Facebook Movie, Book In The Works

    December 16, 2008

Ben Mezrich, best selling author of "Bringing Down the House" about a group of MIT students burning Las Vegas casinos by developing a system to win at blackjack, says his next book will be about Facebook.

"My next book is about the kids who founded Facebook," Mezrich told the Boston Herald. The book is scheduled to be released in fall of 2009 by Doubleday. Mezrich also confirmed that prominent screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has signed on to make the book into a movie.

Ben MezrichMezrich says the book will focus on entrepreneurship at Harvard and on Mark Zuckerberg who has yet to speak with the author.

The book will also be about Harvard’s Final Clubs, which are like secret societies, or elite clubs at other Ivy League schools.

In May, Gawker reported that Mezrich had signed a million dollar book deal for his story of Zuckerberg and the other Facebook founders. According to the report the book focuses on Zuckerberg and his roommate Eduardo Saverin, developing a program called FaceSmash to rate Harvard women based on their looks.

Mezrich says what was reported by Gakwer was not all true. "That’s not what the book is about. What is Gawker even doing writing something about me?"

The Facebook story will be Mezrich 11th book.