Facebook Receives NPR Podcast Player

    August 6, 2007

I like listening to music, but when local stations can’t keep me interested, I turn to National Public Radio.  Facebook users will now have the same option, as the NPR Podcast Player has made its way onto the social networking site.

Any thanks should go, in part, to SplashCast – it’s this company’s technology that made the move possible.  “Facebook users can add the application to their profiles (via the URL http://npr.org/facebook ) to automatically receive new NPR Podcasts episodes to listen to and to share this great content with their friends,” wrote Marshall Kirkpatrick on the corporate blog.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be accurate to think of NPR as some stodgy member of “old media” – a press release rightly describes the organization as “a leader in digital media, incorporating new technology to offer a wide-ranging slate of its news, information, talk, entertainment, music and arts content on all platforms.”

Now, as for that content – I’m most excited about the availability of “Car Talk.”  But “Fresh Air,” “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!,” and “Story of the Day” are also presented as options.

Hat tip to Mashable’s Kristen Nicole, who wrote, “Splashcast’s customized Facebook application option will be appealing to many in the media industry . . .”