Facebook Obliterates Other Social Sites in Battle for Your Eyes

    February 15, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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We know the Facebook is the most popular social network in the U.S., and even in the world in terms of total active users. In fact, it dominates. But just how big of a lead does Facebook have on other social sites when it comes to where you spend your time?

Well, it’s not even close.

According to a white paper from ComScore, Facebook accounts for 5 of every 6 minutes spent on a social networking site (83%). The next highest was Tumblr with 5.7%. Pinterest and Twitter command a very small amount, 1.9% and 1.7% respectively.

According to the report, Facebook leads in share of total time spent on the web with 10.8% – just over all Google sites with 10%. Google sites command the largest audience, however, with 191.4 million people in the U.S.

Long story short: it’s Facebook’s world, and all other social networks are just living in it.

[ComScore via CNET]

  • http://www.effortless.it Effortless IT

    Where is Google+ on here? I am sure this graph will change exponentially in the next 12-18 months and I expect Google+ to be a major player!

  • http://ovybakery.com Skokie bakery

    How the hell did Pinterest get such a big slice of the pie so fast?

    • bobs

      Yea good question about pinterest – I only saw this one appearing around the web like a year ago, and i saw it suddenly appearing everywhere. Who ever was marketing that one did a good job.