Facebook Receives 1/4 Of US Page Views?

Compete stats show social network approaching, beating Google in different ways

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More often than not, when something is successful overseas, it’s even more successful in its home market.  And this led one person to wonder: if Facebook receives one-seventh of all page views in the UK (as Hitwise suggested last week), how’s it doing in the US?  He found that it might receive as many as one-fourth of all page views.

Perry DrakeThis isn’t quite an apples-to-apples comparison.  Think of it as Golden Delicious versus Red Delicious apples, at least, since Perry Drake, who’s the vice president of Drake Direct and an associate professor at New York University, used Compete statistics to look at Facebook’s US standing.

Anyway, Drake supplied the graph you can see below (sorry for the blurriness – we enlarged it) and wrote, "In the US Facebook accounts for, now get this, 1 in every 4 or 25% of our total pageviews.  Unbelievable!  Google on the other hand accounts for only 8% of the total pageviews (or 1 in 12)."

Drake also wrote, "[W]hen we look at total number of visits to these two sites, we notice that Google does have an edge as the figure below shows.  But, surprisingly, that edge is quickly slipping away."

So it seems that an interesting shift is taking place.  Facebook’s marketing and financial departments must be jumping for joy (and perhaps preparing to count a lot of cash).

Facebook Receives 1/4 Of US Page Views?
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  • http://www.catchfirecoaching.com Dr. George

    This is just another reason why I tell doctors to join social media sites to help market their business.

  • http://www.ignitethebulb.com/dignews/display_source/id_32/ Derrick Strode

    This not only makes sense, but should be expected. I won’t give you the big “DUH” LOL (I’ve given up taunting!) They almost have it all. At least enough for the rest not to matter.
    Where can you find more like-minded individuals or entities quicker. Building Core relationships through FaceBook is the way to go. Many Great companies that overlooked this powerhouse are starting to take note. Imagine with a few clicks you can join or start a group, create a fan page, post your events, comment on others thoughts, add video and so much more. For FREE! Priceless. Now almost all the new cellular phones come with a FB app in place. It’s much easier to join in with these guys than compete!

    They key is to build genuine relationships and alliances that add value to all parties involved. Just blasting out your offer won’t work.

    Join me at http://facebook.com/strode101

    • Guest

      Business users use Facebook only because they feel that they have to. It is a huge time and money drain for businesses to build fan sites and the ROI is minimal. Including twitter and facebook in SE results will only increase SEO and spamming techniques to artificially push a site higher in the SE rankings. Anything that’s free (facebook, twitter, myspace, craigslist) will engender fake, spam, link building sites that are not genuine and will skew quality results.

  • http://mindyrobertson.com Mindy

    Facebook is where I keep up with my friends and family across the states as well as across the oceans. I have a very spread out family. Some are in the military and others are old enough or successful enough to travel all the time.

    I check my Facebook account about 10 times a day most days but will probably double that on weekends. I’m not addicted to it but find that it is the only reliable and inexpensive way to keep in touch. I not sure that there is a better way to do what I can do on Facebook…

  • http://www.warriorforum.com/members/johny909.html Dominga Pagliaro

    Great just what I was searching for.Thanks to the writer for taking his time on this one.

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