Facebook Launches Usernames Without A Hitch

    June 13, 2009

At 12:01 Facebook opened the flood gates on their new usernames feature.

Personally, the process went  very smoothly for me. I was able to secure my desired Facebook username with no trouble at all.

Facebook username is set

Ben Parr, Associate Editor for Mashable, was able to find out some early numbers from the usernames launch…

In 3 minutes, there were 200,000 usernames registered. In 15 minutes, over half a million, and it is rising.

Woah! Talk about a success.

I went digging through Search.Twitter to see if anyone was complaining of the site being down or slow… and I couldn’t find one negative tweet about the launch (except for users upset about not getting their desired username).

Most of the tweets about the launch were praising Facebook for dealing with a traffic rush of that magnitude.

Tweet priasing Facebook

So, was you able to get your desired username? Tell us.