Sick “Should Obama Be Killed?” Poll Created by Minor

No Charges FIled

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Update: The poll was found to have been created by a minor, and determined to be a prank. Apparently there will be no charges filed.

Original Article: Someone created a poll on Facebook asking "Should Obama be killed?" using a third-party application. The poll was taken down, but not before 751 people voted on it. The options were:

- yes
– maybe
– if he cuts my health care
– no

In a statement, Facebook said: "The third-party application that enabled an individual user to create the offensive poll was brought to our attention this morning. It was immediately suspended while the inappropriate content could be removed by the developer and until such time as the developer institutes better procedures to monitor their user-generated content. We’re working with the US Secret Service but they’ll need to provide any details of their investigation."

The "Polls" application used to create the poll has been temporarily pulled from Facebook.

Facebook Poll App unavailable

According to the Huffington Post, the poll was created on Saturday, and once discovered, the Secret Service got involved. According to the Huffington Post, Darrin Blackford, a Secret Service spokesperson said, "We are aware of it and we will take the appropriate investigative steps," and that they "take these things seriously."

Talking Points Memo managed to get a screenshot of the poll. The results of the poll have not been revealed. Regardless, the story has a lot of bloggers and tweeters angered.

Sick “Should Obama Be Killed?” Poll Created by Minor
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  • Guest

    Newt commented that only 20% of the USA is liberal. He predicted Obama could not govern from lunatic fringe of South Chicago. I take it Obama was losing badly in the poll.

  • http://TopBidSwipe.com Steve

    Probably a really bad move to vote on a stupid poll like this. The government gets the data and who knows what happens after that.

  • http://propertyinsurancecommercial.blogspot.com Jhartford

    That was dumb move on their part to post that. I know some secret service people and they do take this stuff seriously…hard core.

  • http://www.goforth-andy.com Andy

    The people who do this kind of stupid thing are really sick.
    They are also playing into the hands of the security forces.
    It will give them more reason to ask for greater powers.

  • http://www.4porquatro.com Nuno Bandeira Salvador

    We live in a democratic world, and everyone can write and tell what he/she wants. But, this is only a way to get attention….

  • woodrim

    So what were the results?

  • Guest

    Where was the outrage and a movie was made detailing the assassination of George Bush?


  • Guest

    I you think that poll was controversial have a look at the one on this site.

    International Blasphemy Day is 30 September 2009


  • http://thecomputergal.com Nora McDougall-Collins

    I used to work for a local non-profit organization where the Operations Manager said in a staff meeting that she wished for the assasination for our previous president. I was shocked. Everyone else in the meeting just pretended it hadn’t been said. It’s just wrong. Whether or not I agree with former President Bush or current President Obama, they are still our elected presidents. I may wish one or the other would go away, but publically espousing their death is just plain wrong.

    • http://www.seattleokay.com Steve

      Hey, let us know if you hear that the Secret Service has visited her house or not since you posted that on the internet?

  • kjoda

    I dont like the president. I do not feel he has done anything in office or it has not been publicized or perhaps the things he has done has not come to fruition?
    I agree with Facebook on taking it off line.
    Even though he did lie about being a naturalized citizen. What happened to that birth certificate from Nigeria?
    Oh well…like we can do something about that…I wouldn’t kill him….just impeach him.

    Not to mention his vice prezident..Has he been seen out in public lately?

    • Frank

      what a dumbass comment. You still believe that crap about Obama not being a US citizen? There is no hope for you, loser.

      • CADiver

        Another right wing nuts, I agree with you, I can’t believe that right wing created rumor is still going around or even that some people still believe it, but again, people believe what they want to hear, whether true or not. The fact is, his mother was an American citizen, and that’s all it takes, if one of the parents is an American citizen, the child gets American citizenship.
        But that’s not even the point, the point is, the was targeted at the presidency and with all the threats from right wingers and white extremists on the president, the secret service had more than enough reasons to get involved, actually, being security to the president, no matter what side of the isle or color of skin, they are required to investigate, in this case, they had more reasons to do so.
        A disturbing point though, a minor does not come up with ideas like that without being conditioned by their environment aka family.

      • Pasquale

        So, I assume then that you have seen the birth certificate. Or maybe you just believe people who have been show to lie about everything else.

      • Guest


        so mr.Frank this other person is a dumbass because he or she doesn’t believe everything in the media. i think your a dumbass and a tool for even trying to tell somebody there wrong about something you haven’t seen with your own eyes. your just like the rest of the obama zombies you believe anything, you see on TV. and from my experience people like you don’t know what you are even talking about!

