Facebook Has No Intention Of Selling

    June 28, 2007

Yahoo has hoped for a while to buy popular social networking site Facebook, making several offers, but never offering enough as the price kept going up.

Facebook would be a perfect fit for Yahoo in several ways, tying together many of Yahoo’s community sites and making everything more popular by association, as well as giving Yahoo some cred with a younger generation that seems to be moving past its services.

Well, it might be time to give up hope on that one. A report at Valleywag says that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who has complete ownership of the site, has no interest in selling. The new comany line is that Facebook has decided to remain independent, because Zuckerberg wants to remain faithful to the community to keep things going as well as they have.

That doesn’t mean necessarilly that Facebook won’t sell, but rather that it is sending a message that it doesn’t want to sell. Not only will that force potential suitors to think about offering even more money for the site, but it sends a strict message to Yahoo: Leave us alone, we’re not interested.