Facebook Now Has 250 Million Users

By: Jeremy Muncy - July 17, 2009

It was just mere months ago that Facebook announced they had 200 million members worldwide. Well, today they’ve passed another milestone… 250 million people are now using the social networking site.

It should be noted that back in January Facebook only had 150 million users… feels kind of funny saying only 150 million.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, updated the company blog with the following:

"So today as we celebrate our 250 millionth user, we are also continuing to develop Facebook to serve as many people in the world in the most effective way possible. This means reaching out to everyone across the world and making products that serve all of you, wherever you are—whether through Facebook Connect, new mobile products and the other things that we are building. We’re grateful to have all of you with us, and we look forward to helping connect the next quarter billion people on Facebook."

Below is a pretty neat map, which shows Facebook’s growth to 250 million users.

So Facebook is well on its way to 1 billion users… care to make a prediction on when this will happen? Tell us when you think it’ll happen.

Jeremy Muncy

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  • http://www.productoftheweek.info Craig

    One good idea, that’s all anyone needs.

    These guys must be making a mint, anyone that’s anyone is gonna want to be marketing their products and services through Facebook as the exposure is just enormous.

    And as opposed to paying us for producing all of that content for them, they quite sensibly put it in their pocket and chuckle, thats miiiine

    But hey, I wouldn’t want to be managing their Computer Infrastructure !!!

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/jimisan.ppr Jimisan

    Hope everyone will not too engrossed and regard their computer as his closest friends and confidante….missing the real world outside there. Don’t forget to spend some quality time with our ‘REAL’ family members.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I mainly use FaceBook for socially marketing my safety and security web site so this is really good news. Thanks, Jeremy.

  • http://www.jawm.com Guest

    I wonder how many were tricked into joining, like myself, by being misled. Received an invitation from my wife & son to join only later to find out that neither actually sent the invitation. So they farm (spam) emails to send out to inflate themselves. I was, to say the least outraged, duped into joining this mindless activity, good thing I posted nothing about myself or activities, I’ve always considered it a waste of resources and time and now suckered into it, not for me.