusinesshub.com Michigan Business Directory

    Change is always hard for me – I am fairly new to facebooks and just figured everything out – I really like the old verses the new  –  but will have to adapt or get left behind.


  • Gabrielle

    I am one of a half million Facebook users in a group called I Hate the New Facebook. I actually LOVE change, and I am often an early adopter with new technology and other things. Just so you know, here is what people are really saying.

    *(First of all, it’s NOT because we don’t want change.. it’s because THE CHANGE IS BAD.)*


    1- The application list was more convenient on the left bc the natural orientation to read is from left to right.

    2- Having one page for a profile makes it easier to show people what you want in whichever order you like. The new facebook put all the applications on one page. I guarantee that it will be rare that anyone looks there. While the wall/minifeed & your information have their own tabs. This makes it much longer to find things. It’s not because we’re lazy, just because it’s better when faster.

    3- "Having all my apps and stuff on the one page instead of using those tabs is quicker and more accessible like a poster – not like a book." Monica Chanty (Australia)

    4- "It seems kind of ‘big’ or something? Like for children." Monica Chanty (Australia)

    5- The Wall/Minifeed Combination makes things more confusing.

    6- The left justification makes it look off and abnormal.

    7- The fact that we can’t reorganize our immediate profiles.

    8- The fact that facebook is trying to be more like myspace. That ruins it’s originality and uniqueness. If you want a social networking site that’s like myspace, then join myspace. PERIOD. I loved facebook for it’s simplicity and design.

    9- Everything seems very cluttered despite the fact they tried to make it simpler. Their plan miserably failed.

    10- For those with larger computer screens (I have a 20 inch screen), the site looks too empty on both the sides of the left justified content.

    11- "it keeps messing with the bumper sticker application. I have recieved some in the past few days and they don’t show up and I can’t find them anywhere. The new facebook eats bumper stickers!! :[" Jessica Mullinnex (Keuka)

    12- Everytime an application is added while in the old version, we end up back to the new facebook. So for those new fb lovers, stop saying that we can just go back to the old one. stfu

    13- For some, every time they log in to facebook, it brings back to the new despite the fact that they keep clicking on ‘back to the old fb" button. Why are they forcing this on us. A big change like this should be polled throughout fb so they can know what all the facebook members prefer. Facebook is losing it’s common sense.

    14- The friend statuses aren’t on the home page. This makes us have to do more work for no reason.

    16- "everything takes forever to load with all those tabs.." Melanie Smith (Commack High School)

    17- "It does not support old windows 98 systems, even those with Opera browsers. If you’ve got an internet explorer browser, then you’re just plain out of luck!
    Guess what… there’s still plenty of us out there who are not that rich, own an old computer and like it just fine. We’re basically being kicked out of Facebook which is a shame. I too thought Facebook was different!? I’m willing to bet that the change has a whole lot more to do with accomodating advertisers and how to get even more of them on here!" Diane Courchesne (Halifax, NS)

    **Note: I use Firefox and the new Facebook doesn’t seem to like that, either.

    18- We can’t reorganize groups.

    19- "This new design is very confusing in a highly disorganized manner. Individual’s with learning disabilities and organizational problems as well as dyslexia will not be able to adjust to this new style and layout. The layout does not conform to the standards set out for these disabilities and therefore creates massive problems for people in their effort to interact on a daily basis on this network."

  • Jan

    I have no idea what the new facebook looks like because I have never been given the option to try it out – no little note appeared on my screen to change over so, judging by the comments made on this blog, I not sure I looking forward to it :(

  • Fox

    "Facebook’s discussed its plans, altered them according to developers’ feedback, and given users an opportunity to step forward or hang back as they please."

    This is the same mistake software companies have been making for decades. They continue to ignore the expert usability advice: DON’T go to developers for feedback! Get the ideas for change and the feedback from USERS. Ask users for ideas on what to change, and give all users a clear, up-front opportunity to vote on each idea.

    If the site needs room for more advertisers, tell users about it. Lay it out openly as a legitimate business issue and ask users for suggestions. Even users who don’t participate in polling will feel involved in the process. They buy into the ideas, have time to think about them and anticipate the redesign.

    This is how to avoid such "drag them kicking and screaming into the new design" wildfires and thus mitigate loss of users. No one is forcing people to use the website. Other options exist. If users find a new design slow to load, confusing, aesthetically displeasing, complex, less functional or otherwise more difficult, they can _and should_ abandon it.

