Facebook Makes Staying Updated Easier

    February 20, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has launched a page where posts from its employees’ blogs are aggregated. This will include not only blogs themselves, but posts from Facebook Notes made by employees as well.

"We’re always getting asked what people who work at Facebook are up to and how they can find out about it," explains Alex Moskalyuk on the Facebook Blog. "Facebook is focused on helping people share and connect, and in our work, we encounter some pretty big questions and unsolved problems. Often our work follows us home. With so many interesting challenges and perspectives, we want to surface all the thoughts, energy and passion of the people at Facebook."


The page can be found at people.facebook.com, and consists of three channels:

1. Engineering

More channels will make their way to the page in the future. "You’ll discover a bit of everything from an engineer’s diatribe on what makes good code to an open letter to the White House on best practices for the President’s website and even an explanation as to how the OpenID experience can work within pop-up windows," says Moskalyuk.

People looking to stay current on Facebook happenings (including those of us who report on them) should fin the page incredibly useful. Of course it includes RSS feeds for the main page as well as each channel.