Facebook Plans Hiring Spree In Ireland

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Any member of Facebook's HR department who happens to be based in Ireland is going to have a busy year ahead of him (or her).  A new report's indicated that Facebook intends to add 100 employees, thereby increasing the size of its Irish workforce by about 50 percent.

Jemima Kiss wrote earlier today after speaking to Director of Online Operations Colm Long, "Facebook is to recruit another 100 staff in its Europe, the Middle East and Africa headquarters in Dublin over the next 12 months . . . expanding the current team of 200 international sales, finance and developer management staff."

Those openings are sure to prove popular, given Facebook's reputation as an employer and the gloomy economic situation in Ireland.  Not to mention the reputation of Ireland itself; it's possible lots of people from other nations will want to move to the country.

Anyway, it looks like a serious advertising push is set to take place at Facebook.  In addition to this new development, rumors indicated just last week that the company's started renting some prestigious Madison Avenue office space in New York City.

Also, Long told Kiss, "It's hard to make predictions for Facebook, but there will be a lot of opportunities and we will be trying to grow those for this region.  We've built a reputation internally as a group that can solve complex problems and drive online revenue, so as the company rolls out new initiatives we will hopefully be at the forefront of their mind."

Facebook first opened an office in Ireland in late 2007.