    • Guest

      Anybody knows that a child born to America parents, or an American mother in this case, NO MATTER WHERE THEY’RE BORN, automatically becomes an American. So he could’ve been born on the moon, but as long as his mother was American, that makes him an American citizen, too. The point is moot.

  • http://www.seattleokay.com Steve

    So let me get this straight, a kid makes a verbal threat to kill another kids family and he gets 25 to life of federal time for making a “terrorist threat”, but another kid posts a poll asking people if the president should be killed and he gets off with a warning?

  • Richard

    I feel like this is clear evidence that our freedom of speech is being taken away: http://tinyurl.com/yex97yx

    • http://www.cheapoverseasproperty.co.uk Turkish property

      If free speech means you can go around asking if people should be killed then it definitely should be took away from you.

      • http://www.blastoffnetwork-review.com/ Tim | Blastoff

        I agree completely lol. Freedom of speech does mean you can say whatever the hell you want, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t get in any trouble for what you say. People seem to not understand this. Yes, you can “I want to kill the President” but don’t expect the presidents assigned guards to sit on the sidelines and let you get away with it.

    • http://www.shawproductionslasvegas.com Shaw Productions

      No, this is not clear evidence that our freedom of speech is being taken away. The person could have done a poll saying “should the president be impeached” but NEVER can you make a reference to killing a president. You should never talk about killing any human being for that matter! The secret service takes these matters VERY seriously.

  • http://www.mikowrites.com Miko Holt

    See this is the deal with this poll issue~ Let’s examine both sides: it was outlandish but on a personal level. Now speaking from “this is a free country and we can say and write what the hell we want to” then, the poll was not so bad.

    I am a freedom lover. I love this country. And I love this president. He is by far one of the most coolest, educated, open-minded, (I could just go on and on) individuals that this country has seen in a long while. It’s funny cause if you don’t like him then, it has everything to do with bias and not fact. Cause the man is just plain old cool & smart and this country needed that! Of course, along with great policy…anyway…

    was the kid wrong for creating this poll? what if he wanted to know the thoughts of America? what did his parents say? who is the kid anyway?

  • Mavro

    I want the answer to the harmless poll of thoughts and opinions from free people who will not be shut down for expressing the flavor of the day.

    I want to know how many people, choose what answer, when they think they are alone and anonymous behind a facebook (thrid party) poll. I want to know how many evil people answer the poll and how many intelligent people answer. See there how I put evil as opposite to intelligent? (my opinion and part of my mission)

    We all know there are intelligent evil people but I like to use every chance I get to say stupid people are evil. This poll maker is stupid, but I still think it was more evil to take it down.. Wake up people you are being bullied and robbed of your freedoms, period. The poll did not say he thought something should happen, he asked should it happen, it did not say something will happen. He or she is a TV Movie Programmed robot for murder. A society that allows companies to produce hypnotic murder stories on a daily basis (2000 witnessed murders on TV by the age of 3) (in the middle of German 1939 to 1945 the average child saw 3 deaths) and feed it to low nutritional value brain numbed kids often on pharmaceuticals to prevent creative energy that the dull minded parents and teacher can’t understand or handle. It asked if the Facebook community is full of those evil murderers (in the sense of murder on the mind not literal murder) or not.

    And BTW the second you take ANY office of “influence over others” greater then the capacity for “concern of other” and when life or death decisions are being made, life will be lost, and you cannot blame the “figure head” of your democracy (which is not a man at the top but an actual pyramid of men and women at the top). After all if more of us were smarter and less evil then we would have done away with this moronic system of election, but people are not mentally flexible enough to grow up one way and then learn a better way to change to that later. Lottocracy and Meritocracy are both better ways than Demonocracy. Peace. Judgment in my court (my house) Facebook is guilty of fascism.

    The more I use Facebook the less I like it, and every time I see this I pull more and more down from Facebook. They have driven me away. I am not interested in supporting dictators.

    • Guest

      you’re a looney rambler.
      you should stay away from children, computers and gun shows.

      • Guest

        I second the motion.

  • http://www.shawproductionslasvegas.com Shaw Productions

    Freedom from speach is one thing but using the term “to kill a president” is another. If the poll had said “should the president be impeached” would have been fine. But to refer to killing any human being is inappropriate to say the least!

  • Joe

    I see that the left wingnuts are insane over this, but how many times did this happen when Bush was president? I heard HUNDREDS of “I would like to kill Bush” statments. Don’t forget the movie about Bush being assinated as well as an actual book on the assasination of Bush.

  • Gin

    As in Canada, acts of crimes done by children, such as vandalism and destruction of property, parents must foot the bill. For the actions of this kid and todays rising crimes by kids, I think the legal system should start looking at having parents pay for crimes committed by their children.

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