Users Don’t “Like” Latest Facebook for iPhone Update

Complaints range from app crashing to disappearing Farmville posts

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Earlier this week Facebook released version 3.4 of their iPhone app. Hidden amongst the “advertised” additions are a few smaller changes, bugs, and oddities that are leaving some users perplexed on why they upgraded. Some iPhone owners are starting too ask if they can revert back to an older version, but don’t get your hopes up.

Have you noticed anything with the recent update to Facebook for iPhone that you don’t like? Tell us about it.

People hate change… they HATE it, and over the past couple of years, it’s became almost old hat complaining about Facebook changes. They always seem to go one step too far, and consistently poke the hornets nest, which is filled with over 500 million inhabitants.

Facebook for iPhoneVersion 3.4 is now available in the App Store. We’ve fixed a ton of bugs and added new features like map view for Places, the ability to check in to Events and an improved News Feed. Get it here: http://bit.ly/erlfVl

Facebook posted the status update you see above on their “Facebook for iPhone” app page. As you can see there are 1,000+ comments, and most of those are complaints about the recent changes. Below are a few of the most common complaints that we’re seeing, and a few other observations…

Facebook for iPhone thinks everything was posted “Just Now”.

Facebook for iPhone - Just Now!

Take a look at the screenshot above, I’ve paired the desktop view with an iPhone view. The desktop version of Facebook is loading the appropriate timestamp while the app version thinks everything “just now” happened. Is this a huge problem? Of course not, but it would be nice to see the accurate timestamp. Some users have even commented, “Why fix something that was working fine already” can’t say that I disagree with them.

Comments & Likes: pick a side, please.

Susan CoppersmithDid facebook just switch and put the likes on the left and comments on the right …. Don’t mess with me!!!

It was brought to my attention that some are now seeing likes and comments in a different order. Maybe Facebook is starting to load things differently for your newsfeed versus your profile, check out the screenshot below to see what I’m referring to. Whatever the case maybe, wouldn’t it make more sense to make everything uniform?

Facebook for iPhone - Likes & Comment location

It also appears that Facebook has changed the styling of how likes and comments are presented to the user, depending upon how you’re viewing it. If you’re on your newsfeed and you click the “+”, you’ll see an arrow object that now houses the buttons. If you do the same thing while on your profile, you’ll notice that the old styling is still in place. As I said above, why not make this uniform across the board? Check out the comparison screenshot below to see the new way it’s done below. (It looks much better)

Comment & Like Comparison

The people have spoken, they want their Farmville posts.

While scrolling through the comments some of the comments left, one thing really jumps out… people really miss Farmville posts. There are literally hundreds of people complaining about this. Below is a small sampling of some of the comments being left. I knew people were passionate over Farmville, but why do so many people want their newsfeed clogged with it? Ah, I guess to each his own.


Facebook for iPhone users want their Farmville updates! 

It’s unknown if Facebook will release a secondary update to fix some of the bugs with version 3.4, or just wait until the next update to tackle them all at once. Whatever happens, users will have another round of updates to complain about.

Have you upgraded your Facebook for iPhone to version 3.4? If so, are you having any problems with it? If so, tell us about them.

Users Don’t “Like” Latest Facebook for iPhone Update
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  • Kelvin

    I hate this update but the most annoying thing for me is now on the most recent feed it shows the last 4 or 5 hours then jumps back to anywhere between 12 & 18 hours earlier & will not display anything in-between. I also inadvertently updated the app on my pc so can’t go back to the earlier version. In future I won’t update until I see some positive feedback.

  • Bill Huggins

    I can’t see any Farmville posts on my iphone4 most recent (formerly Newsfeed) page. I only see stupid posts that arn’t related to Farmville.What has happened/ It worked fine a few days ago.

  • Rikke Bergenholtz

    I hate being spammed with all the FarmVille and CityVille updates on my iPhone news feed after the new version of the app came. It was so nice that I could hide them before. Do I have any options for doing that again?

  • Cindy

    Still do not get FARMVILLE game gift feeds. None since 4/7/11.
    Mobile app is totally useless now.

  • Kris

    I used to be able to scroll through and see status updates from all friends and now it only shows a few here and there at random.

  • J

    While I don’t like the other changes remarked on above, I get used to it (and I don’t do Farmville, so I don’t have that annoyance). But the one thing that bums me out is that I used to be able to “like” someone else’s comment on a post, and now I can’t. One reason I continue to use the Facebook app on my 2nd gen iPod Touch is because it typically has features that my Android app doesn’t. But on my Android, I can easily “get rid of” my latest update, and switch back to the previous version! Now my iPod version is more similar to my current Android app, and so what incentive do I have to use iPod???
    Apple, give us the option to upgrade an app, try it, and if we’re unhappy, allow us to easily remove the updated version!!! Please!

    J from MA

    • J

      Oh yes, and I dislike immensely that I can’t go back as far back on my profile as I want, to look at old posts. It “refreshes” or something, and stops me at about 4 months ago. Grrrr.

  • http://facebook,farmvill dotdot63@hotmail.com

    I don’t get any farmville posts anymore

  • Cindy

    Please fix this version, or let me go back to prevoius one.
    Still no FARMVILLE live news feeds to collect gifts from neighbors. Still none since 4/7/11

  • Farming

    Hey! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/game-feed/id438272283?mt=8&ls=1 came out! so at least you have the option to get all your game feeds on your iphone.. now it really is to each it’s own..

