Facebook On Ceglia Suit: "We Strongly Suspect The Contract Is Forged"

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Brace yourself for a long and detailed series of discussions about the way Mark Zuckerberg does (or doesn't) zag his "Z"s and loop his "g"s.  The argument over a contract that supposedly gives Paul Ceglia ownership of 84 percent of Facebook has escalated, with Facebook hinting that the contract is a fake.

This takes the conversation in an interesting new direction, almost 180 degrees from where we were on Tuesday, when a Facebook lawyer spoke of being "unsure" whether Zuckerberg had signed the contract.

Of course, since then, we've seen stronger denials from the CEO himself as he's been interviewed by Diane Sawyer and David Kirkpatrick.

Anyway, to return to the latest development, a Facebook representative told Ryan Singel late yesterday, "Mark has made it clear that Ceglia's claims are absurd and we strongly suspect the contract is forged."

Meanwhile, Ceglia and his lawyer haven't backed down at all, instead denying the semi-accusation and faulting Facebook for pointing a finger.

So again, we may hear quite a lot about handwriting - along with fingerprints, ink, paper, and the aging process - before this is all settled.