Facebook Guilts Users Who Try To Delete Accounts

Proceeds to use your own friends against you

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Facebook currently has 250 million users, 100 million of which have joined since January. The social networking site continues to grow, with no end in sight. Makes you wonder, what is Facebook’s secret for user retention?

It seems, for some users, the secret is GUILT.

Let’s say you want to delete your Facebook account, you’ve had it with all the quizzes. You click on "Account Settings" then "Deactivate Account". Your Facebook is deleted now, right? Nope, you’re met with a huge guilt trip, an example of which can be seen below:

Facebook's Guilt Trip

Facebook forces you to think about your cold-hearted decision by using your friends against you. Well played Facebook, well played.

This user retention tactic is quite brilliant, but some might find it a bit much. It could make some individuals remember why they joined Facebook to begin with. Would this sway your decision making if you were deleting your account? Tell us.

Facebook Guilts Users Who Try To Delete Accounts
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  • Guest

    Nope!! Obviously when we want to delete the account, we already know that we will not be in contact with them people via Facebook. Otherwise what would be the point to delete it, if you do not want to lose touch with your friends.

  • Steve

    I can see dating sites like Match.com and E Harmony doing the same thing, where it would say “Hey, look at all the people we can match you up with, are you sure you want to delete your account?”, and then show a bunch of people who you might match up with.

    I think sites are trying anything they can to get people to stay because there is a lot of competition starting to brew up.

    If there was some added benefit to staying a member over what the site offered maybe they’d stay (like a members only card to get discounts at places), but to remind them they’re going to loose their friend list isn’t a big deal. Most people stay in contact with those same people through other websites or services, even text messages on their phones.

    I personally think there are too many social networking sites and sure people are going to try out the next one, because after all, it’s free. However, they’re not going to like a few, or get bored of some, or even just have too many login’s to too many social networking sites to deal with.

    The Bing commercials kinda nail it on the head for me, but let’s not just limit it to “Search Overload”, it’s information overload, site overload, etc.

    Most social networking sites have their own internal email type system, plus the personal homepages, and let’s not forget that when you are signed up for 6 or more different social networking sites, it can be time consuming to go through read or just delete your email, then go through the friend requests, and anything else there is. I see no real innovation with the next site, only some catchy name, big advertising budgets to throw ads on tv, online, and yes, some still in print, only to hype up the site and get users to sign up. I see no real innovation with each site that makes anything easier to use, faster to use, and helpful in some way that nobody has used before.

    Where is the social networking site that lets you choose how it works? Hacking of myspace pages (not account hacking, html code hacking) was a great idea, until it became troublesome to modify each time. Why can’t I just have an editor that does what I want it to, that displays what I want, where I want it?

    So my idea is that somebody take the idea of oh, something like iGoogle and meld that with social networking? Would it not be a more creative expression of who you are and what you are interested in?

  • trpjan

    Nope !
    If i decided to delete my account ive already decided thats what i want to do..

  • Guest

    Honestly, I was upset and depressed one night and decided to commit what I guess would’ve been my version of social suicide, by deleting my Facebook account. It was a rash decision. Then, I saw the Facebook ‘… will miss you’ message and it dawned on me that it was likely true – Facebook is the prime way I keep up with my family (who are in distant areas all over the place) and my friends I have retained over the years (ditto regarding geography), so, I, for one, was glad. I ended up not deleting it and have been in touch with more friends and family that otherwise would have been more difficult to find and stay in touch with (possible, yes, but Facebook is a ubiquitous social meeting place – if you want to find someone and they want to be found, most likely they are on Facebook).

  • J. Cambra

    Previously, FB decided they were going to disable my account for WHAT reason? I don’t know but they did and never responded to any of my email.

    So I setup a newer FB account and made friends, many of which were in my older FB account.

    One day, FB decides that they are SORRY they’ve disabled my account and that I can have it back.
    I reactivated it to grab my friends, then deleted it with NO REGRET!

    FB needs to get their HEADS OUT OF THE SAND and realize that they are slowly screwing with everyone’s life. Most of us are depending on our FB account for either business or personal reasons.

    Jayne Cambra
    Business Coach and Mentor

    • Guest

      I recon since you’re in the business you’re in you probably spam/spammed the hell out of people’s facebook home/activity streams and they reported you to facebook, which will likely happen again.

  • Guest

    If someone is so tender hearted that merely seeing photos of their FB friends will upset them and make them stay on FB after deciding to leave, then, well, hello. They should stay on FB for the rest of eternity! They should have THOUGHT of their FRIENDS to BEGIN WITH! WHAT KIND OF CRUEL, COLD-HEARTED SO-AND-SOs ARE THEY ANYWAY. You, um, probably get my point.

    No, Facebook’s ploy won’t work with me.

    • CharlieG

      When I delete something it is with forethought.
      I have already considered the consequences.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I use FaceBook to socially market my safety and security web site so I’m always interested in anything going on there. I think this little second chance is a great idea. We’ve all had buyer’s remorse or made rash decisions that we wish we could go back and change so to avoid a “do over” FaceBook is giving everyone a chance to realize what the ramifictions are for making this particular decision. I don’t think it’s guilt at all but a chance to remind the user why they signed up for FaceBook in the first place. Thanks, Jeremy.

    • Chet Stentiford

      I have a Facebook Account and plan to keep it, however if I ever chose to delete it….Tough cookies for the friends..Gonezo..No guilt . No shame in it…Iwould just let it go despite the crap from Facebook…They don’t scare me tough bird as I am LOL…..Haveing been in sales for years..I have had numeous occasions where customers lay their guilt trips on over returns and other issues…One learns to see through the BS and know a bunch of crap when one sees it.

  • http://www.dingostew.com dingo

    Were Facebook not in trouble already about NOT deleting accounts??

    I thought that it just deactivated the account and kept all your data, ie photos, friends lists, mail, and that you could come back any time and “rejoin” with all your profile kept intact?

    Or has this changed since that thing in Canada?

  • http://www.kennychronicles.com Garrett Williams

    Are you sure you want to leave Facebook? All your friends will miss you being on their list of people to send pointless objects to. If you leave, that’s one less person to give a fire-ant-infested rose to. Please, think of the fire ants.

  • http://www.abundantace.com/ ace

    I can imagine all the sites on the net will try to implement something similar just to retain customers.

  • Guest

    To Delete a Facebook account, you must:
    1. delete every post on every message board you every posted to
    2. remove and block every third party application you added to your account.
    3. delete all photos, and all comments on all your friends photos
    4. Delete all posts to your wall
    5. remove all personally identifying information on your account – school, job, history, music, religion etc.
    (much of this is now impossible with the recent changes to the Facebook interface – choice is now to “remove” or “hide” and not delete [makes you wonder after Digital Sky Tech is now the biggest supplier of cash])

    you must write an email to the Facebook admins requesting they Permanently delete your account and send you an email confirmation when they do.

    That is how to “DELETE” a facebook account.

    Deactivating is not the same thing at all.

  • Guest

    just don’t even create a FB account. that solves all problems and you also have absolutely no disadvantage to other internet users with FB accounts at all.

    you don’t need fuckbook!

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