Facebook Most Widely Used Network Among Businesses

83% of businesses have a Facebook profile

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Webinars and podcasts are the most popular social media resources for business people, used by 69 percent of those who turn to such channels for business information, according to a new study by Business.com.

Facebook is the primary social network on which consumer-focused companies maintain one or more profiles, cited by 83 percent of respondents compared with 45 percent for Twitter. Business-to-business companies maintain a presence on both social sites with 77 percent maintaining a profile on Facebook and 73 percent on Twitter.

Among those using social media for business purposes in their jobs, 62 percent visit company or brand profiles on social networking sites and 55 percent search for business information on these sites.


Consultants and marketers are the most active users of social media as a resource for business information, particularly in micro (less than 10 employees) and small businesses (10-99 employees). IT professionals have the lowest participation rate.

The average company in this study was planning, developing or running seven different social media initiatives; 65 percent of respondents staffing those initiatives, and 71 percent of companies themselves, have less than two years of experience with social media for business.

Building brand awareness and brand reputation are two of the top social media success metrics, but nearly two-thirds of companies focused on these metrics have little insight into performance via standard or easily accessible reports.

"We are constantly analyzing trends to determine exactly what tools business professionals leverage most for purchasing," said Ben Hanna, Ph.D., vice president, marketing, Business.com

"This survey was a way for us to benchmark where businesses, and business people, are finding value in social media."


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Facebook Most Widely Used Network Among Businesses
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  • http://eBizSuccessU.com Judah Swagerty (eBizSuccessCoach)

    Hey Mike,

    Great article about social media and how business people are using such a platfom to build customer awareness and their compnay brand. I reading reading an article in my local newspaper about social media and this local business dismissed the fact that social media was a good way to build his business. He was saying that he does not have 100 hours per week to devote to social media sites like Twitter, he used Twitter as an example in his article, and I thought to myself, “This guy is missing the big picture.”

    I think people need to understand that using social media outlets is a good way to seel products but it shouldn’t only be used that way. You must build relationships and that what it’s all about. Thank you for blessing us with this good bit of information!

    Judah Swagerty
    Internet marketing / Entrepreneur Success & Life Strategies Coach

  • http://www.meryl.net/section/blog Meryl K Evans

    I’d like to know who the successful B2Bs are — my client isn’t convinced that b2bs benefit from Facebook. When I search Facebook, I keep coming across B2C pages, not B2B.

  • http://www.2bjewelled.com/ bjewelled

    Nice hook!

    However, after picking myself up from the floor, I was a little less astonished to read that it was only “83% of respondents.” A subtle difference but, I would suggest, a not inconsiderable one.

  • http://www.advancecom.co.uk Guest

    Thanks I am going to give this a try…..

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