Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon Said To Still Be Hiring

    January 12, 2009

Last week, some fairly devastating unemployment stats renewed comparisons between what we’re going through now and the Great Depression.  Fresh reports indicate that at least a few major tech companies are still happily chatting up potential employees, though.

Facebook Logo

Let’s start with the information provided by Dan Frommer.  Frommer spoke with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and the CEO said that, while Facebook had only around 800 employees at the end of 2008, it will have at least 1,000 before 2010 arrives.  Simple – and encouraging – enough.

Then there’s the more complicated case of what Gregory T. Huang shared.  It seems that a group traveled from MIT to Seattle to meet with recruiters and execs, and a student named Saleem Hussain said of the experience, "They seemed surprisingly welcoming in talking to MBA students."  Also, Hussain found that Microsoft and Amazon in particular "seem to be really hiring in full swing."

Google and Yahoo, on the other hand, would normally have hosted the students in Silicon Valley, but didn’t this year.  So we’re left to guess whether this one type of interaction is representative of the entire corporations’ will.

Still, it sounds like there hasn’t been a widespread barring of the gates at tech and Internet companies.