Facebook Mom Sticks It to ‘Shaming Police’

    October 14, 2013
    Nicole Barnes
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Maria Kang is clearly a woman of beauty, and– according to her web page–also a woman of many accomplishments aside from that. Kang has received several awards, landed herself on the cover of magazines, and was featured in– well, it goes on further from there,… much further.

Along with all of Maria Kang’s numerous accomplishments, she somehow managed to pop out three children,… and the chic still looks smoking! Kang is a fitness enthusiast and model (among other things of course), which explain her admirable gusto. But recently, Kang has come under fire by the ever-active, finger-pointing Shaming Police of Facebook.

After seeing a recent photo of Kang with her three children topped with the question What’s Your Excuse?, some viewers became upset (or jealous!) and accused Kang of fat shaming women. Despite the criticism, Kang has stood firm against all the haters with tons of support from Facebook followers. In reply, Kang gave these closing statements in a reasonably extensive post on Facebook:

“What I WILL say is this. What you interpret is not MY fault. It’s Yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to OWN the thoughts that come out of your own head. I didn’t create them. You created them. So if you want to continue ‘hating’ this image, get used to hating many other things for the rest of your life. You can either blame, complain or obtain a new level of thought by challenging the negative words that come out of your own brain.

With that said, obesity and those who struggle with health-related diseases is literally a ‘bigger’ issue than this photo. Maybe it’s time we stop tip-toeing around people’s feelings and get to the point. So What’s Your Excuse?” 

Image via Maria Kange, Facebook

  • You Know

    You know what is sad about all this? In america, you could show someone getting their head cut off and no one would care. You show a picture of a couple having sex and the world would end. You show a fit mother and you still have problems.

    She looks good and really we make way too many excuses for people being fat as hell in this nation. People wonder why porn is so popular in the US. I think it is because the average woman in the US weighs 164 and the average porn star weighs 117.

    It is not politically correct what I wrote and I am sure I will get a lot of thumbs down, but it is the damn truth.

  • http://www.flaminghotmedia.com FHM

    The world is truly mad. Just because a women decides to show how fit she is, after having 3 gorgeous childrens relatively recently, she gets attacked for shouting to the world basically you can be like this. Not everyone is blessed is an attractive face, but I’m sure if you worked out and had not just an attractive fit body to look at, but a fit and healthy body, then the person would be so mug happier. There’s attitudes and jealousy would change for the positive and there while life’s outlook would too. Rather than get jealous at Marie, I would take a serious look at yourself and say YES I can be like that. I hope this article does make people change and it would be great to see if anyone has been inspired by Marie, and would be willing to write an article in support. We are not all blessed withe the money and time Marie has to look after herself, but remember something is better than nothing. Maybe ill do something as a 43 year bloke.

  • Cary Simmons

    If i were one of her sons i’d love to have sex with mommy

  • RN

    She has nothing to apologise for. I’ve read on several sites, the discontented posts and find it strange that they even have the time to react with so much ignorance. What it comes down to, is just plain … JEALOUSY. That someone is able to do what they envision as an inpossibility. How sad that it cannot be seen and accepted.