    Developers can still have their think-tanks and still generate innovations that need to be kept secret until time to unveil the next design, but the business should not make fundamental design decisions that way. Keep users busy thinking up new ideas too, keep them busy with interface suggestions while developers work on the technology backend and on interesting technologies that users don’t have the knowledge to leverage.

    Everyone has the chance to be involved, and far fewer and smaller clumps of dissatisfied users will result. Simple math.

  • http://www.wetmutt.com bukbonzai

    I had been so against the new facebook forever now that I was going to complain…But then, I decided to just suck it up and try it out (for the user who said they were never given the chance…its at the top of the page).

    I decided that there was no use in whining and just dove in head first.


    And while there are some things I do not like about it. It will not be all that bad. THere is quite a bit of customization available and there is sure to be updates here and there as problems or suggestions arise.


    So my suggestion is just that…suck it up and dive right in…might as well get used to it before it is all you have.

  • Steph

    I think the new facebook design is completely unorganized.

  • http://vdo4.info vdo4

    i like face new look

  • http://www.freewebs.com/coffmancommunications Bruce W. Coffman

    I’m actually looking forward to it. I have always liked Facebook in theory, but found that it was not very intuitive or user-friendly. As long as the redesign makes it easier to use, I’m all for it. If not, Facebook will be opening the out door for lots of users.

  • Guest

    Well if you use facebook I guess you’re not interested in keeping anything private as it is just an info highway for Gov’t stats…all info on facebook is stored in "homeland security data bases"…..just another way for big brother to keep tabs on the masses…..and to feed consumerism big time….!  So the new face for facebook is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things…!



  • Guest

    The new facebook is slow, frustrating and full of error messages. I keep changing to the old and the new keeps haunting me!

  • Sandrasmiles

    Who are any of us to complain? This is a free online application for users. I guess we don’t have any real reason to complain unless it is a service we have paid for?

    • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

      I hate complaining and I’d be the first one to say, "Get over it!" but even free online applications have their "free" stuff out there to get advertising dollars and if we don’t keep coming back to use the free site, there’s little reason for business owners like myself to spend advertising dollars placing ads on the site.

      The more traffice the free site gets, the higher dollar value the advertising space commands on the site so it behoves FaceBook to listen to it’s participants.

      Feedback, even in the form of whining and complaining is extremely valuable to those who benefit from the advertising money that the site generates for them. When we’re happy, then we keep coming back. But, if we become frustrated, we will surely find another social site to spend our online time and there are plenty others that will be more than willing to keep us happy!

  • http://www.worryfreeonlineshopping.webs.com Martha

    Facebook is useless. They will disabled your account when you try networking. Your profile is not accessible to non- members. Invitation of friends is limitted. They also do not allow HTML codes. Now if you only want to show your profile to family and close friends, Friendster is better. Facebook will only waste your time.

    • James

      Is everyone missing the point here?

      This is a free service that was riddled with problems. They have tried to address these issues and add new improvements as well as tidy up the layout to make better use of space and make the whole thing easier to use.

      yes, there are some problems. particularly new apps immediately posting info to your profile etc before you can change your security settings. but for the most part they have done a great job.

      i do this kind of thing for a living and know how hard it is for them to make changes on this scale without the world moaning. if you dont like it dont use it but for my opinion its better. people just dont like change because it scares them. dont worry, facebook doesnt bite!

      and sadly the simple fact is the only people who comment immediately are nay sayers. happy people are happy and content so why should they comment? i notice the million people who dont like it actually struggled to get much support. so compared to the other 50 million who are mostly happy its a very small percentage and if that is the sum of all unhappy people then facebook have succeeded.

      so give them a chance :)

  • Guest

    and dont forget to say happy fathers day ha ha

  • sunshine

    Gabrielle? I think you should work for facebook….by the look/length and point form line-up of your comments…you ought to have been paid for your research.  Whoa.

    • http://www.casino366.com/ online

      The Facebook-loving masses loathe the new look

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    Let me have a look~~~~

    • http://weikiman.blogspot.com/ weikiman

      Let me have a look …..

  • Guest

    It’s that web 2.0 look, flashy, with no more substance than before. I dislike it, and left facebook as a result.

  • Guest

    I find the new version of Facebook a little harder to use right now – although it will probably get easier.  I did like having the applications all showing on the left-hand side of the page where you could see them at a glance.  The tabs – well, maybe I’ll end up liking them but right now I do find they are a bit annoying.  Plus whenever I’m going through the wall, it seems like it repeats itself – I’ll have to check that further.  We’ll just have to wait and see what  happens with it – and I’m sure down the road there will be some more changes to it.

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