Facebook Links User Accounts with Gmail

Becomes Largest OpenID Relying Party

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Yesterday, Facebook went live as an OpenID relying party. This makes Facebook the largest one to date.

"This is the first iteration of the implementation," a Facebook spokesperson tells WebProNews. "To start, new users can now register for Facebook with their Gmail accounts, and existing users can link their Facebook accounts with any OpenID provider to connect with friends and eliminate the need for multiple sign-ins."

Once a user links their account with a Gmail address or an OpenID URL, logs in to that account, then goes to Facebook, that user will already be logged in to Facebook.

Facebook - Google Account

Back in February Facebook joined the OpenID Foundation Board. The company also hosted the OpenID User Experience Summit around that time. At the event, they had product managers, user experience designers, and social web experts from companies like Google, Yahoo, MySpace, Plaxo, and SixApart.

A the summit, they shared lessons learned from developing the Facebook Connect authentication system. "We’re also concerned with account security," says Luke Shepard at the Facebook Developer Blog. "Again, we shared our experience developing Facebook Connect, where we eventually came up with a design that ensures that users would know that they were providing their login credentials to Facebook, and not some unscrupulous site."

Facebook says that according to tests it has run, first-time users who register for Facebook using OpenID are more likely to become active Facebook users. The company says more OpenID providers will be integrated into the registration and account linking process.

Facebook Links User Accounts with Gmail
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  • http://www.friendswhocare.us/blog1/ Susan

    Thanks for the info however I couldn’t find the way to link my Facebook account to Google inside my Google account.

    I did get the accounts linked by going into my Facebook settings and using the Linked Accounts area.

    Kudoos to Facebook for leading the way to make it easier for internet users to actually network.

    • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike A

      Can you elaborate on how you did that? I can’t seem to figure out it.


      • http://www.youaretrulyloved.com Ariel

        Thanks Susan!! I was trying to figure out how to do this…

        Mike A, here’s how you link your accounts:

        1) Make sure you’re signed into GMail
        2) Log into Facebook
        3) Click “Settings” at the top of the screen
        4) The 4th option down is Linked Accounts.

        Looks like you can also link to MySpace, Yahoo, and a few others.


  • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Adam

    I think eventually all sites will benefit from OpenID as long as security isn’t at risk too much. I love the idea of having all my account interlinked – it would make information sharing and mashups much easier.

  • muzhe

    I still couldnt make it work. I have a gmail account which i linked to the facebook account as described. Now when i log off facebook and login to my gmail account and then goto facebook it prompts me to enter usename and password.

    Please revert back to see whether i m doing it wrong or how does it work.

    • palesa

      please help me with the same problem well i cant invite people on ma facebook but i have an account with gmail

  • http://yahoo.com rolexbooker

    link my facebook account with an gmail account

  • margarita

    I have a gmail account and I can log into it. But I try to log into my facebook account and it will not allow me to unless I provide my gmail username and password. Even though I do, I still cannot log into Facebook. Both gmail and Facebook are in sync. So what do I do? This is through my mobile phone. I do not have my computer set up yet. Should I go to facebook and change my gmail password since it has changed just lately? My phone had to be wiped recently. So many questions? PLEASE HELP!???

  • http://ranachef dhanpal


  • ibrahim

    oh my gmail is not do connected with facebook can i get the answer. thank you.

  • nayab jadoon

    i want to connect my gmail account to facebook.

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