Facebook Now Sends Messages’ Content In Email

    December 6, 2007

While it was (presumably) nice to see that you’d received new messages on Facebook, it wasn’t too helpful that the social network’s email notifications stopped there; from your email account, you’d need to head over to the Facebook site to read the actual notes.  No longer, though – Facebook’s now passing the messages along.

Is your ex-girlfriend sending a Christmas greeting or a wish-you-would-die rant?  Thanks to this development, you can know immediately!  Or, for more mundane matters, tell if someone’s just “LOL”ing to conclude a conversation or has asked another series of questions to which you’ll need to respond.

On that note comes one significant issue – you’ll need to sign into the social network to send a proper Facebook message back.  It seems possible to send an email by just hitting the standard “reply” button, however, and we’ll give Facebook credit for sacrificing a number of page views, either way.

Michael ArringtonMeanwhile, MySpace and other social networks are looking even more dated than they did before, and Michael Arrington, to whom I owe a hat tip, called Facebook’s step forward “great . . . frickin wonderful, even.”  So the social network’s phenomenal growth should continue into the foreseeable future.