  • Cindy

    I see that in the app store! .99
    Why the separation from iPhone facebook feed?
    Does it work good?

  • Josie

    Whenever I log in it shows me top news. How can I keep most recent news set so I dont have to change it all the time?

  • Joel

    Am I the only one? It seems like the new app is not updating my wall, I can look at my wall come back an hour later and it’s still the same post? If I go to Facebook.com then i will see all the new post on my wall dose not make sence

  • Bruno iphone 3gS

    Im using facebook version 3.4.3 and it crash a lot when on the chat window it will kick me out for non reason ,it sometimes show some updatevlike comment on pictures but when i click on the notification tab it will not show any new comment weird :)
    After restart face it show the updates propely.
    Why is that when u click home butom it logout automatic?
    It would b much beter to be loged in and tye app could run in the backroud ?
    So i cant be online on chat wile using other apps? Kind stupid.

  • Maddie

    My chat sucks. When I’m IMing it won’t receive the other messages the person is sending. And I hate that it ALL goes to my inbox. I don’t want the whole chat convo in my messages. And also there should be a clear messages thing. The app also can never load new comments. I miss the refresh thing!

  • Bex

    Is there anyone else that’s got the new app on there iPhone that when you go on news field that your friend post are jumbled all over the place and yesterdays will be up the top and today’s will be some were in the middle and you end up not seeing wot people have put on the I fill like deleting it

  • Lisa

    I don’t like the order of things on my FB wall! Facebbok thinks the updates I would be most interested in are people who I barely interact with…idc! I want to see everything people post in the order that it is posted. My “all stories” have a few of themost recent, and then skips to posts from several hours later!

    Facebook has got what I want to see all wrong! I wish I could see all posts from my friends in the order that they are posted. Now I have friends who I never see there posts unless I go to there page.

    And now there is no game feed, so I have to sort though 100’s of posts (this will get old fast) to find my Yoville posts. Hate it!

  • Chic

    I hate latest Facebook cause I can’t see all my friend post in the Facebook wall, especially for game. Sometime I think to delete my Facebook from my iPhone. I need to use computer to see all the post then what for I use iPhone. If really need to update also can let us have change to choose. Right? Too angry when use iPhone Facebook.

  • Lori chilcutt

    Update for the iPhone effing sucks!!!!!! My posts are all screwed up!!!! And no FARMVILLE posts someone needs to FIX this or put it back the way it was!!!!! HELP

  • Lori chilcutt

    Where are FARMVILLE posts?????!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Can’t actually scroll down anyone’s Walls now, reinstalled no change, completely useless!

  • Justin Baird

    Will not locate pages I admin
    Prioritizing old BS I don’t care about labeled as “just now” even though it is hours old, but suppressing feed I do care about (recent and personally relevant information from friends)

  • Yuri

    When my friends comment on my photo with their iphones, their comments come up on another photo from the past. (this happens to my friends as well) and when they check later on the computer, they too see that their comments are on the wrong picture. Also, when typing Japanese, a block forms and I can’t see what I’m typing. I liked the new user interface until these frustrating happenings occured. They should be more careful when they do their updates. It’s not like everyone’s waiting for them to update so I hope they aren’t so hasty next time.

  • Shane

    Most of the app works fine for me, and I even appreciate how much faster it is. HOWEVER, it would be extremely nice to be able to update my status via my iPhone. I’ll post, and nothings there, in my profile or newsfeed. Ive tried reinstalling and Turning my phone off. It is extremely annoying.

  • Chetna

    I simply hate dis new version of facebook..pls pls pls upgrade d older version of facebook iphone..first thing dat it takes too long time to load and wenever i open any pic or comment on any pic it dsnt respond the way it used to on older version..m tired of finding for d older version..plsss reply me date wen older version will gonna b upgraded..!

  • Maiden

    Yes. It sucks. Now I can not remove friend directly from iPhone. Is there any way to use the old verse?

  • john victoria

    all my work like pictures & videos are complete on my desktop computer, but on my iphone the line up for my profile is fragmented like the only thing that i have is the recent picture and the post comments of friends only, pictures and videos in between are not showing

  • Baron

    I have a weather page on facebook and sometime I have long post with pictures to tell about up coming weather events. The entire post wont show up. If you touch “see more” it will show a few more sentences and say “Continue Reading”. If you touch “Continue Reading” it just shows the picture I upload and not the rest of the post.

  • Ashley

    I can’t see my own profile after the latest update. I uninstalled & reinstalled the app & it still doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

  • Alex

    It really bugs me that whenever someone in my “close friends” group updates their status, it goes to every mobile device I have not including my computer. Some just say, turn off your notifications but then I won’t get the updates that I SPECIFICALLY choose to be pushed to my devices.

  • Brittany

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but ever since the newest update, my notifications don’t update. Prior to the new update, I had no issues with notifications. Now my phone will tell me someone replied to a status or post, and when I go to the Facebook app, my notifications show nothing. Going to the actual status or post, I can see the comment, but the notification page in-app acts like nothing new has happened. At least my phone is notifying me… If I could go back a few days, I wouldn’t have updated! :(

    • Hector

      Me too! I also experienced that and its frustrating! At least I know that I am not the only one!

  • Hector

    Has anyone been experiencing problems with the notifications? I’ve been receiving notifications, but they don’t show up on the window when I click the icon. Bits frustrating!

  • Terje Ellingsen

    To make it short: since the last update fb is so slow loading on my iPhone (3GS) that It’s not to use anymore.

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