Facebook Really Wants You to Stick Around

    December 17, 2008
    Chris Crum

Facebook has found another way to make sure you stay connected with the social network from other sites besides Facebook Connect. They have now launched a feature that keeps you at Facebook, while also navigating other sites you got to from Facebook.

When one of your friends posts a link, you can go to it while a Facebook navigation bar will show up on the top of your screen, allowing you to comment while you’re at the third-party site.

"We’re really excited about this feature since the ability to engage with the comments of your friends can help point out something new, and that can spur thoughtful or amusing discussion. We want to enable you to comment seamlessly on interesting content you see anywhere on the web and share more easily with your friends," says Makinde Adeagbo on the Facebook Blog.

Adeagbo notes that the feature is still rolling out, and not everybody will be able to access it yet, but it will be widely available in the coming weeks. I for one am not seeing it yet.

The addition of the navigation bar is a good move on Facebook’s part. It’s a way to keep people from getting sidetracked, and getting too far away from their ads. Smart. It could actually be useful to Facebook users as well, who intend to go back to the social network after viewing a link anyway. It looks like there is an option to close the bar if you wish, so it shouldn’t be too intrusive.