Facebook Offers To Teach You About Their Ads While You View Their Ads

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Facebook advertising is on a lot of minds these days, which naturally means that it's also under a bit more scrutiny. Maybe it's because of this, or maybe they just felt like it was a proper thing to do - but whatever the case, Facebook has just made it a little bit easier to educate yourself about advertising on the site.

Now, right next to where it says "Sponsored" on an ad, Facebook is displaying a small megaphone icon that when clicked, takes you to their "About Facebook Advertising" page.

The page explains the basic three step process for how a Facebook ad is born - starting with the "when a business love Facebook very very much" stage and ending with Facebook telling you that you've ben geo and interest targeted to see said ad. The page also provides links to look closer into the details of personalized ads, as well as to browse your recently views ads and Sponsored Stories.

Inside Facebook first spotted the new icon, and they say that Facebook may be tracking which kind of ad was present when users clicked the megaphone icon. Of course, that would allow Facebook to grab info on what kinds of ads users were most concerned or confused about.

Facebook has been making some changes and additions to its advertising strategy as of late - first allowing advertisers to buy mobile-only Sponsored Stories as well as other individual targeted packages. A new real-time ad bidding client called Facebook Exchange is also said to be in pipeline. Plus, Facebook ads just started to appear on third-party sites like Zynga.com.

But with change comes conflict. Some users have been unhappy with Sponsored Stories, in particular. They claimed that Facebook has been using their likeness as advertisements without their consent, without compensation, and without the ability to control how it’s being used. And in a recent settlement, Facebook has agreed to let users opt out of having their past activities used as Sponsored Stories.

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